Thursday, August 31, 2006


..........for goodness sake, NOT the one on the left. Yes, confirm, my mum's the one with full costume and make-up. And for your info, she's over 60 years old hor! So proud of mum (pic taken last weekend)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


....Hahaha...yes, you know who I'm talking about....... anyway, pass lah, pass lah, solely based on your recommendation, Ms Sin..heehee......WG, are you with us?

I want to k-po, but no time la, this is my Sept Schedule for now (hope it doesn't send me back to the hospital) ......meow.......looks like you have another month to derive satisafction from your cat mountain king liao....difficult for cake time!


A well-dressed mandarin-speaking man walks up to stop you, tells you he arrives from China to meet a relative/friend here to help him find a job, only to realise the friend/relative has left the country and will return only like in 2 days. Meanwhile, he has dropped his wallet and has no lodging and money for meals and ask you for merely $5!

2 months ago, i had this encounter and the minute i hear the dollar sign, i excused myself and walked act that sent me down guilt spiral at least for the rest of the day......I shouldn't have listened to his story because what if it was was only $5 that he needed.....then what if the story is fake and he is just preying on my kindness...$5 is hell lot of money for doing nothing, even visually-impaired uncle has to sell tissues for 3 packets $1 and ever so many people reject him, and my foot reflexiologists gets only $10 from rubbing your feet for 1 whole hour! I couldn't stop thinking if i were really in those shoes would i get any help. Had i been unkind......

Last nite at Tiong Bahru Plaza, another well-dressed mandarin-speaking guy approached me. I was determined not to hear his story so i just pretended i couldn't speak mandarin. As i was collecting my car from the side road, i saw he had already cornered another victim. This lady had her purse in hand and i swear she had the same confused expression on her face as i had 2 months ago....should i or should i not? He went on the sob story and she finally relented, not before he walked away looking all victorious and she, confused, wondering if she had been ripped off!. I felt like driving towards her and yell to her "yes, you have been conned, run after him".

I didn't do it. He continued walking in the direction of Bt Ho Swee, i tailed him and watched as he mercilessly approached another 2 ladies (yes, only ladies, he would pass all the men!!! moron) . Thankfully these 2 ladies were not taken in. But he felt increasingly uneasy as he realised a black car was following him. When he finally turned to look over his shoulders and saw me armed with my handphone video camera ready to snap another attempt, he ran towards some HDB flats. When i stepped out of the car and looked in the direction he ran, he had vanished!

Bu yao gei woh zhai kan dao tah!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


This is my least exciting trip to Hong Kong ever, I mean, in terms of food and shopping. After my medical condition and all, i had to ensure i did not burn myself out, so basically, i stayed much in my hotel room watching the favourite Jade (Fei Chui) channel, going out only occsaionally to eat super-duper healthy meals, and visiting ONLY TWO of my favourite outlets (But i still managed to sign away about HK$3500!!)

Anyway, despite my health i still managed a great event (yeah Kitson? with your help, of course)

Here is the super-duper healthy food, and i think Hong Kong is great for that.

First the Yiu Chai (steam oyster never get them that green in Singapore)
Then take a look at this yummy rice with veggie cooked inside (like baby food). It came with the pork ribs, but i was happy to eat just the rice.

Lastly, the LOR MAI KAI.....wrapped delactably in lotus leave and see what i found inside... .the whole middle portion of the chicken wing! How wonderful is that!! Had this at the airport for breakfast bythe Cafe de Coral (Da Jia Ler) fast food.

My camera very under-utilised this time.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


.....and i was like this.....

Diarrhorea was so severe i was dehydrated....had to get well before i fly off........

another 7 hours and i'm off. See ya........................

Monday, August 21, 2006


Some of you know that i had a bad stomach virus attack.

So last Fri after my performances i went to my regular china masseues to have my tummy massaged. I usually pay cash. I had no cash that day so i asked to pay by other modes.

Ms masseues pointed towards the basement to say i can withdraw cash from there. I asked if she meant there is an ATM machine? I had been to this place a million times and never realised it had one. Affirming, she said she always sees people withdrawing money from that machine. Me and foot reflex uncle, who was performing reflexiology on another client looked surprised, and uncle stopped his work momentarily and queried in Mandarin "here where got people draw money from ATM machine"?

Again she pointed in the direction of the basement near the exit of the car park. Uncle asked "you mean the yellow colour one?" With all certainty, she said yes. Uncle said " THAT ONE IS TO PAY CAR PARK ONE LAH!"


Anyway, will not be updating a while....will be off to Hong Kong to host a show this Thursday. Wee.e..e.e.e.e

Thursday, August 17, 2006


You realise how all the songs used for pole and exotic dance has this slow groove, sultry, sexy feel. I've always wanted to try something more high energy (cos i'm not good at stroking and touching myself ala exotic style). So Ms Sin, I used one of your fave song, LADY MARMALADE.

Now i know why pole/exotic dancers seldom use numbers like this, I swear i almost dropped dead after this video

P.s. pole class temporarily halted, that's why practise at messy home. Anyways, this was free style and unchoreographed. Think when my stamina improves, i will put a choreo to it cos, love the song too much

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ok, so i do feel better today. Mindless people out of my sight and mind.....

Besides the usual singing and belly dancing gigs, these were some of the more memorable stuff i did the last 2 weeks



The opening (wah check out how un-suzie wong i look...was told to look not-too-hot-mama )

A new red dress for the Gala dinner because was told to wear their corporate colour

P.S. the summit's the one with the roaches derby if you read in the papers (this is the derby, minus the crawlies)


one people, one nation, one Singapore

HOST OF A COMPANY'S D&D CUM BIRTHDAY (with fireworks outside)

The evening ended with a TALL note-Tower Building Game (ala Jenga)

And ....nation celebrated with this company with a fireworks treat

Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm up to my neck! I'm so.o.o.o.o mentally exhausted of having to deal with dumb morons like 'G'....again.

I'm sorry, it's another thread of ranting.....but I'm just amaze that there are people like 'G' around....... and listen to me 'G', I'm sorry for people like you because with the way you do and handle things, your future will elude you...forget about your exams, i think you can't be helped academatically too!

SIGH! Ok, I'm done.....just need to let out some steam...... I'm so overworked!

Anyway, for the rest of you, not want to waste your effort visiting here, . SO, for fellow belly dancers, I have least included a clip of the belly dancers hired by the organisers for the 2 weeks ago road shows which i hosted. They are quite good actually, quite eye candyish.

I also got permission from The bodytalks who put up this sensuous EXOTIC dance performance at Penny Black to post the following pics . If you want more info about them, visit their

Oops, the second pic looked like a boob got in the way......sorry, it was only my finger!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Check this out, very cute

create one and email to me at

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Helicopter flying past

This was the closest i came to watching the the fireworks as i was driving on the highway, taken using my handphone

Monday, August 07, 2006

MIA--I'm upset! Will come back soon

Lot's to update, but I have NO TIME, because of office crisis, again. And I, as the BSBH (bao sua bao hai) office administrator has to take care of it!!! WHY me again?

Last week's events were blood and sweat.....don't get me wrong, they were great, but very very tiring. If you were at Marina Sq shopping last weekend and heard a voice over the PA talking and talking almost non-stop for 7 hours (except for in between performances), that was ME. Apart from the road shows, I gathered enough energy to perform a belly dance show at another event, plus I still managed to bring the roof down at a 2000-strong National Day celebration event. They even gave me an email testimony on it. I have some nice pics of it, but will post next time.

Anyhow, I'm too physically tired to be greeted by an office crisis this morning.........b***dy sh*t! And the person who caused it all, if you are reading it.......i really want to use the most expletive expletives on you. A milder form would be "YOU ARE FULL OF SH*T" this G, that's how angry i am with your irresponsiblity!

I think for this week you won't see much of me, will come back when i successfully cremate the problems created by G.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


.......despite a hectic schedule......

Just got the 2 moves that i have been practising hard.....
1) KNEE HOLD-just hanging from 1 knee, no hands

2) SUPERMAN-self explanatory one old stunt, but and i love the fact that my leg hooks are getting stronger and prettier, don't you think?

Btw, excuse me...i took these pictures on self-timer again hor....i.e. set camera, run to pole, climb, stunt and pose and wait there to click...all in 10 secs

Finally, my latest practice video at the studio incorporating some new stunts (but not knee hold and superman cos i achieved them after this video. But i have video showing me get into these 2 somewhere in youtube and photobucket--not posting here cos not very elegant yet! )