Monday, November 26, 2007

Doing it Pole-fessionally.......

.......may cause me to lose an assignment on New Year's Eve.

You see, I was supposed to be booked for a count-down pole show somewhere far away near Ponggol, at this exact location. (see the white tent? the event on 31 Dec will sit on the same spot.)
(Yesterday while I was there checking out the place, there was another HUGE event there and the show I was designated to appear is no less smaller)
Prior to this gig, I already have other assignments and that leaves me only 40 to 45mins travelling time from my last performance place to this. The event organiser assured that it will take only about 30mins to get there. I was tempted to believe, as everywhere in Singapore takes only 30mins.

To be absolutely certain, last evening, the Pole-fessional made 2 trips, to and fro the 2 locations and tested out different routes. These are my scribbles of time start and arrival, the distance etc.

While the first route measured 32.5 km, but the slight jam on CTE yielded the same travelling time compared to the second longer route whick took 44km!

But both ways it took 40mins (38mins to be exact) keeping to the limits of 80-90km/hr on the highways, excluding jams.

So I sms-ed the event person in charge that it was rather impossible to reach in 30mins, and I was met with the reply "Oh, ok, than let me think about it (hiring your service).

I may lose this job, but, ah well, no regrets. I think the Pole-fessional should do this professionally.

P.s. Btw, did you see the ad on the right? "Enchanted" by Walt Disney? Click on the preview or the site, looks like an interesting story, think I'll go catch it.


sinlady said...

absolutely no way you make it in even 45 mins. it is New Year's EVE!

People don't seem to realize how bad traffic congestion can get anymore.

Just like the MM LKY saying can get everywhere in Sg in 20 mins. And some reader wrote to to ask like when? Maybe 5 o'clock in the morning?

Aelgtoer said...

Ya that's true, the amount of traffic on the expressways these days, ESPECIALLY the CTE, is horrific. Really, it's a choice between getting stuck in the jam and burning petrol or being sandwiched in the morning/evening hour rush on the train.

Despite the discomfort, the second option is inevitably cheaper and faster.

wildgoose said...

Oh I so totally agree. And I was about to write a rant about the traffic. It's impossible these days. There are just too many cars! I wouldn't drive if my work place is not so far from my house, which unfortunately is along the alternative route to CTE. :(

imp said...

silly can they not factor in the holiday crowds?! new year's eve leh. plus through CTE. you can add another 30min easy to your estimated time. you professional mah!! good on you for checking it out.

researcher said...

big field. ask them to pick you up from another big field. ..helicopter.
just on a lighter note.
PS yes I'm back ...

Anonymous said...

MM is absolutely right about being able to get to anywhere in Singapore in 20 mins!...If you are the MM and have a police escorted motorcade, traffic police stopping all traffic ahead of you at least 5mins before your motorcade arrives and your motorcade can travel at any speed :)