Friday, April 27, 2007


Don't read if you have no time............just lots of ranting & some nonsense....

I haven't been in the highest spirits lately, partially because of the incident in the last post.

Amongst other things, there's also a colleague, someone whom i've seen grown since ORD, who is leaving the company. It is funny how people perceive the company will do things to deprive them during the last month and vice versa.

Another problem is there are several MC requests that i have to turn down because of prior assignments. The real downer is for one of the available nights, i was close to getting the deal of hosting an incentive dinner when the client decided to check out my website and got a little, er.....overwhelmed (put off, if i may say) by my pictures. I guess she must be referring to the pole-dance ones.

She was quick to ask the event company to provide her someone else because she needed someone simpler and more corporate!

My first reaction was........maybe I should look at revamping my website to reflect a more corporate image. I don't realise how many may have been "frightened" by my big hair, skimpy clothes and thick make-up. (website should come with a warning---not for the faint hearted)

But on second thoughts, why don't people think that if I can conquer the tasks of being all these, especially pole dancing, shouldn't they think that i can handle their simpleton event?

Anyway, no hard feelings, still cannot get over the perceptions people form. I have chosen to portray this image and i think it should stay...... can't please everyone. Do Ah Lians actually have websites and maintain blogs?

Another thing i don't get it, people are there for the few days of seminar, why not let them let there hair down on this dinner party? Why still must be corporate and serious?

Anyway, lastly, i just wanna share how pole dancing lifts me spiritually. Last night at pole class, about 5 of us advance students were practising for some upcoming performances. It was our first time practising group sychro moves and we would do like 4 to 5 invert tricks at one go. We have to climb high up the pole and at every bar of the song we will change pose, while still up the pole. We videoed it and there were 2 clear evidences. #1. I was having a ball of a time, one of of the few moments in recent times you can hear me chuckle heartily. #2. I was clearly one of the stronger ones in class (and being the oldest--yeah, the next younger one is like at least 9 years younger than me ok, youngest is 16 years younger than me, fwah, i good or what...hahahaha) because at every transition move, the rest will drop a few inches to a feet until by the time they reach the last trick they are almost at the floor....hahaha, it was hilarious.

Oh and before i forget, there is a request to post my (er....not mine actually) latest attempt of Butter cream cake, this time over a sugee.

This requester has now request for a "Princess cake" for her baby's birthday....wah too much, she really thinks I am pro...........hahaha. i told her i will open a Me cafe next to Le cafe

Ok, I feel better now. Now off to practice more pole dancing................wee


the requester said...

alas. the cake!
wah this cake so 'swee'. also tastes very 'shiok'. pass liao! best kept secret. was a request from the little 'baby' princess.

Suzie Wong said...

Hahaha, requester..i'm convinced you are nocturnal, just like me....i just finished this long post, went to shower, you are! Lol.

ok, ok, will start practsing princess butter cream cake for baby princess, how much time do we have to perfect? Don't after that want to change back to Dora ok?

Wah, got order oredi! How anyone else? heehee.

Ok, btw requester, checked out website, princess daddy so handsome huh? kekekekeke

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, add me to another nocturnal list.

Anyway Suzie, i want to say you are a lady of many talents, now you can even bake cakes....

requester said...

nocturnal? must be in the genes! it's highly contagious!
oh i forgot to add....i had no clue why you had this super liking for butter cream cake....then i thought. cake is cake what!!..actually till your sugee butter cream cake. so, there you go... applause! perhaps i should rush to that cafe (soon) to taste their version (again! now that i'm a little more educated about butter cream cake!) but am convinced yours is better. not so sweet. just nice. wah! got free cake or not. lau nuah already lah. sigh!
dunno. one day it's dora. tomorrow it's princess. next day it's barney. tomorrow maybe spiderman! baby princess is in her own 'pretend' world. probably safest to order a plain cake and paste the photo over. haha.

Suzie Wong said...

Aww, anon, thanks for the compliment. that makes me feel better already.

Requester.....that cafe don't always have the cake...machhiam some secret recipe like that. But theirs really good.

I think the paste photo is a GREAT idea! Lol

sinlady said...

I agree with anon. Don't change a thing.

Hmmm - we blogger friends request your cake for dessert at our next makan can or not.

Anonymous said...

Ah...Miss ah, can order or not? Your butter-cream-cake-fan brudder-in-law's birthday next Wed leh :) Should add to your website..."Suzy Wong - can bake also", then have picture like Sandra Dee - slick coiffed hair with red&white checks, apron, hold cake and smile. Very wholesome, that client who dumped you sure like, kekekeke.

requester said...

If Yen can cook, Suzie Wong can Bake. sounds good eh. I agree.
Wah cham liao. More sleepless nights!
Alamak. So have to go to this cafe and beg like puppy dog. Sigh

Adamdam said...


Suzie is the best!! Seriously man. Hands down. I really respect you!

Lets go out sometime =) when you're free hehehe

Suzie Wong said...

adamadam....i worry, see your name thought i still owe you!

Thank you thank you. ok, will go out sometime but don't make it sound like it's a date and spoil my chances here, yound man! hahaha