Sunday, November 18, 2007


The Konica Minolta digital camera with a mini minute screen has faithfully served me for the past 3 years. Many of my blog photos and pole practices videos had been taken with that camera. Each time I video a pole routine and play back for my pole-mates, they will complain about having to squint to watch themselves...Lol!

Squint no more ladies for I have just received an early birthday present:

Ta-dah! A SONY CYBERSHOT! woo-hoo! FINALLY! Very sleek/feminine colour somemore :)!

The playback screen on the back is almost the same size as the camera!

Surely the benefactor deserved a nice meal, and here are the FIRST pictures taken with the new toy:

(ok, pictures may look normal as I haven't learn how to calibrate the functions yet! You wait)


Nothing much to blog as I had been gigging non-stop last week, so just some trivia.

Trivia #1

Remember the cosmetic-surgically controversial blog queen who became a "celebrity"? Recently there had been a report of ang mo bully #2, (#1 was trishaw man) of an assault of a teenage girl & her friend. I was curious and checked out her blog. Spot the similarity:

Trivia #2:

Last night I did EVERYTHING I possibly could for the neighbourhood event liao. Apparently they now commented about the microphone (not my fault-there were some interferences). One more to go! Sweat!

Trivia #3

Squeezed out some time to see Ah Boy briefly today as I had church in the day and a gig at night. That day bought him satay and he finished 10 sticks like in a minute. Today treated him to boneless chicken rice. He lapped up everything in 15sec. I'm serious! Guiness world of record man! haha.

Ok, gonna try to get some rest as my body and vocal chords have been bruised and battered by the non-stop poling & singing! Completely drained......


wildgoose said...

You take care girl. Need to take care of those vocal cords for long time to come!

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks. Guess won't be able to catch up as much til the peak season is over

sinlady said...

sigh. i worry about you sometimes. but then, it is a good thing to be so in demand right?

Suzie Wong said...

You're rite, SL. No, no, I should never complain about having too much work, but physically i just wish i'm 10 years younger to cope. I have only 1 word to describe my state now "SIONG!"