Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's gonna be GREAT

Student tickets all sold out. Guests tickets last few left.

Performers of the night you might miss if you NOT coming
Sophie K (both exotic & pole)
Karen Ng
Tammy Chan
Cecilia Chan
Nicole Yeo
Eunice Sim
Yours truly

Thursday, June 25, 2009

After all these years...

.....i still love his humour

Today I drove down Geylang and witnessed a truck tipped onto its side seemingly from hitting a lamp post.

Needless to say, it caused a jam massive enough for me to send an sms to spider "At Geylang a truck langa into lampost and fell on its side"

His reply : " Dangerous road to drive....kua char bo only finish"

Sony products WERE made to last.....

....but not anymore.

People in events will know that I still use Sony MD (mini disc) for my performances. It's not that I am out of date and don't know how to handle an MP3 player. Only because I have loads of sources (music for my show) still in MD format and my MD player(s) have lasted at least a decade and are probably one of most reliable thing to use.

But of late am getting disappointed with other products. The Sony Cybershot, if you recall, a pressie for me barely one and a half years ago konked out on me last week after some serious photo and video taking. I sent it in together with my Sony Dvd camcorder, which was bought about 3 years ago (also a present) for repair, as my Sony camcorder's shutter would not open on it's own. Recording function was still ok unless I pry open the shutter and use an adhesive tape to stick over it to prevent it from shutting.

Yesterday, service man called to say I need to change Cybershot lens as it was rattling. Reason given...many..."may be you drop, or dirty, or wear and tear"...WEAR WHAT TEAR WHAT? IT'S HARDLY BEEN 2 YEARS. Repair man added: "To change lens very expensive, about 400 something!" Siao! (Madness), I might as well buy a new one.

Today, same service man called about my dvd camcorder (wa sony so big only got 1 service man to service both sony camera and camcorder...I wonder if I send in my Vios laptop, MP3, speakers etc is it also repaired by him).

Him : "Ms Leong ah....your shutter needs hundred over dollars to replace".
Me "What? So expensive? What is the cause of the problem"
Him : "Oh could be you drop, dirty or wear and tear"....sounds familiar.......hmm feeling suspicious.
Me "then if i don't replace how?"
Him :"oh then we just open it lor. so means cannot shut already."
Me " ok, leave it open then"

As if you think that's the end,
he says "Ms ah, you camcorder also got another plobrem"
Me : "What plobrem? Don't have other plobrem what? Only shutter cannot open"
Him : "When i try to test record, sometimes got error code"
Me : "Is it? I never have this plobrem, so what cause the problem?"
Him : "It's the head la (HIS head, I think)....But to change the head, about 400 something"
Me : "Again 400 something? Forget, just send everything back....I am changing brand"!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have you.....

gotton your tickets? last week to do so!

Brought to you by Acro Polates, pole fitness for ladies

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More amazing photoshopping!

Eunice the Mistress of flying Dagger!

Ms Sin Lady, you asked for wings? Added! Haha

See the pre-production

And Kaylen, yes bingo. You got the last one correct

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pole Jam

We need more tickets! Many were sold on first day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is that a bird? Is that a plane?


The cheeky Acro Polateasers (Jo, Jean and new addition Celestine) were responsible for this, again.

Can you guess which portion of the photo was photoshopped?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pole Dance Workshop/Party at your HOME

Since receiving our new X-stage 2 weeks ago, with a performance and a road-show later, today Acro Polates delivered our 1st HOME-BASED POLE DANCE WORKSHOP cum PARTY

Ding Dong-arriving at the home with our pole-table stage
(darn! it was a 3 storey walk up)
Pole set up at the roof terrace! Thankfully weather was fair...but a tad too hot and the pole was warmed up quickly

Instructor Eunice posing with the X-stage

Instructor testing the X-stage

We are all set for the surprise party! Sorry can't load pictures of the participants due to privacy, but they had tonnes of fun.

Select a premise of your choice, be it home, a club, pub or function hall, we set up an x-pole or an X-stage, we provide an instructor or a facilitator to teach you for an hour and thereafter you can have a party, jam or performance with it. A great idea for a hen's or a birthday party. Find us at

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Now who's the idiot? haha

I had a rather foul Friday, first with an eye infection and a rip off medical bill, a car test drive that proved too expensive & foiled my car changing plans, then some people pissing me off, and a dinner date gone wrong because of my foul mood which also led to a cancelled late night jamming plan......uurgh!

As a result, I was home by 11pm logged on to facebook, which seldom happens, because usually at this time on this day I'm hardly home!

While I was merrily chatting with some real friends on fb, suddenly the pop up chat from an event acquaintant said "hi"..fullstop....! I'm sorry but this kind of one-liner always makes me very I "wassup" back.

Besides the usual, how's business, he asked BY THE WAY, if I have heard of so-and-so in the event organising industry....

My reply : "sort-of"

Him : " im looking for her"

My reply : "ok, good"

Him : "she change her number".

My reply : "She has?"

Him : "she's damn idiot"

Me : " She does have a reputation"

Him : "Is it? wat kind of reputation?"

Me : "Wat u just said!"

I logged off....

Later when i logged on briefly, i still saw

Him "i mean wat kind of reputation she have"...(i already logged off)

ok, sorry haha, i was so mean...but u caught me on a wrong day...and come'on, you already knew what I meant, and you probably already had the experience of what she's like, so no need to confirm with me and don't make me say it, not unless i know you really well

-----added later-----

oh by the way sesomy m, in case u reading this...the "her" in subject-topic is one of those i had to execise my ah-long tactic also! hey

Friday, June 05, 2009

Really got recession meh?

why is everything still so expensive?

yesterday I sent my car to the workshop for servicing. I took a cab home from ubi, which wasn't far, and that cost me $7.40. Then after doing some work at home, I headed to studio which was only about 11km away and I paid $10.40. When it was time to collect my car, I took a cab again from Waterloo to Ubi and it was another $16....Total bill $33.80.

Today i had a very mild eye infection due to contaminated contact lens. My regular clinic was closed in the afternoon and I walked into a nearby dingy, old-school clinic that still had one of the ceiling-mounted fans with decades of dust draping from the blades. One eye drop and 10 allergy tablets cost $30. No wonder I've never been in there those years I lived in that vicinity.

Tell me! Why is everything still so costly during recession? Today I though of changing my car (for work purpose ok--to a working car and not a luxury thing) and in order to maintain my current instalment, I have to fork out close to $30k for a korean brand 1.6l (my current car is 3 1/2 year old japanese make 1.6l)...uurgh!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ah Boy's favourite Spot

When we first knew Ah Boy, he was lying under our table. I guess under the table is still pretty much his favourite spot. Maybe because it is cooler, or maybe because he thinks it is nearer to food! Lol!
But for sure, from the day we knew and fell in love with him til a year and a half later at Animal Lovers League, Ah Boy remains that cool dog with good temperament, mostly minding his own business, even if it means residing with several hundreds of ex-strays, some of them cranky & grouchy. The possibility of negative effects and influence irked me, sure our weekly checks reveal that he occasionally gets into mild fights, but mostly I think it is from self defence, but largely, Ah Boy remains a cool dog, one that makes us very proud. Above all, he is such a sweet, loving, loyal and obedient dog when in our company

Contrary to humans, pets are so much more rewarding investments (time & love). How many times have you helped and carried someone and when they find new fame, friends, success, they start giving you the cold shoulder, or attitude? I have met so many, one just yesterday.

Having Ah Boy, from the rescue to now our weekly visits has been one of the most rewarding experience. I can't wait til the day when I have him as our full-time pet.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Involve us in your next road/trade show can?

Confirm crowd puller lor! ;)

Good Pole skills OR Good Photography skills!

Whichever....I thank Linda for taking these pictures of us! She didn't know our routine, so to be able to capture these poses (almost the same as the still images I was trying to extract from a video), she is good!