Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The value of pole skills (not)

Today an agency called me again, in fact this is the 3rd time they called in 3 weeks, probably after checking rates elsewhere

They needed someone to round up a group of pole performers to pose for an ad, like, the next day. After at least half a day of negotiating the requirmements, including looks, costumes & what not, they asked if we could be paid with copies of the pictures!?!?! Duh? Furthermore, the deal was there will be no credits and names, because after all, this IS a paid job (huh, with pit-chures????). And...and what more, costumes our own! Hmm....not at all a lucrative deal.

Being a pole-fessional, it was quite difficult for me accept the barter, no matter how pretty the pictures! I compromised on a small small rate, just so that everyone could have some fun working with a reputable agency, and hopefully pocket some transport money or get compensated for taking time off from regular work.

Despite the compromise, I didn't land the assignment. But that's not the point!

The pont is, to those who agreed to their terms, may I tell you that they allegedly pay the "award winning" photographer THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS , that's why there's nothing left for the pole models! But ah well, at least the pictures are guaranteed to be good!

Another point I need to mention is, if they agree to pay us that peanut package, then no pictures hor! Pictures given ONLY if no monetary transaction! Ha!


Anonymous said...

so cheapskate. Then go look for amateurs loh.

sinlady said...

i am curious to know who they got in the end on their terms. whoever it is, i keep thinking they have to photoshop the pics to put the girl(s) somewhere up on the pole. remember bottomfeeders? *meow*

Suzie Wong said...

They might just have done that, sis.

SL---haha, so catty! yes, I know, still like that

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

whoa wat kind of a deal is that?

those gals who accepted really spoil market man