Sunday, March 30, 2008


Us at last night's Oosh show! HahahaBesides being a magnate to younger men (:D :D :D), Suzie is also so lucky to have great friends.

This is one of the many gifts Suzie has received from
Sinlady (this a Paul Ropp shorts). Thanks, I love love it

This is a gift from Wildgoose she bought from Tokyo. Yes, it's sitting nicely on my belly now, WG.
And recently, and finally, I managed to shop for myself a handbag. I've been using the same one for past many years until the straps are split.

I finally made the effort to change when recently a fellow worker commented that I'm a frugal person.....ok got the hint, time for a change, so I went to Tangs when it recently had the 12% rebate (see I'm indeed frugal) and bought myself this
Guess what bag is this?

hahah, didn't know there is a Paris Hilton handbag! I feel so bimbotic.


sinlady said...

so many new things including new men! how fun :) btw, are the PR shorts a little too loose on you?

wildgoose said...

I hope you like the belly ring.

A Paris Hilton bag! First time I heard of. Not that she needs any more money. :p

vb said...

Yr b'day?? So soon?? I thought yr b'day just passed???

Saw the cyberjapan link ...aiyoh! Some almost naked hor!

Suzie Wong said...

SL, was a little lose until i soaked it. It sat nicely on the hips now but tend to losen a bit after wearing for a while. Think after few more washes will be just fine. thanks love it.

WG-it's lovely, thank you.

VB-must birthday that give gifts meh? Yah, but they are chic aren't they?