Saturday, September 29, 2007


NEW HAIR PIECE I bought from the last Hong Kong trip. But last night was the first time I wore it because either i have too many hair pieces or I always use the same ones, more like it's the latter.
From the front view, nothing special right? Looks kind of ordinary....

But check out the back:
Woo-hoo! The colour quite Chio right? Anyway nowadays really 'lao' liao. I had to set my camera on self-timer MANY times to achieve the top picture. So many ugly ones I had to delete! Sigh

Anyway I just returned from performing a Pole show for a wedding luncheon. Weird right? Yah, first time at a wedding. I felt strange too as there were kids and older folks watching. But I make it rather 'educational and acrobatic' and am so glad people are getting receptive to this whole idea.

With that it completes my 3 Pole performances this week. I feel so accomplished as no muscle aches nor lethargy. Now I can slap on moisturizer and go for a massage tonight. You know how body lotions and massage oil are not exactly conducive for clinging on to the pole so I had been abstaining for the whole week & I feel so wrinkled!

Friday, September 28, 2007



This guy supposedly from US has over two hundred videos on "Asian girls dancing", and some friends on youtube have alerted me to his account , because some of MY VIDEOS are found there (and so are hers)

Nothing wrong with that, you say. But the weird thing is he didn't just link or save our videos 'as favourites' to his account, he actutally reproduced them and upload them under a different title. If he has 'saved as favourites", it means people who click on those videos will be directed to the respective uploader's accounts. But for his case, it won't, because they become HIS videos. What kind of festish is that?

Originally I didn't mind the idea, but a friend warned me he may start a website call "Asian girls dancing" like as though it's some kind of porn! Wa, I can't imagine also not being able to moderate or control the comments. Uurgh.

What you think I should do, write politely to him or to Youtube? Got to be tactful, don't want to p&ss him off if he doesn't have ill intention. Already I have quite many hate comments these days...Lol!


...because they have might been miscontrued to be personal attacks.

Can you see that this is a personal blog for me to keep myself sane? You know what is a blog? An online diary. Why online, for people who know me (and some who don't and eventually do) to share my happiness, to console me when I'm down. Sms-es are very expensive, and it doesn't make sense to email all the time, just in case your recipients are busy or are actually not interested. So by keeping it online, you have a choice to read, or comment, or ignore. I have a genuinely interested group of blog friends in my life (and I thank God for them), their encouragements keep me sane and grounded. That's why i blog.

And if you don't know, artistes and entertainers also have feelings, if not more. We are very "emo" people, but we hide it well because we are actors. But for my case, it is because I blog, not because I'm putting an act before you ( I act only when I'm paid to do so), that's why I can always appear very happy-go-lucky when I meet you. When I blog, I let it out and after that I'm ok. But I'm always careful not to mention real actual name or at all, and if you think it's you I'm talking about, then I can't help it that you take it upon yourself and want to feel hurt. Then have you ever thought the hurt I've gone through first to spend this time blogging it? If you ask me, I'd rather do this than to b*tch behind your back.

Like tonight, in my opinion, I had a less than satisfactory performance. My prop arrived late, very when I already started singing then it was brought up on stage. They didn't have time to set-up properly so it was too slippery to execute my stunts properly and I'm disappointed (it could even be dangerous). After the performance,I left the event without speaking another word, I come home I blog, to save me from having to lash out at those guys responsible for the shortfall. It is very disappointing when you work so hard, practice so hard and MARKET the act so hard to have a less then satisfactory performance. (while blogging this post, I just recieved an sms that client is very happy with my guys, you are saved!)

See, that's when I'm not afraid if the set-up guys read this. I didn't mention who. If they don't read or read and don't know it's about them, it's ok. And if they happen to read and have the sensibility to understand why I'm upset because I put SO much effort into it to have it 'sabotaged' by a lax set-up, then feel bad about it and improve. Either way, I still won't despise them. Now that I have let out steam, I'll be ok when i next see them and they will always be a part of my show. No hypocrisy!

Yes, It's sad when you put in so much effort to make things better and what you get is what I deem luke warm. There's no who's right & who's wrong, it's just my opinion. I'm just upset with myself for expecting too much, And YES, because I deal with PAID performances on a professional level, I have a certain expectation and get a certain disappointment when it's not met that way, but it just stops at there. So I blog to remind myself to treat things in a different light, persepctive, pace the next time round. THAT'S ALL, I'm NOT against you! But at least I I hope you know that it takes A LOT of effort to create the videos, the editing, the uploading, and it takes A LOT of effort to send 100 emails to inform people how good your act is.

And then you may ask, then why make it so public leh? Again, I reiterate, it may be an online blog, but I never mention it's you. Anyway please, my blog has never been that popular to tarnish anyone's name. I wish I'm like blogger XX, whose controversy can get her invited on TV for an inteview

Sorry if it doesn't make sense to you, afterall it's 2am. Anyway I may be creating a bigger mess trying to explain myself, but just ignore me lah!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Was hired by HP to host a mid-autumn festival event. One of the nicest people around to work with.

Besides rewarding me with a box of mooncakes, they also made sure i get the same gifts their guests received on that night which included this bear :
and this pot, which says "I used to be an hp print cartidge" complete with a mini shovel & a packet of seeds

Yes, support original HP cartridges & toners towards their commitment to global recycling program. No, I'm not paid for this

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

After Youtube, now I'm hooked on OUOU...

which is a chinese video portal.

I don't know about you, but I like her home-made belly dance video. Nice style


Some jokes you just can't ignore. For blog friends only.

Remember the lady who yodels & how she professed to have done the country proud for competing overseas and winning 5th place? (ok, so I left out the 5th place detail in my last post, but yes, that was what she said)

Last night after a dinner I walked past this stage again, but this time with a friend, Spidey. Was trying to explain to S about how mutli-talented Yodeller was, singing, changing outfits and performing a 'Korean' dance. Had to imitate and at same time translate to English as Mandarin is not one of S' forte, so it went:

Me (as Yodeller) : "I am the country's pride & joy as I represented Xin Jia Po in Beijing for a singing competition and came in 5th".

S, pretended to be the co-host & in a 'cheena' voice : "Yes, she is the country's pride & joy, winning 5th place out of 5"!


Monday, September 24, 2007

BOTTLE TREE PARK.... Lorong Chencharu, gives you the experience that you are dining out of Singapore, except for the occasional MRT sounds running along the Yishun tracks gives it away. Otherwise, it's really quite an experience with the Lokang Fishing and Prawing activities, all taking place within stone's throw. You can purchase organic veggies at $2 per handful

Thursday, September 20, 2007


A lovely friend of mine knows that I do pole for fitness (& work) & was so sweet to share a contact of a certified sports therapist with me. She knows how much I need a good massages for those highly tensed muscles.

Over the phone when I made my first appointment, the therapist said "Oh yes, she (my friend) told me about you. I did a bit of research into your background and know exactly what you do and what treatment you need". You have no idea how excited that made me for muslces were really faitque, I couldn't wait until the end of the day to pay him the visit!

When I arrived, he again pride at how as a professional, he had done his research about my job. Then with an outstretch arm as if holding onto a pole, he demonstrated "As a pole dancer, I understand you use your arms alot (correct) & swing around the pole. So I will pay a lot of attention to your arms & shoulders" (the end)

Er yah, and......??? What about my legs, my thighs, my calves, my back, my ........ Then I realised his 'demonstration' was like a podium pole dancer type, those who just hold on to the pole & gyrate although he was less explicit. Thankfully I have all my invert pictures saved in my camera phone. I turned on the gallery & showed him all different invert poses, and THEREFORE, I need a lot more than massage on the arms and shoulders and he went "Oh!"...........haha, think his ego a lttle hurt lah!


Think I owe you all this one. Some of you have watched it, but for those who didn't manage to catch us, the Pole-holics on Channel U, here it is.

Sorry I took so long to upload because I wasn't overly impressed with how I look on TV, hence the lack of motivation to get it converted to up-loadable format.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I think it was mentioned in the beginning that she had been dancing for 15 years.

Absolutely one of the BESTEST I have seen. Where did she get all those legs? In fact ALL, and I mean ALL her students have them. Bobbi runs the most successful pole dance school in Australia. You heard it in the video, she has 1000 students per week. So far the winners of pole dance Australia had mainly been her students (and yes, they have legs and bodies just like hers)

When I reach my 15th year, I'll be in my 50s......haha, a good excuse that I'll NEVER get there! Anyway I vow to watch this video EVERYDAY for inspiration!


nice company, for a leisurely weekend dinner at the Hua Yu Wee on Upper East Coast Road
check out the floor tiles and the old weighing scale...
finally I had some time.........

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just got back from experiencing the "unglam life of a podium dancer".

You know this is not what i usually do for a living, but tonight Linna, my dance teacher approached me to join her in performing at a private party at 12 midnight for one and a half hours at an 'atas' & exclusive place smacked right inside Fairways Saddle Club, off Eng Neo! We were supposed to be hired as pole dancers, but the way it sounded, it was more like they required podium dancers, albiet with a pole. I agreed because firstly the money was ok, and at 12 midnight, I'm unlikely to get a dinner & dance gig past that hour. And if you know me, except for stripping, I'm game for anything and everything.

The party is for the birthday of a hip publication editor, which explains why I won't post any pictures, don't want to risk getting sued for unauthorised publishing of her party. So you can expect the profile of the guests to be the trendy, slightly uppity professionals.

I was not at all surprised with the 'tainted' respect we received, especially from the female guests. I overheard a lady said snootily "Oh, got SOME pole dancing" when she spotted our arrival. When we started performing, we received ample wolf whistles mainly from the guys, but the ladies typically folded their arms or wine in hand, glanced at the performance from corner of their eyes!

At one point, Linna even got 'rupia' stuffed into her shorts, how RUDE was that! But she took it in her stride & I thought that was really cool. I would too.

Then the party got rowdy, all the guys wanted to try to climb the pole like us, we sportingly cheered them on and even thought them a trick or two. Then out of a sudden, this drunk SPG wannabe went on the pole, swung herself silly til her undies were exposing and almost refused to get off the pole. When she finally got off, the wannabe approached Linna. I thought she had wanted to ask about lessons so that she could dance better without embarrasing herself. I was Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! She had the audacity to ask Linna "You from Tye-Land?" Linna said no, from Singapore. Then she went "Then your friend (me) must be from Tye-Land, must be!" Wa, can pole dance only from Thailand! Kao!

As if that was not enough to make us feel sore for how little 'podium dancers' are regarded, for that 2 hours Linna & I were there, no one, not even the organisers asked us if we needed drinks or a place to sit. We just hung around the DJ console during our breaks, sipping and sharing the only bottle of mineral water that I brought. Meanwhile, while some men occasionally gave us the thumps up, or gesticulated an applause to indicate we were really good, not a single woman bothered to fake a compliment, not even when we bumped into them face to face in the small ladies washroom.

Lastly when our jobs were done, guests started to take their leave as well. You should see how surprised some of them were when they realised I drove my own car. Like what? I'm suppose to walk out the spooky stretch of dimly-lit road at 1.30am to hail a taxi? Or pole dancers don't make enough money to own cars?

Anyway, if you ask me, I'd still do it again if the money is right!

From now on if I go to a club and I see podium dancers, I will clap & cheer for them.

P.s. Btw, me and Linna tried some beautiful couple stunts on single pole. So proud of ourselves, that's enough reason for me to want to do this kind of party again! Good practice!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Was walking down Chinatown to check out Lantern Festivities, just before my Wed pole class.

This stage looked familiar, must had done some cheena stuff there before, either for Chinese New Year or Lantern festival, can't remember.

From far, heard a shrilling voice, wah, this woman singing & dancing¤t=PICT2961.flv

If you think this is some kind of Senior Citizen talent showcase. WRONG! She was the MC of the evening. After the song, she also proudly professed she is some title holder of some singing competiton held internationally and she's our country pride & joy (really, she said something like "wo wei xing jia po zheng guang!")

Then with a change of outfit, she now performed THIS "KOREAN" dance

Wa! She talented or what? And i thought I was the ONLY all-round female local entertainer. Lol

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, you have to pardon me cos i'm not even sure how we are spelt-- Pole-holics or Pole-aholics, anyhow it is pronounced Pol-a-ho-lics

We had our debut group Public performance under Jitterbugs Swingapore last weekend at the Marina Square Atrium as part of the Shape Run Carnival.

Thanks to Ms Sin Lady (and wildgoose) who provided the awesome pictures. Amongst them, these are my favorites.

Check this link for all the pictures.


Above link has been set to public temporary so that all can view

Saturday, September 08, 2007


It's not mentioned HERE, but i guess that's what the Pole-holics Girls are performing for this weekend.

I'm not there today as i have my own gigs. Will be there tomorow (Sunday) 9 September at 3pm, so see you there for those who's gonna make it.

P.s. Judge for yourself, may be crowded, it's ok to change your mind if you don't like the rush!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


While many people had early exposures to music, I wasn't one of those lucky ones. I had no music lessons whatsoever, we could only afford the basic academics. In fact I'll never forget how happy I was when I received my 1st"portasound" from my parents, who saved hard to get for me. I love them so much for that.

That's why it came as a surprise that after grauduation that I started taking part in karaoke competitions & I realised I could SING! At that time I was holding a full time job in a bank.

The victories in the contests opened me up to various opportunities to perform. One thing led to another and I found myself soon becoming a regular Event Performer, a vocation that is rather unheard of most to the people I know.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, as soon as I made enough money and was certain I could carve a niche, I invested in my first profile photos.


I won the "Rollin' Good Times" contest which was feaured on TV using this name, and that explains why it was easy for me to carry on with it, til later I 'ditched' the 'dancer' ideas (which were always changing & so hard to coordinate) and carried out the performances on my own. So after that, no more "movements", only "Ming"

At that time, I also had another act, combining with this then 9-year old girl called "Aqilah". She too won many singing contests, albeit at a much more tender age. My sis will remember her as we sang at her wedding. When Aqilah grew a bit older and got busy with her studies, we split. I wonder where and what is she doing now.


We had quite many gigs together. In fact about a year after we split, some companies were still requesting for this act! Aqilah, I wish we can meet again someday be continued


Some people are confused as to whether my name is Ming or Suzie Wong? When I explain that "Suzie Wong' is a merely personna I adopt when I'm in that cheong sam get-up, than it usually leads to the next question, why 'Suzie Wong'. It will be quite a history to explain.

Think of it, I have been a performer for no less than 13 years already. I digged up some old files and found some interesting materials and old pictures of me during my early 'showbiz' days and thought it will be interesting to run a series of 'the evolution' of Suzie! I can't put them all in one post because those days they were all hard copies. Scaners, SD cards and thumb drives were not happening yet. So i have to scan these when boss is not looking!

Check out one of the first newspaper clipping. Can you even recognise that demure lady on top right? Hahaha, can die right? This was a picture taken at my friend, Amy's wedding and I used it as my profile shot for at least the next 2 years. Check out the next newspaper clipping that says Big Walk '96! It must have been expensive to go to a studio then!

Wa, I shared the same stage as Douglas O, big thing that time!

I can't recall when, but it must have been about end of 1996 that i earned enough money to invest in proper photos., I had my first studio shot where I was ...........................................................................

THIS ! ......

How? Stylo mylo or not? Hahahahaha. Somemore out fit so Janet Jackson! Are you dying of laughter already? I know the lightings quite over exposed la, that time no digital yet. Still using negatives (or was it positives?)

Anyway, my next post will show you more of these pictures, and I had 2 dancers than, and I called us " Ming & Movements"....heehee (oh, in fact i just read the newspaper clipping, Ming & movements already in force)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007



(but first let my legs grow a few more feet first!)

Monday, September 03, 2007


Composition of my Primary 1 nephew
(click to enlarge)
Four pictures of a family heading for a pinic by the beach and terms like "sunny', 'very happy', 'tree', swimming' & 'enjoyable day' were provided to helps kids get started with their Primary 1 writing practice.

Clearly the little rascal used his creative imagination to develop his own lil 'secret ending' adding his own words like 'secretly sneaked'. I bet the rest of the pupils just ended the composition with "We had an enjoyable day"!


I had a hectic weekend, and no less this coming week----something like 7 gigs over the next 7 days.

If you think "nothing so stressful about that, it's just singing or pole dancing", WRONG! You have to ensure seamless transfers from gig to gig, pole gets there before you, ensure i packed costumes for the different acts, the music works (yes! for those who blamed it on the wire (cable) for the last pole gig, MY WIRE WAS FINE!), ....all these enough to render a nervous breakdown if you not mentally strong

I'm not sure if I'm close to having one, but i definitely had a very weird dream just now that sublimely reveals that I have lots of pent-up stress.

I dreamt that at a pole gig, for every invert that i executed, I found myself really close to the floor. When i eventually got up to do some spins, then i realised the pole was shorter than ME! hahahaha! I woke up feeling really tired but i couldn't stop laughing at how silly it was!

(Sis--haven't forgotten my promise, the scanner at home not working, so gotto get to the office to scan)