Thursday, September 06, 2007


Some people are confused as to whether my name is Ming or Suzie Wong? When I explain that "Suzie Wong' is a merely personna I adopt when I'm in that cheong sam get-up, than it usually leads to the next question, why 'Suzie Wong'. It will be quite a history to explain.

Think of it, I have been a performer for no less than 13 years already. I digged up some old files and found some interesting materials and old pictures of me during my early 'showbiz' days and thought it will be interesting to run a series of 'the evolution' of Suzie! I can't put them all in one post because those days they were all hard copies. Scaners, SD cards and thumb drives were not happening yet. So i have to scan these when boss is not looking!

Check out one of the first newspaper clipping. Can you even recognise that demure lady on top right? Hahaha, can die right? This was a picture taken at my friend, Amy's wedding and I used it as my profile shot for at least the next 2 years. Check out the next newspaper clipping that says Big Walk '96! It must have been expensive to go to a studio then!

Wa, I shared the same stage as Douglas O, big thing that time!

I can't recall when, but it must have been about end of 1996 that i earned enough money to invest in proper photos., I had my first studio shot where I was ...........................................................................

THIS ! ......

How? Stylo mylo or not? Hahahahaha. Somemore out fit so Janet Jackson! Are you dying of laughter already? I know the lightings quite over exposed la, that time no digital yet. Still using negatives (or was it positives?)

Anyway, my next post will show you more of these pictures, and I had 2 dancers than, and I called us " Ming & Movements"....heehee (oh, in fact i just read the newspaper clipping, Ming & movements already in force)


sinlady said...

It's so cool that you have scrapbook of your professional life! I am more convinced than ever now that I am not giving up my collection. You just cannot turn back time and look like that again. Can't wait to see the rest of your collection :)

Anonymous said...



Aelgtoer said...

Ha ha so stylo! More pics please.:) Oh by the way I've always wanted to ask you this, I happen to have a Suzie Wong brooch (dug it out from my dad's drawer some time ago - it was given at some event at a local hotel), it's probably you isn't it?

The lady certainly looks like you and she's clad in a cheongsam too, you can see the very poor snapshot I took of the brooch here. In case you can't read the words below Suzie Wong, it reads intimate bar and Dancing. ^^

wildgoose said...

Wah. You wore cheongsams slit to the waist?!! hahaha... the "janet jackson" photo really very stylo. :)

After seeing SL's and your post, I really think I must take more photos. I was looking for photos to put on FaceBook then I realised that i haven't taken any in more than a year.

vb said...

Wah! Stylo ah!!! More photos pls!

Suzie Wong said...

SL- "you just cannot turn back time to look like that again"--boo-hoo...wail! But ok la, we can confidentally say that in some ways we look better now. wink!

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (again i apologise i don't have chinese characters like you and my mandarin not so cheem)--no la, I have never been 'red' (hong), just 'huen kou fan chi'(work for 2 meals only)

Aelg (short-form hor, your moniker hard to type)
Er, no, not me, i wish i had that Betty Boop curves tho. Bet your dad must have been a fan to keep that broach...haha.

WG, yes must have more photos. I love looking back at how some of us looked. That day i had a Sec school reunion and were laughing at how we used to tie our 1-sided pony tail, and wore our sister's clothes..

VB, coming up!