Saturday, November 03, 2007


from AVA! Woo-hoo!

onward to the vet than to his new home, a shelter for dogs.

Throughout the journey, still not a bark. Only problem was he didn't know how to get into car because he 'kampong' dog right. According to friend when Ah Boy was brought to the vet, he allowed them to inject and manicure him without a struggle. How cute is that!?

Anyway, do you remember the story of Xiao Hei (Blackie) the Yishun neighbourhood mongrel that made news, and eventually was adopted by an MP? Don't you think Ah boy has an uncanny resemblence of Blackie? Let's hope Ah Boy is as lucky lor


wildgoose said...

You and Friend saved Ah Boy! Is he going to stay at the shelter permanently? He looks so 'guai'.

sinlady said...

well done you guys!

the last time i looked into a stray dog's eyes, i ended up having her for the next 14 years. they were wonderful years.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

good for u sw!u gg to visit ah boy regularly?

3A Gurl said...

woo hoo ... another precious life saved.

Anonymous said...


Suzie Wong said...

WG- perhaps, unless someone wants to adopt. But shelter is quite a haven for the strays, it's probably the next best thing for them.

SL-now i know what ya mean, I've grown so attached I want to visit him all the time

EDPJ--haha, think i already answered that. Already did over the weekend. Now I'm officially the sponsor of AB. I feel like I've just given birth to a baby.

3A & anon-yeah too! I feel that something so right has been done.