Monday, November 12, 2007


I paid $10 to catch them on the last night just because there was so much hype that they are super gorgeous babes from US.

Contrary to what they claimed that they are used to posing with cars for 8 to 10 hours a day, tonight, their appearence was sporadic and fleeting.

Feeling a little BAMBOOZLED!

They actually made the local models look not bad.

And what's wrong with all these guys? They can snap non-stop one lor!


sinlady said...

so unfair for the local models hor

Suzie Wong said...

Ya, newspaper claimed these models paid up to $2,200 per day. A friend told me the last time she modelled at the big bike only got $200 for full day and somemore money kenna "or-tang" few months! Double standard!

vb said...

Our local models sweeter, well, at least, they got youth on their side which is a critical thing in this modelling industry, isn't it? And they are so fresh-faced that they mk the angmo models look errrr ... "matured"?! Those guys are seeing the girls naked in their minds but they conceal their dirty thoughts behind a lens.

silent girl reader... said...

hi susie...
do model too partime when able to and honestly it'd be great to even get two hundred bucks for such a show... no idea how much the import models really get but sometimes the newspapers really do embellish the details... as a semi import... don't necessarily get a better rate than the local ones as it's also dependent on experience and the agent or agency cut and few other factors... very sorry to hear about the pole shows and the unreasonable demands... perhaps what u could do's have a song in a slight extended version or something to've a supposedly longer set instead instead of adding an additional set???

Suzie Wong said...

VB, good observation! Both the youthful part and the 'nakid' part.

Hi Silent girl. mayb you are right the figures are exaggerated. Thanks for the suggestion, I tried the extended version and found it boring myself. Anyways, have a few other events to worry about before the next one and i shall worry about it nearer Sat..haha..thanks for dropping by