Saturday, June 06, 2009

Now who's the idiot? haha

I had a rather foul Friday, first with an eye infection and a rip off medical bill, a car test drive that proved too expensive & foiled my car changing plans, then some people pissing me off, and a dinner date gone wrong because of my foul mood which also led to a cancelled late night jamming plan......uurgh!

As a result, I was home by 11pm logged on to facebook, which seldom happens, because usually at this time on this day I'm hardly home!

While I was merrily chatting with some real friends on fb, suddenly the pop up chat from an event acquaintant said "hi"..fullstop....! I'm sorry but this kind of one-liner always makes me very I "wassup" back.

Besides the usual, how's business, he asked BY THE WAY, if I have heard of so-and-so in the event organising industry....

My reply : "sort-of"

Him : " im looking for her"

My reply : "ok, good"

Him : "she change her number".

My reply : "She has?"

Him : "she's damn idiot"

Me : " She does have a reputation"

Him : "Is it? wat kind of reputation?"

Me : "Wat u just said!"

I logged off....

Later when i logged on briefly, i still saw

Him "i mean wat kind of reputation she have"...(i already logged off)

ok, sorry haha, i was so mean...but u caught me on a wrong day...and come'on, you already knew what I meant, and you probably already had the experience of what she's like, so no need to confirm with me and don't make me say it, not unless i know you really well

-----added later-----

oh by the way sesomy m, in case u reading this...the "her" in subject-topic is one of those i had to execise my ah-long tactic also! hey


SessMuph said...

Poor thing. That does sounds like a lousy day. Hope you have a good weekend to make up for it. Think Ah Boy thoughts :) Buttercream is still just a maybe. Was quite traumatised by the rubber sponge pancake. :P

In case you're wondering, FB is mucking around with me so bor pian can only comment here.

sinlady said...

must get with you soon. have no idea anymore who you bitching about, and want to know. haha

Anonymous said...

ohh.. sounds like a really bad day. things will definitely get better from here! - EDPJ

Suzie Wong said...

SL- :)

EDPJ-yes that happened..thankfully