Thursday, May 31, 2007


People usually lose weight when fall sick right? For me, Instead of shedding, my recent 'illness' has cause me to gain some (understatement) weight .

I hope it's temporary, it's probably water retention but i really have to shed them fast, if not how to fit into hot pants like this?

Anyway I'll be attending a pole jam early next month in Sydney and i better be looking good. I
PRACTISED real hard last night, and if you are one of those who hate me, you'll be quite please to see a bloated me in the video!

I have always dreamt on being the first to do an MTV with my song and pole...seems like an Asian hottie superstar is practising to do it first.....sob! My dreams are dashed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Check out her link. She's a beautiful, young self-taught poledancer from Essex, UK. She is adding some on-line lessons to raise some money for her health care.

Monday, May 28, 2007


You read about my Wednesday's recce of this place called Marco Anywhere. So last Saturday was the actual party.It was meant to be a favour for my teacher as the birthday boy is her friend. The truth is, NO, I did not have a good time. To me, it was a wrong place or party to perform something so demanding. The guests were hardly impressed, they perceived us as no different from the go-go girls. We could have just 'humped' the pole it was no different to them. The response was a far cry from the impromptu sneak performance on the recce night, and definitely nothing like my own pole gigs at my own events.

For an unpaid assignment like this, poor me, I did not even get to eat or enjoy properly. The moment I arrived from another of my own (paid) gig, I was summoned to go on the podium to 'take over' the other girls (my pole course mates) as they were running out of steam from having performed 2 sets already. Alamak, least to say have a bite or drink, I was not even allowed to warm up or stretch out proper, I even forgot to wrap up my injured elbow. Haiya......that explains the even more lacklustre performance (watch only if you very free)

After this, i gave excuse not to dance anymore. Afterall I receive no fee, I have no need to be obliging. So I sat down and have whatever were left of the cold catered food while my pole course mates seemed to have more fun playing 5-10 with each other and downed the free birthday beer.

Well, but it was not all bad, at least i knew someone was secretly watching or admiring us. This lady was probably so inspired she went on the podium and emulated some of our spins. She even attempted to invert and she tickled her friends so much they could not stop taking pics or videos of her. Aha, now they know what we did were no means feat.
2. The highlight of the evening must have been the birthday boy made to strip and pole dance. I must give him credit, he did the goddess spin perfectly.....!!!!
Soon, I headed for Actors again, where I felt so much more at home.......Hmm.....remind me not to take this type of 'assignments' in future, not unless its with a fee, or not unless I'm hard-up for a practice!


Attempted chocolate banana cake today! Hmm........first attempt, so won't say it is very successful la.

Researcher wanted to know where the cake is going to. Well, since need to improve on texture (the taste is not bad tho), probably not going anywhere except stay in the fridge, unless you don't mind come over and collect some...hee!

Still my butter cream cake more promising. Can you see the piping? Almost perfect already.......almost!
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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Have been sighting these unusual automobiles lately
1. Sparrow Electric
How selfish can you get? Even motorcycle can seat 2 persons. This one very good to tell people "I'm sorry, I'd really love to give you a ride home but i can't"

For more information, contact my researcher friend, i think she checking out its website. Think she wants to buy one for her daughter as a toy! haha.


But what business you think they into huh? Haha

Friday, May 25, 2007


Last night after a show, I was complaining to friend spidey about a Sound Technician about handling my mini disc player (yes i still use mini disc player (MD)-please don't think i'm obsolete, just that for now it's still the best thing to use) Here's what happend:

Show last nite was supposed to be at 7.15pm. I arrived at 6.45pm, handed over MD player to Sound man. Explained how to use, handed over cable, quarter inch, song tracks, everything.

7pm, came to me

Sound man: "your MD no sound la".

Me: "how come? I just used it for last night's show."

Sound man : "do you have another MD?"

Me: "yes i do, but i really don't think it's the MD's fault, i think you never jack in properly. Now take the extra MD AND the cable."

7.15pm, came to me again

Sound man : "your MD got sound now (the 1st one). But ah, over the headphone it's very muffled and like cracking"

Me: "cannot be. Yesterday was ok. You got EQ or not"

Sound man: "Got! but cannot do anything, veryy muffled".

7.20pm : client rushing me to perform already

Me : "Go ahead already, no choice, show must go on. You try your best to EQ while on show ok?"

Sound man gave me ridiculous look, like impossible because my MD is so obsolete

Then, first song came on---music perfect, clear, crisp and very very audible.

All the way, music perfect. As usual, I did a great show and everyone happy.

End of show, went to sound man "the music ok what!". He didn't want to reply, just gave a one-kind look , part embarrased, part 'how lian' look as though it was his credit that music went perfectly. No apologies, no thing.

At the end of my complaint, my friend said "you know what you call this people?

(make a guess.....................................)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hee this was fun, but a tad 'how lian", but i don't know why i did that.

This seems like a busy week, contrary to last gig-free week. Besides almost nightly gigs, come this Saturday my pole dance teacher has a little assignment for us. A friend is throwing a birthday party at Marco Anywhere (previously anywhere) and has invited some of us students to show off our pole skills. We love this type of communal pole dancing, even if its for free.

We went to check out the place just now. There are 4 lovely built-in poles, 2 by the stage and 2 on a podium near the bar. Only problem was we were not sure of the pole condition. For us, it is important for the poles to be of certain texture so that we can cling & hang upside down. The several club 'dancers' who were taking turns to 'perform' during the band break didn't do much to help us determine if the poles were suitable, because all they did were bodywaved and gyrated their way to get ladies' drinks, you know what i mean?

So when the live band came on stage, the club dancers took a break from the poles. This was when my teacher commissioned me to try out the poles nearer the bar. I was reluctant (don't want to appear like snatching the dancers' rice bowl) but well, someone has to do it. So I got up and within 30 secs completed 5 different poses in succession (the bat, the scorpio, the tammy, the aysha and the gemini). Before i could offer my verdict and gave an all clear that the pole was workable, i realised the patrons AND the live band had come to a standstill. They were rather awed!

The band singer actually stopped mid-way his 'desparado' to invite me on stage: "Can that sexy girl please come on stage?" I shook my head , no thanks. He went again "please, can you please come up. OMG, did you all see what she did? Please come up, what's your name". Ok, Ok, I strutted onto stage. I didn't want be a spoil spot, neither do i want to engage in trivia interview, so on an impulse, I took over the microphone from him and said " I want to sing this song" and went on to to finish 'desperado' for him! hahahaha.

By now the singer was dumb-founded. Everyone was either clapping or looking at my direction when i walked off the stage. I quickly told my teacher and the rest "Let's go". I must be in a high, but i didn't even drink!

On my way home, i couldn't stop laughing and couldn't help but wondered what the h*ll i did. I think i left quite a deep impression there(shrug! hee!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


During a gig-free week last week, besides letting my tired body recuperate a bit (thanks all who showed concern), I did some serious catching with my own world. I did the 4 Ps-PARTY WITH PARENTS, POLE, PINE garden AND PALATE


As always, i was roped in one of the clan celebration. Had a great time, there's nothing like seeing my folks so happy and being part of it.


Then it was Pole, Pole and more Pole


A friend of VB tipped me off that tucked away in the heartland of Ang Mo Kio, there is a cake shop that still sells this old-fashioned butter cream cakes. Thanks much to my 'competitor analyst' for enlightening me the name of the shop and its location....she is indeed very resoureful


I also took time to treat niece at aurum (which ripped me enough to devote an entire post on it). Besides, I almost checked out V Tea Room and Max Brenner if not for the price or the queue. A piece of cake at V Tea cost $9 to $15. After the Aurum, i was too broke to spend this money. And next door, people were queueing for a seat at Max Brenner at 10.30pm, and so i skipped that too.

I could only afford the $1 per piece cake from Pine. And still had money left to jam my heart out at Actors.

Thouroughly enjoyed MY week. Also celebrated sister birthday and caught up with competitor analyst's family over dinner.


It will be awhile before I could do so much of my own things, for this week i have to work nightly from Wed to Saturday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007


I cannot see the appeal of dining on surgical steel tables and sitting on a wheel chair, more so if you have to pay $148 per person for a set meal in cold hospital like environment.

No wonder my barely teenage niece, who heard of this place from TV and some 'atas' friends, did not dare approach grandpa and grandma to take her. She knew the reaction would be violently negative.

I have to live up to the 'fun auntie' image (mistake) and so i agreed to take her, but that was before discovering where my GST rebate was going to end up! When I called to enquired about the menu prices, I almost swoon (now I really need the wheel chair) wanted to back out of our deal. My next question was "can i pay by medisave?'

(click to enlarge collage pictures)

Anyway, to cut the long story short. it wasn't as scary an experience. In fact, contrary to a cold hospital set-up, it turned out to be very pleasant. The staff and restaurant manageress were warm and provided immaculate service. I did enjoy it all. i had to for that price. I might as well had fun with the special seats (see video), and my niece manja-ed her way for them to prepare the 'dragon's breath or nostrils', which according to them was only available in last season's menu--

Check uot these videos to learn how not easy it was to manouvre a wheel chair

Wheel to wash-room : (sorry no sound, at the i said "cheh, never lang-gah!)

Dragon's breath :

At the end of it, I was glad i did not sign to donate the GST subsidy!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


VB came with me one night when i had a pole dance performance. Armed dangerously with her digital camera, she clicked away every detail including the unflattering ones.

Anyway, thought the pictures looked interesting enough to tell a story--from mic-ing me up to the warm up and stretches, to the pole setting, the performance itself, to going to the ladies to clean up after, removing excess make-up(including the fake lashes) and finally enjoying the dinner! (shiok)

If you not have time, just click on the collage on top for larger picture. If have time, i have compiled the pics and video footages into a 1 min video.

If you watch the video, you'll notice some of my actions a bit slow-mo, that was because i was quite ill that day! So poor thing hor, ill still must perform like that!

Friday, May 18, 2007


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My sis once commented the amount of butter cream i use for icing my cakes are outrageously sinful.
So now i refrain from using all the cream. I pipe what is enough and keep the rest refrigerated in a plastic container. Then i will go Gardenia to get these sausage buns and when i crave for butter cream, i fill the roll with it.........heavenly!


Buses in Hong Kong don't need TV mobile.

Do you recall the
hong kong bus uncle? Now this one even more boh-liao! Wa-kao, watch already really want to whack the sissy!

Strictly for those who understand Cantonese only (meow will probably search for subtitled version and inform me (hahahah):

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Even though she suspected I was not the sort who will go ga-ga "oh so priddie" over the packaging, VB chose to pay $3.00 extra for the special carrier box for the already expensive craberries cookies from the VTea Room (at Esplanade) as a (temporary) parting gift for me. And it came together with a baking recipe book she carefully selected, that supposedly has all kinds of butter cream recipe (er...i haven't read it yet)
And true to her disappointment, VB has to bring my attention to the box when my eyes glistened at the thought of the yummy cookies inside. Heeheehee. Anyway, thanks, so thoughtful.
Yes, I did mention temorary parting gift as I'm sure either she'll come again or I'll go over to Hong Kong pretty soon. VB and I gotto know each other via cyber belly and pole dancing discussions. We found that we have quite a fair bit in common and have become such good friends since.

To digress a bit, i was at pole practice at thebodytalks last night, my teacher Linna and I tried some duo stunts! Quite cool!

But I need some serious massages tonight...2 hours of training plus this! Woah!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Within a year, I had 2 proposals (not quite offers yet) to sing at Macau. The first, was just a casual "would you be interested to.....".

Today's was a more serious offer, with details of how many nights per week, and how manys sets per night. In one of the casinos (not know which one), they looking for a girlie band ala Asian PCD style.

Although I'm highly unlikely to even give a positive consideration due to current employment, gigs, pole and baking (yes baking-haha) commitments, I beam at the idea that i still make a cut for an Asian PCD appeal. Besides, the not-bad package which includes a min 3-month stay at one of the casino hotels, pretty wardrobe and chorepgraphy is rather alluring. Perhaps in a few years time if they still want me i will say

(yeah! i also know how to use picasa liao!!)


Life should be like that! (VB and me last nite!)

Don't have to act our age all the long as we don't attempt to look kawaii like this model

(anyway sis, there is an item called 'wawa' dress which you may want to check out! hahaha)


She was supposed to come over and practise ...hahaha, but VB and I ended up fooling around with er........this!!!

[psst : last line censored because my goodie sis lodged a complaint that it's too rated----it has something with cleaning the pole...hahaha]
Come back next post for more pictures

Sunday, May 13, 2007


My latest creation
I have also found a way to improve the sponge.....the texture is now even better & softer........yum

I think my family make excellent bakers...........this done by my 10-year old niece for mother's day..........sweet!

But no, this new-found baking passion has not overtaken my love for the fact if you know how much calories this cake carries , it has probably increased my need to pole more!

It's funny last night i had this fantasy that when i own my first confectionary shop, on it's opening, i will make a thank you speech that says "I have one person to thank for what i've achieved today...that will be Ms B*tty of L* Caf*. Without her, I will not have this day" Hahahahaha!

-----------------added later (trivia)-------------

Wah! Getting back on the pole after a week hiatus is no means feat. The break (and illness) had robbed me of much stamina and strength. Couldn't even complete a routine and nor get near some difficult stunts which i had so faithfully been practising. Was joking with VB last week if we could still be poling at 60. I liked the idea and thought it would be so cool if I could be 60 and still climbing up and down the pole and inverting. I thought constant practice will make it possible. But after this episode and tonight's attempt at practice, i guess not! Sulk!

Saturday, May 12, 2007



Uurg! It's funny how the doctor who certified me unwell to work earlier this week specifically mentioned "no handstand" when i asked if i could still exercise! He doesn't even know my version of 'exercise'. You mean he could tell i do something so freakish?

No handstand means no pole. Because pole is all about hanging upside down! I'm so restless, I such a pole addict!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Since last Tues, I have not had the chance to let my body rest completely for a full on Wed it took a turn for the worse and this time it was serious.......I have not felt so weak since my last admission to the hospital.

Ok, ok, I shall not punish myself anymore, so I decided to honour the 2-days MC doctor awarded me (usually i would just rest half a day and get back to work). For the 2 days i was home, all i did was sleep, sleep and sleep, waking up only for the occasional meals, medicine and shower. Boy, was i surprised i could sleep so much.

Then it don on me that Wed was supposed to be this event (which the client jilted me) and which was supposed to be held in Bintan. On hindsight, i'm glad client didn't want me, or else can you imagine the agony of having to take a ferry ride to the island in my state of dizziness, do a one-man-show (MC, sing, dance) for some 4 to 5 hours, stay the night there (breaking out in cold sweat-that's what i experienced some nights) and then take a ferry ride back next morning......Given my current state, i don't think i can hold up the show lor, let alone enjoy Bintan. That would really have been pathetic!

Anyways, today I'm back at work......i want to go slow because i STILL have not fully recovered, but circumstances in the office wouldn't allow it....SIGH! So few of us but SO MANY problems. No wonder doctor keeps telling me my 'hormonal changes' (oops now i tell you my problem) is likely to be stress related!

P.s. and to add to my woes, I bought a new laptop Home Vista version but IT guy just called me to say many programs, especially the video-editing are NOT supported by Vista! Grrr.....that's the whole point, i bought one with nice graphic to do video editing....!!! More dizzy now

P.p.s my job so stress i'm seriously considering go pro as a baker! Lol

Monday, May 07, 2007


Had 2 orders of my butter cream cake this week!

1. Bro-in-law's birthday
See the sponge inside now getting better textured too!
We were treated to a nice dinner by the port.
2. Wedding Announcement celebration
A lovely couple friend of ours getting married. So, got reason to bake again!

Got to practise on writing, didn't know it was so difficult

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Last post a bit sombre. To lighten up, here's a survey i hope you will help participate.

Today a 'Chandra' from UOB Credit Card called me. This was how the conversation went:

C : Good morning Ma'am. You have been selected by UOB to take up this blah--blah--blah card. Are you a UOB customer?

M : (then how you get my number?) Yes

C : Do you have any UOB credit card?

M : Yes

C : What Card do you own ma'am

M : Master

C : Ma'am, we are extending a chance for you to own a Lady's Platinum card....(he wanted to go on)

M : (cuts him short)...I already have that

C : Oh! (Pause). What is your annual income ma'am?

M : (Fwah! Hot liao--I think Singapore telemarketeers really need some serious training.)

Ok, at this juncture.........can i have a survey from my blog friends what would be your spontaneous reply assuming your conversation have gone this far?

This should be interesting.

Friday, May 04, 2007


A morbid topic but a good reminder.

I have not stepped into a bank near my office for months because i hate the walk, the sun and the queue. So my collegues would take turns to go to the bank to conduct my company's transactions.

But today I volunteered as everyone else was busy and just as well i had to renew that long overdue passbook of mine.

I recalled serving the entreme left counter had always been this somewhat pleasant looking male teller (non chinese) whom although would greet me, but was a tad 'tao' (arrogant). You know that kind who are not generous with small talks or smiles or eye-contact. I guess being in the front-line daily and dealing with incessant complaints of long banking queue just robs one of his desire to be courteous.
You know he just wanted to do his JOB.

Coincidentally today i was served again by extreme left counter. But whom greeted me somewhat shocked me. Grinning fervently was a sunkened-cheeked, fail man who unmistabably was the same teller. His eyes were deeper set, he has lost at least 3 to 4 clothes sizes and his skin darkened. He could hardly speak loudly and mostly whispered to his officers to countersign my transactions. It was obvious this man was plagued by some disease that made him another man. But what was different about him was he seemed to have lost that non-chalant, slightly arrogant attitude. He was smiley, friendly and had more eye contact. There is a certain positivity in him. He wants to chat more with me but speaking suddenly became a chore to him, so he just smiled. Despite that, he seemed to be enjoying his job.

I hope we do not need to be reminded this way to treasure the air we breathe, the things we have and the people around us. Must remind myself not to bicker and get annoyed over small things.

Anyone, just to cheer up, read these signs (unrelated to topic, but funny)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I woke up this morning totally succumbed to an evil viral attack, one that leaves your throat sore, you nose runny, body completely limp and head feels like exploding.

I still have to perform tonight! Managed to scramble a quarter day off to rest at home, and self-medicate a bit. Figured that with that little amount of time it is senseless to travel to a clinic (and not all are opened at that time), wait in queue for the doc, and wait again for MC and medicine.

While talking to some people at work, there were at least 3 people who asked me why I don't excuse myself from the performance? Why don't get a substitute?

Strange that as in my more than a decade of performance span, I have NEVER gotten a sub! I had been more ill than today and sometimes fulfilling not 1 but 3 or 4 gigs. I guess it's different. These people didn't just book a singer, or a dancer. They book YOU, Suzie Wong or Ming. So rain or shine Suzie Ming has to be there. The most is an apology for the husky voice and the show goes on. I don't know how, but God ALWAYS helps me through.

If i hadn't tell you, can you tell I'm not well? This is taken just before i left for the gig. I was really trying to look normal.

Besides, how can i pass up a chance to perform here right?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VB INSPIRED ME.... try this. You may think it is easy for me from all those stunts i practice. But the thought of a handstand freaks me.