Thursday, August 30, 2007

(job?) HAZARDS

Sustained a really mean scratch last night from practising. Can't decide whether it's a job hazard. We polers do crazy stuff to just try to get it. Ouch....hurts!

Pardon the cellulite, for its really close to the..............

Probably got it when practising this (the butt slide i call it....anyway my straight edge getting very strong! woo-hoo):

Anyway the team came up with a new choreography, more for beginners, it's fusion-LATIN POLE! (click to watch video) Not quite completed which explains the 'gar-bra' end. For the advance there shall be more inverts added to the choreography.

By the way, for those who have been asking where to catch our performance, Our debut public performance will take place on 8th (Sat) & 9th(Sun) September 2007 3pm at the Marina Square Atrium. I'll be up only for the 9th Sept as I'm busy on the 8th. We'll probably be performing this new routine too!

Oh by the way, the performance team has come up with a really cool name, will probably unveil during the performance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


That's some serious skill!

Think I have been wasting my time trying to perfect pole dancing!

Simple The Best!

It was a quiet Monday night at the Bellini Room.

The 8-member band plus the waiting staff outnumbered the guests.

When the lead singer completed his number "
Simple Life", he uttered tongue-in-cheek "Isn't this what we all yearn for? A Simple Life?"

Spider bantered across the room "I yearn for a Simple Wife"!
to the cheer of the men in the room.

Wa! These men such hypocrites. I think they only mean simple with their wallets lah!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Today is another gloomy day for me for i have to 'fire' someone. Remember my post last week (Point 2) lamenting on some dull moments and very new colleague already learnt enough to stab my back?

I long suspected this girl colleague (ex colleague by now), let's call her 'Dipa' has been "stirring wind stirring rain in the office". But in the beginning I couldn't confirm it.

Dipa joined the company only in July 07 with some 'hotel' and f&b backgrounds and I took a liking of her immediately as she was an epitome of your young, enthusiastic, charming and intelligent personality that every organisation desires to hire. Very quickly she settled comfortably with eveyone and she added life to the currently male dominant staff strength. She is oh-so-good with her words, never stingy with her appreciation, apologies and praises.

However quickly she made her presence felt & accepted, it was equally quickly that some kind of 'division' started to appear within the once cameraderie boys. It would not be so unbearable if she had been able to produce proper 'work'. The mistakes she made in her work was no end. WHY? Because everyday she seems to be so.o.o busy sending one thousand sms and msn messages to people. Many of these messages were tainted & skewed reports of what's happening in the office.

So last weekend after a gruelling event at the Sentosa I was 'voicing' some displeasure of the way work was done via sms and these were the sms replies from her that followed, which started off really nicely

25 Aug 07 8.35pm (Dipa's handphone)
Anyway I wish to say that I would like to resign…I’m really sorry Ming but I juz feel like I have made a really big mistake. I thot I was suited for this line but I guess I’m not. And instead of being a contribution to the company I’ll end up being a burden instead. I’ll always be thankful to you for at least allowing me the opportunity to at least have a taste of what its like. Nw at least I have a clearer understanding of what event is like . I’ll hand in my resignation letter on Monday. I understand I need to ......blah blah I’ll continue to do all my responsibilities as normal til the end of my notice. Thank you so much for your patience with me. I sincerely appreciate that.
(Wa! Sound so nice)

25 Aug 9.51pm (from dipa handphone)
Hahahahaha! She die la. One wants to resign, one is unhappy with her and F (another colleague) is super bo chap attitude nw. Lol!

25 Aug 9.53pm (from dipa handphone)
Sorry msg wrongly! I dun mean to sound mean. I know ur exhausted. I guess me and K (another colleague) are too.

25 Aug 9.58pm (from dipa handphone)
Real sorry abt the last msg. I feel bad tat I want to leave when things are getting bz at office. And I guess all of us are feeling differently. Tat’s why I mean u die….i dun mean that you can’t survive without us or anything……u most definitely can

Saturday, August 25, 2007


If you have a copy of today's (25 Aug) The Newpaper, an article on page 24 talks about people in US installing poles in their bedrooms, for marriage maintanence or exercise!

Why go US? I also have in my bedroom what!

REPORTER, WAKE UP! It's here also

Friday, August 24, 2007

The "Hiao" Factor

Someone who has been working with me lots recently revealed that the "Hiao" (vain) factor of my performance has gone up. Hmm....not sure if that was good as the last thing I want is to be labelled "Lao Hiao".

So I scrutinized my most recent video

(turn volume down as the mic-in makes the sound cracking)
I think as I mature, I have become a lil more subtle, not so in-your-face as compared to about a year ago . Not sure if you can tell the difference.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The enquiries for my pole-fessional shows have been coming in quite neatly, not sure if it was due to the SHOW. Thank you Channel U but I also choose to think it is somewhat due to my hard work.

At 7pm today, as I was packing up to leave for home to have my very rare dinner with ma & pa, an event company called up to say she is confirming FIVE pole shows over FIVE weekends in November..............Er November is usually rather 'peak' for my year end assignments. When i said I wasn't sure if I can take all 5, she ranted non-stop on how she is 'screwed' for not being able to deliver as she has sold and promised and blah...blah....! Hmm, ok, ok......I'll plan something. I need a clone!

P.S. Event Companies--please check with me first can? I'd love to do th shows but pole-shows require some (Lots) planning logistically.. Thank you

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I just received a show booking from someone really nice & polite, spoke of how he was impressed with "suzie wong" (he didn't know he WAS speaking to Suzie when I identified myself as Ming--it was quite funny as he kept asking "does suzie do this and that" and I seemed to be able to answer ALL the questions about HER) when he was working for another company...etc. Now he's with a NEW Event company.

While preparing the booking document, my usual practice for new clients is to search for the company's info i.e. contact, address to include in the document, I realised the company name not listed in yellow pages, yahoo, no website, even Bizfile throws up "No record found"! How? Maybe wait to deposit to arrive to see got company cheque anot!

Does anyone here give a beep about Sudoku? I had to learn it yesterday as I'm incorporating this into another Amazing Race challenge I have to conduct this weekend (check this out, morning i conduct the race at Sentosa, noon I make up, don my Suzie cheong sam and take a tram to another part of the island to perform at another event, then return to my event to tabulate scores for the race....stylo or not? hahaha). Later taught Spider how to play and ended playing the whole night! Got blamed for not sleeping til 5am!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I just learned this term from a 'Doctor' friend.......(er, you know who you are"......although this term popped up ever so often in spam mails and I spared no attention to it.

A friend just told us she has named her daughter 'Krabi' because baby was conceived there. Wa! If baby conceived due to the wonders of this ED tablet how?

Lame, really lame, sorry but I'm really busy and stressed! And thanks all for comments on my last post.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


so many un-nice people these days.

1. I realise my Youtube videos have increasingly been attracting mean comments, mostly about my looks, or the lact of it. I just posted this 2 days ago already got people call me ugly.

(to see comments, click within screen but out of the arrow and will take you to Youtube)

Previous videos (before I got ahem, popular...hahaha, took least half a year for others to watch and 1 year for people to bitch about). I never even entitle my videos "gorgeous girl pole dancing" to warrant this type of comment. But surely I can opt for "comment disallowed" or delete them, but i choose to believe they are just jeolous lor! haha. Well, OR at least there are people watching!

2. Anyway remember ARROGANT CHICK ? I was told there might be a remote chance of us being in the same performance team........! NEVER! You and me will NEVER share a stage!

3. And remember No. 3 of this post? After I emailed the music over (without charging of course), no phone call, no sms, NO THANK YOU!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Can you tell I ordered some of my cutesy/saucy show clothes from this online site before they ventured into doggy clothes?No wonder their "human" relations has gone quite bad these days....they have delayed one of my delivery for almost half a year. Think I have to BARK at them!

-----------------added later-------------------

ahahahaha.....VB, you reminded me......i was thinking where have i seen those.......


At one of the lower points of my life, I know, I'm usually so cheerful.

1. So much work, so little time

2. Found out colleagues stabbing my back (ouch), despite them being so.o.o.o new and me being so.o.o.o sisterly to them. Lucky I'm the iron lady of the company (or is it Lion Lady as what WG called me. lol, maybe I'm the b*tch afterall)

3. A long lost friend/student called me out of the blue and made me so happy, to later realise all she had wanted was to borrow some minus one music from me ...duh! I really don't like people like that. Somemore not like just borrow hor, must email to who and who to see if suitable or not wo.....wa kao! All well, at least she was honest and went straight to the point. Unlike this other time, another old friend called up and pretended to be catching up. It was like "ah, how have you been, always wanted to call you go karaoke...blah..blah....."then suddenly i realised the phone line was getting cut off as the elavator door was closing. Immediately when i reached my designated floor, he called again, and this time fearing the line may be cut again without getting his point across, he quickly said "the OTHER reason I'm calling you is do you have Michael Buble songs in minus 1?" probably can guess my reply!

4. A dear friend having marital trouble, dear me!

5. Then at a recent show, misplaced my "ribbon", the one used for dance. So hard to find someone who can make that! Aiyo

6. The show last nite while i enjoyed, didn't lighten me up much either, I looked so fat and ugly I have no motivation to edit and load up to Youtube, so unlike me.

Anyway tonight i have pole practice, that will do to cheer me up! Yippee!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


please tune in to

If you miss it, was told there will be (I think) a repeat telecast on the same night at 12midnight, so NO EXCUSE....hahaha.

You won't want to miss it, will you (eyes blinking innocently)? Huh? Huh? Anyway, you'll be reminded again!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I don't have my private jet BUT......

I have my ice-cream van......hahaha

We treated ourselves to yummy yummy ice cream after a pole workshop at Ben & Jerry's Dempsey and can you see the word 'Suzie'?

Anyway, the beautiful and very talented Bailey, owner of Pol-arise Sydney was in town for 2 days and we hijacked her for 2 days of workshops.

We were especially grateful with the invaluable tips on the spinny pole as here In singapore I doubt we have any lessons on the spin mode. Bailey is such an angel on the spinny, here's the VIDEO. And here's ME having a go on the spinny pole like a newbie, it's a totally new game!

P.s. As I'm uploaing this post, I watching the NDP 07 from home, just lazing about with both TV and computer screens before me shiok! I have no desire to leave the house at all, even tho i feel i should later.....can't remember when was the last time I have A WHOLE DAY of nothing, just MYSELF.....ah..bliss!


An office colleague was ill, and I had wanted to be safe.

Bored with work!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I want to travel with this bag

So in love with this series of bags from Central Mall. Picture blur because i was trying to be discreet. The luggage bag cost $440, I tell you where to get if you need birthday pressie idea for me...heeheehee......

Nothing much to update as I'm STILL very very busy (colleagues are rookies, the slightly more experience one is in reservist), so many events to plan, national day celebrations, family days, dnds, my own pole shows etc just a quick one on some random pictures ok?

1) I thought this was funny as I was waving for my colleague NOT to take the picture.

2) Ok, can snap now. This is ryan, my care-bear colleague..hahaha, that's what one of his client calls him.
Us, pretending to be ok during the army amazing hunt event. Can you imagine it was just run by us (plus the boss)?

Saturday, August 04, 2007


went quite well la
Me, the conceptualizer, the game host, the scorer, can you see I even helped to serve lunch? Really multi task.

Digress : Watch Ho Sun Ho's (the pastor) latest and first International Music Video (I hijacked this from IMP)

What do u think? While i agree on most things this blogger says, EXCEPT, I DISAGREE with the "37 NOT being young" part (actually I do la), just that, we both similar age, we both singers, we both wear skimpy clothes to sing and dance. So, it stabs...ouch! Anyway, it's ok, we totally of different league. I can still visit Pasar malam and take bus without a single sole recognising me.

Having said that, I'm appearing on Channel U on 14 Aug 8pm on "Du shi Da Fa Xian" as a Pole Dance Fitness Instructor of thebodytalks. So, please support, maybe this will be my BIG break....hahaha