Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There are so...o many bloggers, so how do people know of yours and read yours? Can any expert or blogger veteran give me some advise? I don't need to be popular like sarong party girl's or xia xue type, but just, you know, some hits....and talking about hits, know do you know if there are visitors to your blog. Can we create a visitor count type? Then again, maybe not such a great idea..what would it be like if everyday the counter stays stagnant at "0"??

Ok, I'm so whiny and have so many questions maybe because i'm not in the greatest mood...some kind of a strange thing happened yesterday. Notice my car timing or fan belt going clank clank clank or chirp chirp chirp and told a girlfriend to make an appointment for me at a car workshop (workshop belongs to her boyfriend and I don't have his number, that's why)....she forgot....i waited and waited, then thought to myself "ah never mind just go another one nearby". When went to this cluttered Eunos industrial site and got a not very good diagnosis of my car problem from one of the technician, I decided to go to my friend's bf workshop to get a second opinion. As I drove off, my back tyre suspension dipped and it felt as though a tyre had puntured. As I was driving really slowly trying to catch a glimpse of the back tyres from the left side mirror, i spotted a black pigeon just flying really closely to my side window, as though pacing my about 20km/hr speed. It was pacing me for quite a while although I didn't really dare look at it cos it looked spooky, before it decided to take off right in front of my windscreen and it was like i almost could crash into it. After that, my car reacted more funny--louder and unstable and I had to stop. I finally got hold of the workshop's no, called my friend's bf and i said I wanted to toll my car there. He laughed and said I could just drive to his workshop, which I did. When i reached there, his touch was almost like magic and in less than 10mins i drove off, but the solution wasn't lasting as this morning I sent my baby in again.

Hope today's gonna be brighter, afterall, my life is great, I really do love my life and what God has made out of it.

Ok, no pictures of me or my events today, but for fans of "Sting", I shall post one awesome picture I took at his recent concert here...this is the only one that turned out looking like him, that's because we got tickets that sat us at the behind of the stage, so all the time we were staring at his ass. This was one of those obscure time he turned around to acknowledge our presence. My friend said this is punishment for being "Stingy" the punt?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So, I recently organised an affluent couple's 10th year wedding anniversary. The couple was generous with the entertainment...they hired Phua Chu Kang!! Real one, not impersonation. The audience had a ball of a time.

Look at this small boy...haha so cute, absolutely clueless he was face to face with one of Singapore's most popular celebrity and he gamely joined in a stage game meant for older kids.

Then it was the bigger boys turn. They were doing a dance led by PCK.

And oh...I spotted a handsome young guest.....look how smart his white stripe blazer was and later removed to reveal a stylish checkered black shirt when he was about to dip his hand for the hand of wax thingie......denonair!

The couple's seal of everlasting love...demonstrated in a wax mould. Our professional hand wax moulder adding final touches to it before presenting to the couple

Besides all these, they had Joe Augustin as the MC and a harpist to provide cocktail music....all these to commemorate their 10th year....wonder what will be in store when they reach 25 years.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well, really, I had been a complete retard in all these blogging and chat-line, never knew the existence or how to even log into one. Thanks to sarong party girl's article on newspaper that i started taking an interest and before I know it, it's been like a daily tea/coffee fix, never end a day within reading all about the juicy "bedtime" stories. Than today it was by listening to FM Class 95 about the next Blind date that I realised that there are actually professional bloggers that I decided to try this blogging thing, and mostly to see if there will be anyone responding to me...haha.

Anyways, bit about myself and what I shall be using my blog for. You see, I'm an entertainer at mostly corporate events. People who have seen me know me as "Suzie Wong", but my name is actually Ming.

I'll be using my site mostly to post some fun pictures of my performances particularly those that involves the audience like this one

and so they can
view at my site. Does this sound boring to you? No choice leh, have to keep a wholesome image although I very much admire those who have nude pcitures to post, sexual fantasies to share and lewd lanaguages to spew! Maybe when I retire than I shall let the true Suzie emerge.

Okay, that's for now for my first post, feeling a sense of achievement. Hope to fill in with jucier things as I blog along