Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Good Pole skills OR Good Photography skills!

Whichever....I thank Linda for taking these pictures of us! She didn't know our routine, so to be able to capture these poses (almost the same as the still images I was trying to extract from a video), she is good!


sinlady said...

VERY good photog considering all the limitations she has to work with. i still think there is something personal and special with stills compared to videos.

it is just that one split second photog captures when everything comes together and then it can never be duplicated again.

wildgoose said...

Very nice, esp that last one. I love the expression she captured.

dawnauror said...

Thank you thank you - actually, most of them were taken by my ah beng .... pity the venue was SUPER smoky, but some editing improved it big time!