Sunday, March 23, 2008

He's famous now

Thanks to Ms Researcher for the tip. Woo-Hoo, he's famous now!

Anyway I've removed the original post. No need now, since you can read all about it here .


suzie wong said...

oh yeah, thanks to those who commented on the post

Ms R said...

wow! can't believe it. within few hours there's over a thousand views. well deserved to be in goondu section.

Kaylen said... heartening :)

wildgoose said...

Can't believe there are ppl who says he's not wrong. THank goodness it's a minority.

Suzie Wong said...

Ms R-over 2000 as at today! thanks, ms know-it-all! haha

Hey kaylen, thanks for dropping by again and showing support

WG- i suspect those who say not wrong is him lah! haha

sinlady said...

i just peeked - it's past 3100 now !