Monday, September 03, 2007


I had a hectic weekend, and no less this coming week----something like 7 gigs over the next 7 days.

If you think "nothing so stressful about that, it's just singing or pole dancing", WRONG! You have to ensure seamless transfers from gig to gig, pole gets there before you, ensure i packed costumes for the different acts, the music works (yes! for those who blamed it on the wire (cable) for the last pole gig, MY WIRE WAS FINE!), ....all these enough to render a nervous breakdown if you not mentally strong

I'm not sure if I'm close to having one, but i definitely had a very weird dream just now that sublimely reveals that I have lots of pent-up stress.

I dreamt that at a pole gig, for every invert that i executed, I found myself really close to the floor. When i eventually got up to do some spins, then i realised the pole was shorter than ME! hahahaha! I woke up feeling really tired but i couldn't stop laughing at how silly it was!

(Sis--haven't forgotten my promise, the scanner at home not working, so gotto get to the office to scan)


Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! I love the ending..such a funny dream!

Suzie Wong said...

Funnier if people know my height! hahaha