Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are adding 2 new modules to our syllabus:

1. LEVEL 5- POLE-FICIENCY....Acro Polateasers who have graduated from Level 4 can now look forward to work on even more advanced tricks at Level 5, starting in November

2. POLATES CLUB....For those who would like to add a little dance to your pole tricks, Polates Club is the class you should look out for. Teaching you choreographies jointly developed by the Pole-formers team. Our next class concentrates on a cutesy dance item incorporating cheeky moves and level 2 and 3 inverts...see the performance here:

Will be taught over 6 x 1 hour sessions

For more info on our other classes:

Level 1 : Basic Pole-gram
Level 2 : Pole-gress
Level 3 : Pole-tential
Level 4 : Pole-fessional

----added later------

anyway if you wanna watched the contestants' performance at the pole dance competition at Super Import Nights, they are available at Razor TV.

Kelly's video , a product of Acro Polates, we congratulate her on coming in 2nd

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Superb Super Imports

Simply superb, let the video & photos do the talking

The Acro Polefomances at Super Import Showcases

Sophie & Gazalle's Exotic Belly On Pole

No Boundaries Duo Item (cthong & v-lynn's version) -pardon the sound quality

No boundaries Duo Item (ming & eunice's version)

Kelly's 1st Runner Piece

anyway in case you want to see the studio's practice verson and my solo version (warning: all same song ah), there are here respectively

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's over

It's been stressful & tiring, all the rehearsals, preparation, planning, organising. BUT so so satisfying and so much fun.

Can't wait to post all the pictures and videos to show you all..............for now i just need to rest and catch up on OTHER work.

But before i log off, i wanna whine......about some rich people.

The day after i performed at this event, I received another call from someone who attended the event. She's planning a birthday party for her hubby. I don't get it, she has the money to throw a surprise party for him at Four Seasons with over 200 people but has been haggling with me over some small amount, over 12 emails, over a 3-day span.Think I'll just ignore her for a while.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Import Nights Updated schedule

Needless to say the, pole-formers were a big hit with the audience made up of mainly avid photographers some armed with some really serious SLR cameras. When load our videos you will know what i mean by the incessant flashes.

  • 20 Sept (Sunday) 3-4pm
    Duo Spinny Performance by Nicole & Eunice
    Contestants Preview-Melanie, Alicia
    Guest Performance By Groove Dance School
    Group Performance by Hui Yi, Jean, Jo & Melanie
    Duo Pole Performance by CThong and Dawn

  • 21 Sept (Monday) 3-4pm
    Group Performance by HuiYi, Jean, Kelly Sheree
    Duo Spinny Performance by Eunice & Nicole
    Duo Exotic Performance by Sophie & Gazalle
    Duo Performance by CThong & V-Lynn
    Results of Competition & PrizePresentation

Friday, September 18, 2009

Professional vs fanatical

The entire choreography was worked out on a static pole. It is a beautiful piece I couldn't wait til the part of the evening where i can show it off. It was meant to be a duo piece for the next few night's performances but I wanted to experience performing it alone tonight.

The truth is I had waited the whole night for this one piece. Tonight I was hired by someone from the elite group to entertain only 23 guests with 1. belly dancing, 2. lounge singing (live with piano) and 3. Pole dancing. So you can imagine how confident I was to assume role #3, it was all in a night of surprises for the birthday lady.

But just as I was changing outfit to take on role #3, I saw the 2 guys struggling for a whole 8-min to lock my pole into static.......they kept turning the pole, the nut, the pole, the nut, but nothing would lock it in place....i knew they panicked without realising the weird sight of 2 grown men, bending down trying to fix it for a whole 8-10mins in full view of the 23 guests...I was uber frustrated, i mumbled some expletives and told them to just leave it, I would do a spinny. I wasn't sure whether it was the music that drowned me out or they chose to defy my order...they were still at it for another few minutes until I gave another stern warning.

They finally heeded my order. The music started and my heart palpitated, I didn't know what would be the outcome. I went on to perform, changing almost the entire choreography, doing whatever came to my mind. I was so weary I would end up flinging myself off the pole and landing on some expensive vases or antiques. Thankfully that did not happen, and although I was awfully sure some of the guests could not tell the difference, I was utterly utterly disappointed.

I was disappointed the party had not ended they way I had planned or wanted, I was disappointed that guys being guys, they always think they knew it all...when u want affirnation that they know, they always reply "easy", I was disappointed they did not feel my disappointment, they did not share how important this gig was to me. I was disapponited that I have had so much anxiety attacks lately, and they had to add on more..

In my angst, Spider friend reminded me that I should not have risked my safety to deliver. Ah well, I started performing pole after learning my first invert the night before, what do u expect?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acro Poleformers Schedules at Super Import

I have been so busy I have not had time to :

1. fax back show contracts
2. issue cheques for my car insurance and road tax
3. prepare for my own thursday show (I'm suppose to do some serious singing, belly and pole dacning! woo)
4. buy my facial soap-this is by far the longest I've not been using my usual soap.
5. shop for additional costumes for the poleformers which i intended to.
6. to check on what infection I have to cause an enlarged lymph mode

Regardless, now at 5am, i am going to update you on the first 2 days of the Acro pole-formers scheduled appearances at the Super Import Nights Acro Polates Showcase cum Pole Position Pole Dance Competition

18 Sept (Friday)
8pm - Group Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers -Hui Yi, VLynn, Eunice, Sophie

8.10pm- Duo "Exotic Belly Pole Performance" by Acro Poleformers Sophie & Gazalle
8.15pm - Contestants Preview-Appearance of 3 finalists Jessy, Nurul & Azalia
8.45pm - Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers CThong &V-Lynn

19 Sept (Saturday)
3pm - Guest Performance by Getai Hot Pole Babe, Lin Zi Yi
3.10pm- Duo Spinny Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Eunice & Nicole
3.15pm- Contestants Preview - Finalists Esther & Trina
3.35pm- Guest Performance by Groove, Renee & Eleanor
3.40pm- Contestant Preview- Finalist Melissa
3.45pm-Group Pole Perfomance by Acro Poleformers Hui Yi, Jean, Jo, Dawn
3.50pm -Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Ming& Eunice

Remember, only $10 to support us

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This coming week.....

The Pole Position Pole Dance Competition to be held at the Super Import Nights is merely a week away,

I'm so busy finalising details while trying to juggle other stuff

Judging criteria
Overall choreography & suitability with choice of son (30 pts)
Pole Tricks & Execution (30 pts)
Showmanship/Costume (30 pts)
Originality/Creativity (10 pts)

In the meantime back in the studio, the Acro Pole-formers team is yet again rehearsing twice weekly for the upcoming performances...back to pre-NDP schedule.

Catch Sophie and Ghram putting up a spectacular exotic pole item fusing belly dance and exotic movements...super chio..................
The other pole-formers

Entry to Super Imports is $10

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Parcel

I came home to this.......
Security checked somemore...what could it be
Opened it to reveal a sealed plastic bag with something wrapped in old newspaper

haha.......these are the prized catches of Spider from an overseas fishing trip

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cool Camera

The sponsor of the competition has decided to give a cool Nikon Coolpix S60 for EACH OF THE TOP 3 WINNERS instead of just the winner...this is on top of the Cash what u waiting for? come take part, I would have if i were eligible to!

Actual colour of look might vary

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Nothing much to update as I'm so busy, busy juggling many roles....and just to name a few upcoming (and some ongoing) tasks

Event Planner
Ah Boy's Mummy
Business Woman
Pole Dancer/Producer
Pole Dance Instructor
Hen's Party Consultant
Pole Dance Competition Organiser

No wonder I'm suffering insomnia, see the time I'm updating this post and you'll know it's true.

I'm not sure if I'm doing things right, cos I'm having insomnia from all these challenges,work load whatever you call them, but I know God has placed many guardian angels around me, and tonight I'm particularly grateful to Ms Logical, Ms Gangster and Ms Direct...heehee, you all all never tire of giving this dementia-ed lady advices.