Monday, March 10, 2008

All was forgiven

As if my mood was not foul enough yesterday (something I am embarking on not going quite well), friend had to select dinner place at this uber crowded place called Seng Kee or something at East Coast Rd (they don't need further advertisment so go check it out yourself).

We couldn't understand why ever so often this place starts filling up from 5pm. Last night we thought we were extremely lucky to find a small table until the downpour created a small mayhem with everyone squeezing under the limited canopies.

Our food had not arrived yet so I kept pleading to just go to the next door empty kopi tiam to finish a simple dinner & go. But friend was adament to try the food to ease the curiosity.

So, this was last night's menu : Crab Mee-suah on banana leave, double boil chicken herbal soup, kai-lan

We ended up there again tonight, and tonight's menu: Blachan French Bean, Salted Veg duck soup, Ortah (already sank my teeth) and Deep fried prawn roll with mayonnaise (furthest).

Need I say more?


sinlady said...

food so good you put up with the over-crowdedness? i cannot tahan on any regular basis.

Suzie Wong said...

found a way to beat the crowd, have dinner after 9pm lor