Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's a series of 5 neighbourhood pole shows (1 per weekend), not exactly your glam set-up but I obliged as I cherish every opportunity to perform, practice and perfect my Pole acts. I just completed my 3rd of the 5 series and every week the stress is mounting.
First & foremost, let me say that the audience that I have to face every week is a HIGHLY challenging group of neighbourhood (kopi diam) uncles & aunties. i have had really nice aunties & uncles, but somehow, not this group. Secondly, the outdoor non air-condition situation cause me to perspire so much that it is really hard to cling onto the pole. And half the time I find myself gasping for air, but all these I take in my stride.

The 'block' booking was confirmed based on watching my
video.So on the first night, I did exactly the same act as in video. The organizer came running shocked and asked why I sang English song. I thought they watched my video? Was told to change to ALL mandarin or dialect songs for the following week's act.

Came second week, I did ALL Mandarin numbers. Feedback--happy with the all-mandarin numbers, BUT how come the pole stunts same as the first night? Huh? Suppose to vary meh? Than how come other singers also can sing the same songs and MC plays the same games? Ok, maybe I didn't attempt ENOUGH stunts due to my sweaty body against the pole. Don't want to argue!

Tonight, I was careful to do ALL Mandarin songs and I ensured that I executed EVERY Pole stunt that I possibly know, even adding some variations to them. Then came the feedback.....Why end the show so fast? So short!

Ok, I WILL do all mandarin songs, vary or perform ALL my stunts and ADD one more song to the next set!

Two more weeks to go, I wonder what next?


sinlady said...

wah. vomit blood man!

vb said...

They dunno what they are talking abt! Can die!

Suzie Wong said...

SL-ya man, bile also! gross I know, but yes, I'm THAT stressed up.

VB, exactly. As though they can remember the stunts. And they talk like it's very easy to do! Anyway, friend said "ah..take it easy la, you the only one can do (the act, at least for now)

Anonymous said...

You so super-obliging one! Don't add song lah! They get what they pay for what! No hongbao no add song :D :D :D!

wildgoose said...

The more you oblige, the more they will ask for leh. :P finishing soon!

Anonymous said...

These people are never contented. Nvm, come one day, you will be so famous that your rates are based on per stunt or per song.

Suzie Wong said...
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Suzie Wong said...

Sis, WG, just want to get it over & done with. Next time got this kind of gigs will lay my cards right. I still want the job tho.

Anonymous, thanks. haha! That's sweet but not optimistic about becoming famous la. Unfortunately I'm no import from USA! :D