Thursday, March 30, 2006


This is one of the new wig i purchased from my recent trip.

Nice right, the curls?

Couldn't resist taking a picture in the ladies room. Hee!

Wah, isn;t time passing so quickly, especially when one is kept busy? Its's end of March already. Oh yah, I have uploaded my pole video here . Sorry, i received complaint that it takes quite long to load but no choice, upgrade your broadband lor! I am thankful it is making quite nice progress and I wish it will make me busier!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I promised to take pictures of my new ala-converse boots on heels. Call me suah-ku, but I have never seen anything like this. See, got heels one! Wore them for my 60s' show last night.

So when i saw the yellow and the bright green pair I just had to own them also. Tried the yellow pair with this ourfit thinking they would match, but somehow the pink ones nicer, so i ga-rangly wore them for the show instead.....


.......Later......added this.....

Meow Meow just called me to say I very "fong soh" (cantonese) because I go carefree vacation....and commented i look very "haggard" in that 1 picture i was in. She must be angry I got time go Hong Kong also never go eat cake with her. Oi, Meow, when i sank my teeth into the "Sai Dor", the only thought that came into my mind was you ok! Told myself you gonna love this sh*t, i even thot of ta-pau for you! But cannot la, ta-pau back wait become not "sai dor"but "si-i dor" yew!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Went on a short spree to Hong Kong last weekend. Short, very very short, just 2 nights, that's all i could afford, but feel slightly re-charged, although not turbo-charged!

But think i spent a-month's salary on shopping already just over 2 days. Bought some really nice clothes from "Morgan" at times square, all casual stuff, unfortunately nothing for the stage.
Also managed to replenish some hair wigs, walked alot and ate lots of tim sum. My best buys of this trip were 3-pairs of ala-converse canvas boots on stilettos, all for less than S$90, that means each pair cost me less than 30 bucks. Reason why i bought all 3 pairs was because they came in bright yellow, green and pink colours. Can you even resist that! Will take a picture later because now they still sitting in my suit case. Haha!

Spent quite a bit of time at Stanley market this time and was amazed to see and try out things that i never used to. First, i found a dingy but crowded coffee shop tucked into a corner, with its facade partially blocked by a fruit shop (see the hanging bananas?).
Everyone was like ordering, waiting or eating this thing called "Sai Dor" which i guessed is short for French Toast. I wanted to try it too but was told i had to wait 30mins. So I went off and told myself i had to be back later to try.

So I went on shopping. For those who have been to Stanley you will know that the stuff sold there are very touristy, like artifacts, oil paintings, chinese carvings so i really didn't bother. So i wandered off to other parts and found near the beach these cute little row of old houses that i think housed mainly fishermen, because i saw 1 guy returned from a motorboat with his catch of the day. And my, these houses are overlooking the sea. So surreal!

Besides fishermen, I think some painters live in here judging from the number of galleries there are and judging from houses like this....i swear this one belongs to a painter. Check out the murals on the side of the wall.

Ok, before my tired feet told me it was time to go back to the coffee shop to eat the "Sai Dor", saw this lovely cat belonging to one of the shops...couldn't resist taking a picture.

Time to get back to the coffee shop. Yes, got empty seats and the guy got time to make me my Sai Dor now. First he beat a mix of egg and butter and spread the mix all over a bread. Can you see it dripping?

Then the whole thing went into a wok of oil and deep fried to golden brown. Finished with a slab of butter atop the sai dor, and together with a glass of "Nai Cha-tea milk", .......yum....sinful not?

Above all those other things i mentioned i did, for all of 48 hours I was in Hong Kong, I also managed to a) take the Ferry from Tsim Tsa Tsui to HK island,

b) shopped i) temple street and ii) ladies market (this is one of the streets leading to ladies market...look at the number of people on a weekday! Don't they go home?

iii) went to Lan Kwai Fong and did some karaok-ing (can you believe that...I don't even usually karaoke in Singapore), and iv) found many cute little shops in underground shopping centres like this one (I swear each shop is about 15 to 20 sq ft only)

before it's bye bye to Hong Kong

and back to reality........

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Got a photo of a nice blonde pole dancer.

wanna see.......?


here goes......................

get ready......................

she's cute.....................

AND SHE"S NUDE ..........................

scroll down some more.....................


how? cute not? bwahahahaha
Anybody has trouble with the blog yesterday?

Like cannot work like that! This is a test.
Anyway my debut pole dance video is ready, will be uploaded on my web soon, also i have listed myself on search as singer, entertainer, performer and pole dancer...hee....think can get more jobs?
In the meantime hope blog works again...test....test....test....test

oh it does!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Very soon this will be turned into a pole dance blog. Haha. There's not a day I go by without thinking, or reading or just touching the pole! Even contemplated quitting my job to be full la, kidding....not yet!

I just practised another pole stunt.

This is called the chopper.

Oops, leg kiau-kiau ........
try again,

Suppose to be in this position and spinning....but wait la, cannot spin yet, just practise static already very difficult ok! Suspect this was the move that gave me the strained back.

You will be quite amazed how this pole thingie is catching up quickly in the east. You will know what i mean if you watched last two Sundays' Jacky Wu's program at 9pm. Wah, these 2 Chinese girls handle the pole like Cirque De Soleil. As I continue my search for information on pole dance and pole dancers around the world, found a Japanese model-turned pole dance 'artist' (as she calls it), Lu Nagata. She recently moved to New York, probably to be nearer other pole dancers. She is so beautiful and exotic she is such an inspiration. Now i'm a big fan of hers. I find most of the western dancers too muscular or burly to be sexy, but this Jap lady is ooh-la-la.. And guess what, she has an act with another lady Mayumi Kan and together they do a pole-belly dance fusion(Ms 3A gurl, this may interest you)! Hmm...think i can do both on my own? The belly dancer also damn chio and winner of somthing. Check out her websites or

You can read about the belly dancer when we click 'booking shows'.

In fact, the winner of this year's Miss Pole Dance World 2006 (yes, there is actually a world competition on pole dancing) Reiko Semune is her friend, also Jap. Yes, Reiko beat more than 10 other finalists from Canada, UK, US etc etc..... Proud or not? These Asians who are standing tall in this art-form, previously dominated by the westerners(and strippers). In fact more and more are detaching this dance from stripping, not that it matters to me, i think my audience rather see me clothed.

How meow, want to book me for Pole Show Part II at your next event ? Hee! But you know i will never reach the Taiwan girl standard la because she danced 4 years already, and 4 years, tsk tsk, you know how old i will be liao!

Before i sign off for the hard day, something light-hearted......bwahahaha

Monday, March 13, 2006


Tried out 2 new images last weekend.

1. Did an event based on "Survivor" theme. Ooh, I love the top. Was supposed to come with a matching uber ultra short skirt with attached G-string, which was so unwearable because butt cheeks peering out. So i cut it see that tie on my head? Haha, yes, it was actually part of the matching bottom....hee! Don't waste mah!

2. Then i did a wedding last night. Wedding couple didn't like what they saw in 'Suzie Wong', so I had to human?!?! Haha, basically not so "lian" lah. So i decided to try short crop and coloured lens.

How? So demure right, meow meow? Hahaha. How deceptive! The previous night at a club in Stadium Rd I almost passed off as the mama-san in the first outfit! Hahahaha. Ms Sin, these pictures taken after damage control. Can?

Monday, March 06, 2006


I gotta admit that i'm mad about pole dancing lately (lately??since day 1!!); I literally eat, breathe and sleep pole dance these days. So naturally I surf anything about the topic when I'm free! While going through that, I stumbled upon some really funny sites with videos about pole dancing. If you have time, check them out and have a laugh.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Haha, now that i realised many have watched the tammy nyp video, me looking out for the staircase one. Anyone care to share the link?

Just came home from pole dance class, learn new stunts, very exciting, gonna practice, but i'm taking care not to strain the back.

Love some of my latest show pictures, think can see my body more tone but face needs some anti-aging regime..Ms Sin-lady...HELP!!!

OK, I shall be brave, very hesitant to upload the next one because it reveals the wisdom....ok, make it smaller. Heehee

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I know this is probably stale news already, but have you all watched Tammy NYP's video? My guess is the boy in video manipulated this whole video thingie and then stole the phone la, kinda obvious. Wah lau, the boy's such a pro and you should see the way he positions himself and the girl. Poor Tammy! Whoever wants the link can email me but at own risk hor, since there are emails saying some links have viruses. The joke is, all the teens these days are really savvy, most have already watched the video and i have to obtain the links from them!

I have updated my pole show on my website or click this link If can't see, then go to and click on pole show. Video will be uploaded soon.