Monday, March 17, 2008

I have addtional activity on Sunday............

Come Sundays, besides taking Ah Boy for his weekly jog in parks, feast & all, I just found an additional chill out activity.
After sending Boy back to his base, friend asked if I knew there is a fishing pond a short drivie away from Boy's home. I insisted going to take a look, and it ended with me trying "prawning" for an hour!

All smiles for camera at first.

Bored after 20-mins, no catch.

Then someone gave me some 'live' baits and my luck changed.....hahaha. Biting Biting....sorry picture blurry as I was fighting to bring it up!

There! hahaha. It's huge ok, but I know you can't see it on the pciture! At the end of the hour, caught 3 (almost 4, but i guy didn't "shang diao") for 12 bucks, haha could have bought them from market.

Better still, I gave them away to a nice uncle, who helped me when one of the prawn tried to clamp me with its pincer.. fun, additional activity...........I gonna be so busy on Sundays!


Anonymous said...

Heyhey Suzie, where's this prawn fishing place? Looks interesting.

I assume there's a restaurant nearby that cooks the 'catches' ah? :)


Anonymous said...

wow u look great in those tiny shorts ;)

Suzie Wong said...

Hi Kaylen, the place is almost at the end of Pasir Ris farmway (3, I think). No restaurant but I saw pits there for people to cook there. Not sure how that works tho.

Haha, anonymous, thanks, those are not the tiniest!

sinlady said...

erh...don't think i can ever get into this leisure activity. but happy u enjoying fishing so much :)