Friday, June 30, 2006

YESTERDAY ARMS FELT SUPER STRONG... i attempted the Inverted V. You can see how difficult it is from the video.

Imagine doing a hand stand, split your legs, get the balance, but now all your weight is on bottom hand on a pole...get it?

Photo very unflattering, so i post a small one here (usually my photos very big)

I did a couple of other strong arms move, one's called the flag (u can imagine what it's like) and one called flaoting fairy, but have yet to improve on them.

Anyone wants to arm wrestle me now? Bwahahaha !

Oh yah, and Sis, my legs are straight now! Can?


Half a year has passed, doesn't time go by so quickly?

Like not too long ago all the anticipation and hoo ha of the FIfa world cup, people applying for cable, companies making provisions for lowered productivity, now they into the final 8 teams already.

Anyway, talking about sports, my recent events all quite sporty in nature.

First it was the team-building one i conducted last week of which i closed with a pole dance.

This is how the event went. From the look of it, i think i did quite well in conceptualising the tower building game.. They looked like they had lotsa fun.

So anyone needing team building or event organising you know who to call huh?

Then it was a sports event at a stadium....Good grief, those in the picture not me hor! I couldn't possible have taken my own picture (or worn those outfits), these are the dancers. I did my part Suzie-Wong-part-Belly-dance routine. Cool eh, in a sports stadium. Audience and me had a ball. If you think the dancers are hot (??), I was HOTTER ok!
And my next pole dance show will take place at......tadah......a car show! Yeah, I dig that. Absolutely looking forward to it

Thursday, June 29, 2006


This photo has got nothing to do with my topic today, just that i saw this before me when driving and i was thinking....ah, what a lovely day......the sky is beautiful.

But cast your eyes back down to earth level, and suddenly you see 3,999,900 ugly people before you, with 100 or so exception who are family, friends and loved ones.

Take for example this photo:

Can you see how closely they are parked?

The 2 drivers were fighting for the same carpark lot, both refusing to budge. This is the result.

After getting out of the car, 3333 hid himself behind pillars spying 78, too afraid of venturing too far for fear 78 will dent his car door. Driver 78 and family also decided to wait in car, not knowing the extent of damage 3333 would do.

The scenerio continued for the next half hour . That's how long i hung aroug too, with video phone in hand, just in case i could catch a HK bus uncle episode. But too bad, I had to go....Don't know how it was resolved in the end. I believe both were here to shop for electronics at Sim Lim but end up whiling away time like that.

Is our garment trying to enforce 4m smiles?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


First it was the guy who supposedly was 'distracted' to submit minotriy form........someone I had supposedly studied with him (altho i not know him very well).

Then it was the man who allegedly went off with $16m.........someone i had partied with. is the 'friend' who allegedly had helped in the wicker-basket-in-car parked in Orchard Tower case.... !!!! He still owes me money.....d*mn!

Freaking out......too scary.....


Adam, you idiot!! GET OFF MY POLE! Hahahaha.... Look at how koo-niang he looks. Hehehehe

Btw, I was so awed by the recent EXOTICA in Gothem. I was wondering, besides Ms Sin (yes you) and perhaps PY who posted comments, no one else seem to pay much attention to it, how come? No wonder la, check out the
EROTICA in London and you see the difference. Anyone remember the SEXPO (laughing matter)?? Look at their standard ...

Saturday, June 24, 2006


A fab show
I wan the girls' abs.......

Woo-hoo...strong and good balance
The cute one!
Ready to see some hot buns???? Courtesy of PY who stayed for 2nd set...We missed this.

This's the best i can do for the video from from obsolete camera under insufficient lighting...Enjoy!

If you can't view the video, it could be Youtube undergoing

construction, please come back in a while or click this LINK

Ok, you know i didn't do a fab job in my pole performance when i didn't start a new thread on it or the heading is something else.

Besides it being a new routine and one that is hard to sing, I was totally kaput after 4 hours of hosting (this was at the event's closing 4 hours later), 2 hours of the event preparation, a quickie practice before the event, a pole demo at the start of the show, a new slippery pole ....and to make it worse...the bad lighting.... so all-in-all....not satisfactory. Watch only if you are NOT going to criticize ....thank you very much...........................

or this LINK

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I heard so much about it
Didn't know who he was or what he did
Desperately tried to locate it
Ah...finally, thanks to Meow....only she has the grit
to find it, so we all can benefit

So, only those with flawless cantonese will see fit
Watch it for fun, but get a grip!

What's pole dancing and singing?????? I should consider pole dancing and spewing expletives at the same time...maybe can get me more viewers!


I know i said I wasn't going to post til next just a short one.

Imp, just to make my point....many people here have looked at my pole pictures and commented that they look impossible.......just watch this

and one realises how elementary my STATIC poses are.......grunt, ok, going to practise somemore ...................running to p.....o...l....e

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Seems like my hardwork and efforts are reaping some results.......very very happy.....I think I've gotten another POLE gig early next month (this Friday I'm booked for one)....and this new one is the kind of stuff I had been wanting to do. Will tell ya more when have more details cos......hush......some industrial copiers may be lurking.....

I've requested for a taller pole now that i can climb higher.

And yes, Meow...too bad we couldn't meet last Sat or else you would have witnessed whether i "Gar-liu" or not....hahahaha.

And now for the udpate of a new dance school i visited last weekend. I can only comment on belly dance and pole dance, as i only checked out these 2 items. I som-pa i went with an open mind. Seriously, if they have what i need, i would have signed up, because afterall, i've laid off belly dance for so long, since my teacher relocated to UK. I'm still looking for someone good like her to learn from.


Pardon my ignorance about Middle Eastern outfits, but the instructress did a showcase performance wearing a very simple Baju with hip scarf on the waist (not hips)???? I thot she should pay more attention to the visual appeal since it is afterall, an OPEN HOUSE.

As basic as the outfit was, her choreography was none the more comlex, good enough to wow the the super beginners. Her choreo was repetitive, consisting mainly of (lots of) single beat shoulder shimmies (like 1 tak to 1 side shoulder move, you know what i mean?) and the Eqyptian head going side to side (what's this called?). She also repeated the folk step (as in photo) moving forward to backwards and side to all-in-all it looked like Belly Line dancing! The last part when she eventually did a shimmy (ok) the rest clapped in awe while i clapped in relieve that she actually could do that!

Ms 3A gurl, PLEASE DON'T QUOTE ME in your newsletter, if do, anonymous pls, as I advocate WORLD PEACE (flashing peace sign) hee!

I paid $5 to attend this workshop. Hard to convince you, but I was very excited, because I have not had a pole class for 3 weeks, remember (teacher also went to uk, how come everybody going uk???). Beautiful instructress with a nice sense of humour. I must admit she made the class seem fun. And 2nd floor studio is pretty with frisky fun colours, and has some 4 to 5 fixed poles on one side and bare studio on the other (weird shape-i'm standing on the poleless side now).
She started off with some aerobics kind of warm up which was fun, but for pole, that will not suffice because you really need to stretch out every inch of muscle. Injury is too easy to sustain with a pole. I tell ya, I have recorded no less than 13 visits to a physio therapist liao.

Anyway, ok to the mild cardio warm up because i then realise the first class was NOT going to be strenuous either. So we went to the side of the studio where the poles are and i realised THE POLES ARE OF THE WRONG SIZE!!!!!There is a standard width to the poles and these are far too to kiap the poles if they so skinny? Straight off i suspect the future classes are not going to have serious stunts.

Instructress immediately went into a choreo which i could see why later. She taught some nice exotic moves like sliding up and down the pole, skills that i seriously needed. Ok, i learnt those in my class too, but i'm really NOT the touch-my-body, cat crawl kind of person. I'm the bring-on-those-pole-stunts kind of gal....yah, yah, i know in pole dancing i still have to dance sexy. A lot of walking round the pole, stroking it.....yah yah, the usual things but good revision for me. Finally 1 pole stunt, which I craved, but already caused quite a commotion amongst the student in class. Instructress demo-ed the pole sit but instead of staying up there, we had to slide down. OK, quite sexy, but the girls were like "oh no, so hard, i can't do it...giggle giggle giggle.

Before we ended the class, instructress tried to entice us to sign up by demonstrating the next pole stunt we will learn in the next class......a pole cat spin ( of the easier spin) which it seemed she had a bit of a struggle.

Verdict : So...i do suspect this is actually more an exotic choreography dance combined with the pole.

No malice intended, just an honest observation. If anyone from the school happens to read this, hope you take it constuctively, but looking at the turnout, I'm sure you gonna garner lots of students.

Oh yes, for those who have been popping by here, (leave or no leave comments), thank you, thank you, hugs and kisses. I shall be busy next few days (i just received another singing gig booking for this weekend) so unlikely to have updates til next week. Come back next week and I will tell you all about my one of the jamming session by 3 tops singapore bands of the 70s....and not forgetting an update on my next Motivational POLE SHOW.......Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, June 19, 2006


After 2 weeks of performance hiatus, I'm finally back on track and IT FEELS GOOD!

I was determined to give a good shot and i think i did. I think the young Navy guys loved it, they looked like they had fun, well at least.

I pushed and padded myself so much i think i can almost give Lara Croft a run for the money......Hahaha....I think I should win an award on a Cleavage Device and can start consultation on it already ...hahaha (I can hear the echoes of Meow laughing to this joke!!!). Who needs to go to bust-enlargement treatment. Lmao!

So guys, I'm telling ya, love the girls for their brains & personalities, don't be drawn to their endowment......hahaha... you can be fooled and gravely sorry!

My Loi-Kay friend always says I have a serious self-graftification problem ....Hahaha....but can I help it? I LOVE myself! I'm an entertainer what!

Yes, Ms Sin, I feel that i owe you something....ah...the new dance school review...ok, will be back, next thread, next thread.. Will see u at the all-male sexy show soon!

More performances this Wed & the weekend.....Oh yah...BUSY!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Nothing new, you have seen me do these stunts.....but i love these pictures so much I've made into a slide....I know it's ger-lard but i can't help it
I DIG THEM because i took these pictures myself, you self-timer? 1. Set camera 2. press the button 3. run and climb up pole in 10 secs 4. HOLD POSE AND HOLD SMILE 5. click...they turn out so.o.o.o. well

These are my 3 favourites, the rest are in the slides.

Aren't they cool? Next time can tell my grandchildren...Look this is grandma..hahaha


Look.....our Old HOUSE (yell) .....WHAT A ei?

And our little niece is a BIG girl now

Friday, June 16, 2006


Ya, my sister, of all people, the unfit one, actually complained that i don't straighten my legs when i pole dance....hahaha.....ok la, not complained, but commented.... I don't disagree.....but it's darn hard focus on so many things now.

Ok, ok, point noted, so last night i slowed things down and tried to straighten those benty legs and point toes. Yup, i realise i'm not very exotic in my moves too...gotto work on that more. (Ms Sin, the one in the background is PY...heehee)

Suddenly all the other difficult stunts seem so in-executable .....sigh, so i kept to the easier ones and still bungled up some, as you can see they were edited off.

Ms Sin..tell you about my last Sunday's dance school visit in the next post. busy now.

p.s. yee....I just received a call from 'meow' re : last post...ask me since when i've become so 'religious' (was that what u said?)...excuse me. what do u mean? I've always


I know my lovely sis knows this, she's ardent supporter of world vision, so proud of her

....Please send this link to someone who is alwyas whining, ranting, UNCONTENTED with his, her life....we really ought to count our blessings

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Welcome you back from Bali......

Hmm.......not everyone's like you so lucky always get to go holidays yu know, so i did the next best alternative, dropped by at Villa Bali at Lock Rd for a drink..........of apple tea....Nice ambience !

The lighting there is more cosy then this but i coudn't capture it with my mobile phone camera.

Before this place, we had dinner at the Gillman seafood which is just a stone's throw away....i tell you...the "ka-fe- pai gu" (coffee pork ribs) is ooh-la-la. Will go back sometime

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Sorry people who have returned to check on THAT's gone....just like him.

Thanks for the contribution....but time i get back my focus....this blog is supposed to be about ME, my shows, my performances, my pole dancing...and people i love!!

GET AWAY WITH A PRETTY FACE really doesn't have to sing well these days to be a famous ..... her

somebody, keys my a**, or keel me....

I have tried everything i could....singing with belly dance, singing with pole dance.......sigh, finally hit me why i'm not famous! Don't have a face like this.........

Anyway hit on any part of the screen to bring you to the Youtube page and see how many people have watched the clip and commented on her.......and i thot i could be pleased with my 3000 over hits for my pole dance video. Hahaha!


Wow...look...have you seen anything like this?

where can i get this????

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sometimes it's lovely sitting back and marvel at the beautiful things around you.....


1. taken time to appreciate a night view from your balcony? Woo...look at that...a full moon illuminating the coast.

2. pampered your husband who orchestrates a surprise birthday party for you with a 100 guests?

3. thanked God your dad has friend who provide such a jamboree on his birthday?

4. wonder what God has left out in his creations?....he takes care even on the minute-test things like cleaning the algae in your fish tank...haha....see this cute

Saturday, June 10, 2006


.....Taiwan's Street"Ger Tai" (translated: Outdoor Music stage) POLE DANCING.

Some wicked pole dance skills this "Lian-ish" woman possess, but poor thing, look at the kind of environment and audience she had. But if you watch Sunday night's Jacky Wu's variety show, they have abundant talents like that.

But, she's good right, bless the choice of music, the outfit and the fish though. Ah yes, the humongous fish, can somebidy tell me what the h*ll it's doing there?

But i must warn you hor, the last bit was done with reverse camera trick, international pole dance forum members spent the whole thread arguing the possibility of that gravity defying trick.....but still awesome!

Friday, June 09, 2006


.....and mind my own business. My last post stirred some unexpected and unitended sensation and i now have to pole dance and post my latest practice video to diffuse the 'kopi-diam' type (gossipy) attention..........(what an excuse......I would post it anyhow & anyway...hahahaha)

So, this is what i did last night.....some killers stunts. ...(so proud of myself...And give me 1 more year, hehe, Jacky Wu to your show I will come) but bloopers included nonetheless. The stunt i fell and almost killed myself is called the 'superman', you will know why it's called that when i achieve it, which WILL be next week, so stay tune! Heehee!

I'm able to do quite a few handless transitions now. So Meow, you wanna hire me again for next year??? Huh? huh? (oh, btw, how? you garnered enough courage to make that dental trip or not? Can dig in cakes already.....rub it in....heeheehee)

Reason why i have so much pole talk is because i have 2 weeks break from's a nice break but i miss performing already.

Ok.....i feel better now! ON second thots, no, I'm not feeling come nobody take so much interest in my pole topics compared to some missing person....grrrrr!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


...., alongside some of the world's top pole dancers. How cool is that???

To feel like you are recognised as a REAL POLE DANCER, internationally some more ...Yeah!!!

Anyway, this is the site

And this is where you can find my blog

How? Can see or not, can see or not? Right at the top. Can see? Hahaha

Also I'm listed there as an entertainer from SINGAPORE!!!!

I already warned blog is fast becoming a pole dance don't say I never say.......but please, if you not pole dancer....don't abandon this site......i have other stuff......yes, my sis birthday will be next!

Also, this weekend there is a new dance school open house--they have belly dance, exotic and pole dance demos....gonna check it out and let you know more about it here

Monday, June 05, 2006


......from my friend Meow (my cake kaki) that my blog updates are less regular????!!!!!

Fwah! Demanding friend there.....don't even know she has been reading regularly considering she only leaves an anonymous comment ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!

Anyway, yes, I have been kept busy since I participated in a world-wide pole dance much things to learn , hopefully you can tell from how regularly i acquire a new pole stunt. Think to some of you, the new moves all seem the same, but trust me, they are not. Even a slight twist of the body or a change of position requires a whole lot of different muscles and strength, not to mention fresh bruises. After all, all the balance and strength are resting on nothing more than a 2-inch pole, so expect them to be difficult, especially for someone without any gynastic or acrobatic background.....and the age!!

And again, i learnt a new move after watching one of the world's top pole dancer who is also a body builder, Fawnia.

Looks simple huh, but when i first tried it...i almost severed my left arm (the one supporting the back ). The second picture actually shows me slipping off .

If you wanna see Fawnia's video, you have to request in the comment, otherwise I'm not posting up here as it's only gonna reveal how elementary I am (yes, that's selfish, I know). Anyway, I have something to boast--thought I am the only singing-pole dancer in Singapore, but after joining the world-wide pole forum, I realise i'm the ONLY singing-pole dancer in the WORLD!!! Woo-hoo.