Friday, August 29, 2008

Short updates

Busy Busy just a quick update.

So happy I've found (made) several new converts to pole addiction! heehee. Muaks to those who were at the studio more than once this week!

And it felt good that today after answering a long enquiry on what is taught, and who conducts....etc, she was actually establishing if I were going to be teaching the class, because in the end she made it clear that she had ONLY wanted to learn from me after researching the local pole scene! Wee!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Derrick or Britney

Check out this guy, Derrick impersonating Britney Spears! WOW!

And enjoy the rest of the impersonation.

Here's the actual Britney clip

How come we don't have "kids acts" like these?

Have you seen ours like those in our "An Pei Nah" Contest? I have a problem appreciating those little ge-tai wannabes

Anyway this is their audition clip

Sigh, here's another one, why are they so cute?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pride & Joy of a "Parent"

....when my AH BOY learns his first command

We thought it was impossible for an ex-stray who almost lost his life to AVA (Agi Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to pick up anything at this age, as he spent the first 4/5 years of his life roaming the streets and only thing he probably knew was survival.

But today the sky was pouring and we couldn't take him out to the park, so friend decided to give it a shot at teaching him, see how well he faired! So clever, my boy

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New classes starting-Pole Dance Fitness

Click on picture to enlarge
Refer to website for more info

Friday, August 22, 2008

Not a single dull day

Home sweet home now and showered.

Disregard the previous post, I must add that altho I'm working longer hours and probably a lot harder than before, I'm NOT unhappy. In fact everything in the week keeps me very happy (albeit tired)

Let me start with Sunday.

Sunday is visiting Ah Boy day. Haven't updated much about him but he has gotten so cuter. Now I combine taking him for walks in a park with "prawning", another activity I so enjoy, and it's very cute watching Ah Boy pretending to be excited when i have a catch. Guess he is learning to behave like a pet..heehee.muaks muaks.

Monday & Tuesday are classes day. I love the classes, I love the students, I love the co-teacher, I love the studio, and i just get so energized with each class no matter how tired.

Wednesday is pole practise day and I think the latest pole practise video (if you care to watch) is sufficient to prove my passion. Basically I can practise til everyone has left lor! guaguagua!

Thursday, if I don't have a gig, it's a night-off for me (well sort-of) It's my turn to jaga studio cos studio is booked for other classes and I get to sneak off for a massage when teacher conducts lesson.

Friday & Saturday usually performances otherwise I'd be chio-ing people to kopi & cake with me (durian expedition next ok)

Then it's Sunday and the excitement starts over! Yeah!

Live, breath studio

Suzie has been spending late nights in studio. So much to do, not easy! accounts, shows, enquiries, syllabus, cleaning, disciplining, forum, classes......but of course the occassional blogging, facebooking, gossiping to keep my sanity!

still in studio now at 12 and has been like that past few days. I gotto make sure the studio is mopped everyday before leaving. Pardon the sporadic erratic behaviour.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Think I better stop eating crab

Last week, Imp helped me name this move Pretzel. But today as I decided to take a proper picture, think I'm beginning to look more like a crab. Lol!.

Besides I held on to this pose like for like 45sec for dear Di & Princess to find a good angle, until my face cramped up. In fact this is the least contorted one already! Haha

And thanks Di for this picture (& remindling me to smile), I heart it

And altho I didn't say it just now, thanks Princess for the loveliest cup cake I've ever had. Eclairs also damn solid. Haven't tried brownie yet tho.

Di thanks for being a sweetie, you always helping others during practice. Hugs

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When I turn 70

I've been performing for so long, from Suzie to Belly Fusion to now Pole, that people always ask what I'd be doing next?

I always tell them nothing, I'd be happy to perform pole for another 5 to 10 years. After that I'd still perform pole because I'm sure I'd create another market or interest cos have you seen a 50-year old performing pole? It would probably be easier because all the creases on my body may adhere to the pole better. Lol!

But this little lady just convinced me that it's not just a dream, it's possible to do til 70 (or 80?) if I keep training...ENJOY! (not?)

Seems s bit cruel la, but i hope she's enjoying the attentio

Who needs the ladder when there are poles?

Today marks the end of the Basic Pole-gram (beginner) and instructor Eunice decided to play a game to see who can climb the pole and & stay up the longest (as an intro to pole climb and invert).

They are allowed to use whatever ways they can most comfortably get up. Well, from the way some of them are gripping the pole (correctly), it is apparent that they have been secretly training or have been doing homework watching videos! haha :good job:

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I was peeved at his suggestion of being substitute for a show tonight. Seriously there's nothing wrong with that, circumstances do happen and people do fall sick.

But first I was asked to sub someone who was taught by me, N and fell out. Then it was the way this person, J, asked. What would you do if you needed help urgently ? You would first ask if the person is free or available to do so first right? But not J. The conversation was :

J : "Hey Suzie! I have a show tomorow night. Some RC thing and really small budget (so scared I charge a lot like that).

Me : "Ah huh."

J: "You know one of those really cheena cheena shows, ah peks and all (wah, sound like getai). So originally I had asked N to do the show (oh well, ok, not my problem). But then ah, N just called to say she is sick la (too bad). Some stomache flu or something (cheh). You know la, people sick what to do right? Cannot force them to do what (excuse me, lao niang here has been sick, sometimes seriously ill and still execute the shows, and many times singing on the pole somemore hor!)

And this point, you would think that J would ask the more important questions like if I was available or how much i would charge if I accept the job. But no,

J : "So, can you sing in ALL chinese a not ah?" (excuse me? I haven't agreed yet, and of course I can sing all Mandarin, I'm but SUZIE WONG)

Me : "Yes I can, but I'm not available"

J : " Huh? Not available? About 9.30pm you know?" (that's a prime time. Even if I'm available, I'd rather stay home to watch the Olympic table tennis semi finals match because you are so arrogant and presumptious and tactless.......)

Anyway, don't get me wrong. I have been a nice Suzie, sub-ing more than once. But I hate it when people put a quatifyer at the beginning like "hey I need your help but I can't pay your rates". You need help, you pay (just like the recent joke circulating, the gahment help you solve traffic congestion, you pay). Again , I have also helped people who sincerely need help & don't have the means to pay (more) and it's all in the tact.

Seriously for J's case, I could have worked with him a different time slot and advised him on how to shuffle the program so that I can still make the show but not necessarily at his "9.30pm slot". I have more than once helped event companies who forgot to place a booking with me and last min told me I'm "on". These companies usually panicked big time and big sister here will come to the rescue and work with them the program, shuffle around my other engagements and in the end deliver all, and all these without charging more.

Anyway just some history between me and N.

N was a close friend (she was like a lil sister) and a student many years ago. She had wanted to perform in gigs like me and I shared with her many tips and opportunities. This sub-ing thing is not new because when I was her mentor, I already "sub" for her a few times, got one time up to a whole month's (Dec) assignments because she simply declared ill and depressed. Honestly after that episode, I alienated myself from her cause I was too tired and she never showed her appreciation. And when she sprang back to action, she (I guess needed the money) and undercut me. Ah well

TWO weeks went by!

so quickly....just as we were having so much fun catching up, she announced that she was leaving the next day. We quickly caught up for one more tea.

During departure time, we all felt a little emo but i knew we all held back tears....that prompted her to promise we won't have to wait fourteen long years for the next reunion.'s back to work!

One man's meat is another man's poison

Just 8 days ago, I met a company in the fiance industry that vehemently rejected my proposal of a pole show for their event. Their reason : too provocative.

Today, I had a call from another company of same industry. They wanted to check my performance rates. They were comparing the pole and non-pole ones (i.e singing ones). Then they went on to enquire why the pole show is more expensive and I explained that I needed to cover cost of truck and several men to deliver & set up the pole.

Her remark "Oh my men would love to deliver and set up the pole for you". So that probed me to ask "Oh, so you actually like the pole show better?". She said "Of course! The show is so good, I love it, by the way do you teach?". That of course set off another conversation.

It was enough to make me euphoric for the rest of the evening! Glee!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Like this picture's a new pole move, un-named yet

Added later:

Hahaha, Dear Imp names this move Pretzel, very apt...heehee


In Singapore, we like to refer to confused people as "blur sotong", like you would refer to a say "blonde"


The other day I received a rather impolite sms, no introduction and I couldn't recognise the number, it read :

"Hi! Do you has got any job vacancy available"

Ok, so you think it's a case of typing fast & with error.

So I replied "what type of job are you looking for"

Then the reply came "What job vacancy do you have? Cos I browse back last time contact so i msg to c if u has got wat job vacancy available".

I was so tempted to reply : " Look! What qualification do you has got to make my company has got a vacancy for you to has got to apply"!"

Ok I didn't, so I just explained I no longer in that company and that's when the joker clarified "I'm looking for a sales/admin job" !?!?!?


Today my classic colleague was at it again!

A mutual friend (let's call him A) came to look usp for lunch and was complaining that his colleague, B was incompetent. A said he wanted to leave the company because of B. So I asked why didn't he (A) consider setting up his own company. His reason was "I don't want to open my own company because of B". Honestly it totally didn't make sense, was incomplete whatsoever but we chose not to probe further to complicate matters.

So after lunch, I was just gossiping with classic colleague how absurd A's reason was for not wanting to open his own company, and my classic clever colleague replied " Yah lor, what for open a company for B"...............My eyes rolled ! So blonde! Just like a chinese saying "the cow head cannot fit a horse mouth" .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welles the artist

Welles of Sg-entertainer blog is such a sweetie. This is his impression of me, very apt, big eyes and larger than life mouth.


talking about thick lips and big mouth, when I started consuming collagen supplements, my special friend whom some of us refer to as Spider used to pout his lips and warn : "wah, your lips going to be even thicker!" hahaha, very funny

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Members Privilege

First of the series, stay tune for more.

Please ensure you make appointment and bring the Acro Polates/polefessional member card. Yvonne does kick-a** body massage, besides other services.

Papaya Triplet

A client did some editing of this picture when i performed recently at her event and posted it on face book. Love it!

Feels Good!

I've been approached to participate in an overseas charity event (VB, your country) by doing a pole-dance act, in aid of Sichuan earthquake victims. Was told that the event would be attended by professionals and they would donate towards and acts, and mine would be featured as the highlight if i agree to go.

Too bad it is at own expense (self-financing) since it's meant to be for charitable purpose. They were hoping that I would take a holiday there since they read somewhere (blog i guess) that i holiday there quite a bit (last time lah, now where got time).

Guess I would have to turn it down, unless I find a sponsor, but feels good to be asked after the BIG RANT!

Friday, August 08, 2008

PROVOCATIVE? Think again!

I know I know, I'm being defensive, I shouldn't because not eveyone can appreciate the fitness bit and the art, but....

But I can't help but to disapprove when seemingly intellectual people and of good career status are so mis-informed!

Today I met a potential client whose theme i thought would fit well with a pole performance (excuse me, I don't always force it down people's throat, I sell only when I think it's appropriate and only if I feel you are at the capacity to understand that it is more than sleaze (or should it be less???)

The minute the comittee of this well-known financial organisation saw the pictures, they vehemently (complete with hand gestures) said "no no no, this is too provocative for us!"

Usually I'd be very defensive and start explaining how this act was recently featured in an outdoor national day dinner celebration and how pole has fast evolved to be the fitness regime of many ladies. But today I just said "Ok, next!" (as in next proposed entertainment performance item) and decide not to educate further.

Ask any of these girls and they will tell you how difficult it is to attain this level!.

Anyway it's ok, I'm not angry, upset or what. You don't have to console me by saying "ah well, you know, i understand it's vey difficult blah blah...but u see, people have different notions/mindset .........". I know I know it already, just want to let out steam a bit here...that's all... i'm ony too happy to have more receptive clients, cos tonight I have another pole performance....wee.e.e.e.!

So, tell me which part of it is provocative?


Hmm......I don't think so!



Or simply the fact that the dancer wraps herself around a pole that is deemed suggestive?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A teacher's pride

When Acro Polates started conducting lessons a month ago , it was hard for participants of beginner pole-gram to come for pole practices, simply because they have not recovered from the aching arm muscles attained from the lessons.

From the record number of turnout today, it was rather evident that the ladies have toughened up and are dilligently putting the hour to good use. Amidst practices, it was hearthening to see the ladies helping and spotting each other, connecting with one another from different classes, all for the love of one steel pole!

If you think you see a guy in the picture, are eyes are NOT playing tricks! Haha
Anyway i also managed to sneak in a practise of my headstand (without pole support) today. WG, tell me if I'm doing it right as i think this is a yoga move..

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Loyal Friend Part II

....continue from last post.

Just like the "Ann" that I always knew, she appeared prompty yesterday at my studio for lessons, amidst the "10" other appointments she made for that day.

After an extremely hearty session, I already saw "fighting" coming, over payment for the class. She threatened not to come next week had i not accept it, and that she had REALLYwanted to come again. I have to keep it in trust for her until next week and see how to slip it back into her bag, I know it's going to be difficult!

She also brought me present
The blue paper bag & the pink passport holder are without a doubt beautiful, but the winner of it all was the note...........!

Monday, August 04, 2008


Some 14 years ago, I received a call from a heavily French-accented lady called Ann, who said she had wanted vocal/singing lessons. She sounded a little intimating but being a struggling vocal/snging teacher, having freshly quit from a bank job, I was ready to take on whatever that came my way, no matter how challenging! More wearily, she was honest enough to tell me she would take (and pay for) 1 lesson to access my credibility before deciding if she would carry on.

An extremely charming lady, she came, sang, and the rest was history, Ann became, besides my student for the next 2 years, one of the bestest (caucasian) friend.. Not only did she take regular lessons from me, she made sure she introduced friends to learn singing from me, took me out for meals, foot reflex, accompanied me to some of my gigs back then, some as far as the zoo, took me to every party she organised or attended and she would readily introduce as "Ming, my favourite sing-ging teacher".

I could even re-count one day she called me and I said I was heading to a neighbourhood expo (you know the kind of make-shift fun-fair fiesta with some mobile rides--i was crazy about those things previously) and she took the trouble to join me all the way at Upper Bt Timah where the expo was held, and instead of enjoying herself, I had her turning pale with those horrible rides! hahaha

She even went so far as to watch my mum's opear performance, fell in love with it, signed up for some lessons and even acted in one of my mum's opera show. Too bad those days pictures were in print and I dont have soft copies to load up here. I'll scan them some other time.

Two years on, she broke the news that she would be posted to another place. I bid a sad farewell and asked her to come back often to visit me, I grew so fond of this caucasian friend!

Thirteen years passed, I had only some news of Ann, thanks to Pat, a mutual friend whom I learned that Ann flew everywhere for work, except to Singapore..

Then Last Friday, Ann dropped by at my studio, unannounced!. You could imagine my excitement, could you? I squeeled like a teenage girl! She's going to be here for 2 weeks and just like the good old Ann, she has signed up for several pole dance lessons with me (I'm NOT charging her of course) despite her jam packed schedule (this is so her!)

We, Ann, Pat & I spent that Friday night catching up. When I reached home, I was an emotional wreck, I was so happy I had wanted to cry, I knew I must have missed this loyal friend so much. She is; you know it when she even remembered the expo and how she almost threw up from the ride!

I wish I don't have to wait another 13 years to meet again!

Here's us last Friday, with Pat (seated on my left)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Closer to performing pole at the NDP!

Few years ago, performing pole at an outdoor neighbourhood event would only be a dream. But today, I was actually requested to perform at a big Naional Day Celebration Dinner tonight!

I'm sure my hope to perfrom at the National Day Parade won't be too far away! Haha.

I'm not sure if you can tell, I was ill again when perfroming this, must have been at least the 4th time & I'm sort of numb (was worried sick the first few times).. Lost my knee hold, slipped & i almost plunged! Yeeks!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I orginally wanted to spend the night blogging about a very special friend whom I've not met like in 13 years. But New Paper's article on Dawn Yang's alleged plagiarism had me googling about the topic and i was distracted the last THREE HOURS reading's amazing what some people would do. I even registered as a member in cozycot forum to investigate more....haiyah!

Aiya, I wish i still remember what to blog about tomorow.