Wednesday, November 07, 2007

YOU KNOW YOU HAVE COME OF AGE WHEN.. can read the fine prints of the ANA cheap tickets promotions to USA (Today's paper) so much clearer after removing your glasses!!!!
I took an interest in that ad (only $800 over bucks to LA or San Francisco) because I haven't been to US like for 5 years and I really hope to spend some quality time researching and getting some pole dance materials since pole dancing is supposedly huge there. You know how these cheap tix come with tons of conditions and suddenly I was like "who the hell can read these uber small prints".....and then...... Uurgh!!!!!! I dreaded this day, I swear.

Anyway since I'm on the topic of age, I gotta say aunty here still passes off as a hot deal after more than 10 years of performing. Last night I was performing for a press company. After my act, a table of what I thought was some enthusiastic guests forced me to down a glass of beer. I may be an entertainer but I can't drink, and only my friends & family know that. In order not to be a spoil spot, I downed half and hurriedly excused myself by saying that I have to drive to another gig.

While outside bidding my goodbyes to the event company, I suddenly felt my head spinning and was led to a chair. One of the guests who made me drink came over and teased me. I took the opportnity to rant about him causing me to be tipsy. While resting my forehead on my palm, I suddenly felt him going on his knees and whispered that he should take me to wherever I was supposed to do my next gig and then spend the rest of the night with him! I couldn't decide if I had an instant urge to throw up or throw a punch at him. What a disgusting man working in a reputable press company! (it sounded even more disgusting when the indecent proposal was done in Mandarin.........hahaha, yes i can laugh now, but really, it was damn 'er xin lor')


sinlady said...

oooh - don't cheap pick ups like that just make you so mad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think he'd get the hint or be stupidly excited if you replied that you'd check with husband whether he was in the mood for a threesome? :D

wildgoose said...

I can't help but laugh at your Sis's comment - and think that the man would be stupidly excited. :D

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

hahaha. reminds me of the pickup line in some club I went some years back:
'xiao jie, ni heng hui yao'

Aelgtoer said...

Lol I agree, cheesy really cheesy pickup line.

Anonymous said...

I imagined that the sod would get a serious nosebleed if me sis made the suggestion :D