Thursday, September 20, 2007


A lovely friend of mine knows that I do pole for fitness (& work) & was so sweet to share a contact of a certified sports therapist with me. She knows how much I need a good massages for those highly tensed muscles.

Over the phone when I made my first appointment, the therapist said "Oh yes, she (my friend) told me about you. I did a bit of research into your background and know exactly what you do and what treatment you need". You have no idea how excited that made me for muslces were really faitque, I couldn't wait until the end of the day to pay him the visit!

When I arrived, he again pride at how as a professional, he had done his research about my job. Then with an outstretch arm as if holding onto a pole, he demonstrated "As a pole dancer, I understand you use your arms alot (correct) & swing around the pole. So I will pay a lot of attention to your arms & shoulders" (the end)

Er yah, and......??? What about my legs, my thighs, my calves, my back, my ........ Then I realised his 'demonstration' was like a podium pole dancer type, those who just hold on to the pole & gyrate although he was less explicit. Thankfully I have all my invert pictures saved in my camera phone. I turned on the gallery & showed him all different invert poses, and THEREFORE, I need a lot more than massage on the arms and shoulders and he went "Oh!"...........haha, think his ego a lttle hurt lah!


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

hahaha... he must have felt so paiseh... where is this sports therapist?

there is also this physio who does sports massage (my husband spent 1.5 hrs with him including consultation and paid only $70, very good service), located above Rumah Bebe in one of those peranakan shophouses, opp Katong Mall

Suzie Wong said...

My sweet EDPJ, I'll tell u next time i see you lah, don't think he'll be too happy for me to announce it here! haha. anyway his rates aren't too bad $40/hr. will try the rumah bebe one sometimes. thanks

wildgoose said...

heh... that's so typical. :)

Suzie Wong said...

Ya WG, it is. funny part was over the phone I was trying to tell him i hurt a shoulder muscle trying to do a shoulder mount (didn't use this term of cos but i decribed the movement) and he went "oh ya ya ya, don't worry ming i will know..." and i thought he did!

sinlady said...

Go TELL him girl ! haha