Thursday, September 06, 2007


While many people had early exposures to music, I wasn't one of those lucky ones. I had no music lessons whatsoever, we could only afford the basic academics. In fact I'll never forget how happy I was when I received my 1st"portasound" from my parents, who saved hard to get for me. I love them so much for that.

That's why it came as a surprise that after grauduation that I started taking part in karaoke competitions & I realised I could SING! At that time I was holding a full time job in a bank.

The victories in the contests opened me up to various opportunities to perform. One thing led to another and I found myself soon becoming a regular Event Performer, a vocation that is rather unheard of most to the people I know.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, as soon as I made enough money and was certain I could carve a niche, I invested in my first profile photos.


I won the "Rollin' Good Times" contest which was feaured on TV using this name, and that explains why it was easy for me to carry on with it, til later I 'ditched' the 'dancer' ideas (which were always changing & so hard to coordinate) and carried out the performances on my own. So after that, no more "movements", only "Ming"

At that time, I also had another act, combining with this then 9-year old girl called "Aqilah". She too won many singing contests, albeit at a much more tender age. My sis will remember her as we sang at her wedding. When Aqilah grew a bit older and got busy with her studies, we split. I wonder where and what is she doing now.


We had quite many gigs together. In fact about a year after we split, some companies were still requesting for this act! Aqilah, I wish we can meet again someday be continued


Aelgtoer said...

I like the mini autobiography idea. :) And the pictures really do capture those special moments in the past. Keep writing!

researcher said...

OMG! had no idea u were a tv star. got video of that show?
you're the type on the move 24/7. lucky you're not in a desk bound job.
hey. you've come a long way in a very short time. congrats.

Suzie Wong said...

Aelg--so the term is autobiography! haha, sounds like school composition and i almost forgot this word. Ya i thot i had better load them up here before these treasures go up in trashes or get eaten up by moths. as you can see the newspaper already turned so

Researcher, what tv star? not even a star-let (haha, got the punt?) Yes, i think i still have the contest finals in VHS tape..heehee, it makes me laugh even when i watch it. Shucks, gotto go and find it. In fact it was so long ago, if you watch the credits, someone we know was responsible for the music...ha! that could have helped in my win! Anyway, back to the topic, don't think i have achieved anything to celebrate about, me just a gig performer, but i'm happy. Eh, digress, notice someone haven't updated log for sometime?

sinlady said...

Memoirs of Suzie Wong is not a bad title too :)

Looking fwd to more instalments.

researcher said...

star-let? i thot that's some car eh i think i know! hee. well look forward to seeing that video when you find it. good idea to convert it to vcd to preserve those precious memories.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

wow looking back, isn't it funny how retro it looked?

the good thing is that u still looked about the same age :>