Friday, May 11, 2007


Since last Tues, I have not had the chance to let my body rest completely for a full on Wed it took a turn for the worse and this time it was serious.......I have not felt so weak since my last admission to the hospital.

Ok, ok, I shall not punish myself anymore, so I decided to honour the 2-days MC doctor awarded me (usually i would just rest half a day and get back to work). For the 2 days i was home, all i did was sleep, sleep and sleep, waking up only for the occasional meals, medicine and shower. Boy, was i surprised i could sleep so much.

Then it don on me that Wed was supposed to be this event (which the client jilted me) and which was supposed to be held in Bintan. On hindsight, i'm glad client didn't want me, or else can you imagine the agony of having to take a ferry ride to the island in my state of dizziness, do a one-man-show (MC, sing, dance) for some 4 to 5 hours, stay the night there (breaking out in cold sweat-that's what i experienced some nights) and then take a ferry ride back next morning......Given my current state, i don't think i can hold up the show lor, let alone enjoy Bintan. That would really have been pathetic!

Anyways, today I'm back at work......i want to go slow because i STILL have not fully recovered, but circumstances in the office wouldn't allow it....SIGH! So few of us but SO MANY problems. No wonder doctor keeps telling me my 'hormonal changes' (oops now i tell you my problem) is likely to be stress related!

P.s. and to add to my woes, I bought a new laptop Home Vista version but IT guy just called me to say many programs, especially the video-editing are NOT supported by Vista! Grrr.....that's the whole point, i bought one with nice graphic to do video editing....!!! More dizzy now

P.p.s my job so stress i'm seriously considering go pro as a baker! Lol


Anonymous said...

So poor thing. See? HE knew better :)

Suzie Wong said...

totally agree.

imp said...

glad u managed to rest!

don't install vista just yet. it's not compatible with firefox and alot programmes that use net-based updates.

wildgoose said...

Rest well.

suzie wong said...

Thanks imp and Wg, i'm much better already. Yes, imp, i'm still using my old laptop now til vista better developed