Monday, March 03, 2008

Ah Boy goes 街街

For non-chinese readers, 街街 (pronounced 'gai gai') literally means "street street" in cantonese..i.e. strolling on streets.

Ah boy was a rescued stray and is now living in a pet villa sponsored by me & friend. Imagine he was literally a kampung dog who knew nothing about shower, getting into a car nor pet behaviour. His only instinct then was to hunt for leftover food & run to nearest shelter at nightfall or when the weather turned nasty. He had no home, never been a pet. Read all previous posts about Ah Boy here, here and here.

Now Ah boy is a healthy, loving dog and loves to go out, just like any other pets (previously he refused to get into a car and when he did, he'd fall all over the back seat....poor thing). If this story touches you, go and adopt/sponsor a dog, make a donation or just go visit them at the Pet Villa (animal lovers' league) 61, Pair Ris Farmway 3.


sinlady said...

wah, now he sits in backseat very jai jai to go gai gai hor LOL

wildgoose said...

He really is looking more handsome than ever. :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

ha.. where do u bring him to go gai gai?

with my dog, i have to sit behind to keep him down. otherwise he would have a habit of puking on me (eeks!!) esp when we go on some windy road.

Suzie Wong said...

SL-yes, he's amazing, I've heard of many dogs still have motion sickness, eg. EDPJ's doggie. Boy knows how to sit down when car monouvres sharp corners, and starts walking about when on straight & stead roads.

WG-he is :)

EDPJ-Boy used to reside in East Coast so friend always tells people "Ah boy was peviously a beach bum". So now we try to take him to beaches like pasir ris and east coast. but for now we avoid the same stretch he was found so as not to remember the past, maybe next time. Will attempt to go further