Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pole Dance Workshop/Party at your HOME

Since receiving our new X-stage 2 weeks ago, with a performance and a road-show later, today Acro Polates delivered our 1st HOME-BASED POLE DANCE WORKSHOP cum PARTY

Ding Dong-arriving at the home with our pole-table stage
(darn! it was a 3 storey walk up)
Pole set up at the roof terrace! Thankfully weather was fair...but a tad too hot and the pole was warmed up quickly

Instructor Eunice posing with the X-stage

Instructor testing the X-stage

We are all set for the surprise party! Sorry can't load pictures of the participants due to privacy, but they had tonnes of fun.

Select a premise of your choice, be it home, a club, pub or function hall, we set up an x-pole or an X-stage, we provide an instructor or a facilitator to teach you for an hour and thereafter you can have a party, jam or performance with it. A great idea for a hen's or a birthday party. Find us at


sinlady said...

have pole will travel heheh. nice that you girls can perform anywhere now by setting up x-stage, and i am sure your clients had great fun.
i know you work with what you have, but isn't stage very bare in this case?

Suzie Wong said...

Oh no, SL, we were not there to perform. We were there to provide a pole dance workshop at their place (as a birthday gift), as in like a lap dance workshop...In the latter, a lap is all you need, so for this case a pole is all they needed...looks like I need to change the heading of this post

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea! im sure u will get lotsa requests for these parties - EDPJ

Suzie Wong said...

thanks edpj..fingers crossed