Sunday, November 04, 2007

STORY OF AH BOY ....Part 3

I'm now officially the guarantor of Ah Boy! I feel like I've just become a parent! (Didn't the mama call me a B*tch during the insult session? haha!). Got responsibilities now!

Just visited him, and he's doing quite well, except that he is still caged as sterilisation has not been performed.

The next time I will post a picture of this place, it is a haven for ex-strays. Hundreds of them, and they can run around freely within a huge compound. Don't expect to see frou frou dogs, they are all rescued strays and abandoned canines (felines on the other side). I was quite brave to have gone in there to be sniffed by scores of them before I was allowed to 'pass' and see AB in the cage. Even when I was saying my hello to AB, I was not spared as many curious ones came to poke their noses to see what the fuss was about.

For the first time I heard AB whine a little when I was about to leave....oooohhh.....that broke my heart!

My dear blog friends, if you've never been there, I suggest you make a trip there on a weekend. Or I can organise an 'excursion' there sometime, the experience was just empyreal! For those who have previously received x'mas gifts from me, sorry this year you will only receive the 2008 Pet Villas Calenders in support of the place. If you want to help them out, please go and get the calenders or order through me, I'd gladly get them for you.


sinlady said...

welcome to the league of owners of stray dogs and cats. Personally I will have only kampong anjin whenever I am in a position to keep a dog.

wildgoose said...

The Calendars sound like a good idea. I'll go check it out.