Monday, September 03, 2007


Composition of my Primary 1 nephew
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Four pictures of a family heading for a pinic by the beach and terms like "sunny', 'very happy', 'tree', swimming' & 'enjoyable day' were provided to helps kids get started with their Primary 1 writing practice.

Clearly the little rascal used his creative imagination to develop his own lil 'secret ending' adding his own words like 'secretly sneaked'. I bet the rest of the pupils just ended the composition with "We had an enjoyable day"!


Anonymous said...

美女,I KNW WHO TU YR BACK LIAO LA。 不要跟小妹妹计较,有失你的风度。

Suzie Wong said...

No la, never 'calculate' with her because if i do, she'll 'die til very ugly'....hahahah, sorry don't have chinese text like you.

anyways, i only devoted that ONE post to the person in my fit and by now 'it' is out of my life liao...See, I've moved on and talking about happier things like my pole dream & my nephew.

yes, really wanna watch ba ba yao! waiting for dvd (original) to come out as i have no time to go to the movies, 7 gigs this week leh!

vb said...

Got 881 DVD? U must buy/loan it to me when I come ok!

Yr nephew's Engrish PWDER-FUL hor for a Pri. 1 kid!

Anonymous said...


《 笑傲江湖》

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

whoa 'secretly sneaked'! primary 1 kid already so powderful!

Suzie Wong said...

yes, vb, for now utube has quite many materials on that.

Anonymous, thanks, I'm happy in life besides the occasional 'small' people (xiao ren), I meet more 'gui ren' (er...valuable people?) like you..gosh, wish i can type out mandarin like you.

EDPJ, heehee, he's such a brilliant chap