Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Some jokes you just can't ignore. For blog friends only.

Remember the lady who yodels & how she professed to have done the country proud for competing overseas and winning 5th place? (ok, so I left out the 5th place detail in my last post, but yes, that was what she said)

Last night after a dinner I walked past this stage again, but this time with a friend, Spidey. Was trying to explain to S about how mutli-talented Yodeller was, singing, changing outfits and performing a 'Korean' dance. Had to imitate and at same time translate to English as Mandarin is not one of S' forte, so it went:

Me (as Yodeller) : "I am the country's pride & joy as I represented Xin Jia Po in Beijing for a singing competition and came in 5th".

S, pretended to be the co-host & in a 'cheena' voice : "Yes, she is the country's pride & joy, winning 5th place out of 5"!



sinlady said...

Somehow I think she is 5 out of 4 leh

Suzie Wong said...

Wa! I thot S was mean already..hahaha

vb said...

U mean that woman still there???!!!!!! Wah piang!