Thursday, July 31, 2008

My New Candyman Outfit

If you want to do lots of toilet camwhoring, you need a massive amount of photo-cropping, for the actual picture looks somthing like that!
Haven't been updating much as I've been incredibly busy, an incredible amount of stress, resulting in me being ill..again....but somehow, I'm happy! IStarted several classes and they are all full! Yippee!!!

Oh...btw, if you want to know why this outfit is "candyman", watch Christina Aguilera's video. But of course hers are million-dollars outfit, but mine's only cheap cheap one lah (if you want to know where to get them cheap...log into the forum)! Btw, LURV watching that video!

Friday, July 25, 2008



Log into THE BELLY POLEFESSIONAL FORUM ( that is if u already a member, otherwise you have to register) to find out what it costs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Circus Move

Miss Sinlady has hinted that I should join the Circus..

Truly, this move is very Cirque De Soleil, but I only managed TWO climbs when they escalate like, 12 feet! BAA (but honestly I'm thrilled's blardy painful lor)! So seems like I won't be joining anytime soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She has seen me around

See this aunty waving at me?

She must be in her late 70s....the lines on her forehead and her dress sense spells knowledge, someone who seemed to me a retired teacher or principal.

I spotted her walking along a road in the east side of Singapore, with bags of NTUC groceries. I noticed her stop to place the bags on the pavement, take a breather before carrying up and on the next 20 to 40 steps or so. It broke my heart, the sun was scorching. I stopped the car, lowered the window and asked if she needed a hand. She gave a light smile, sat in the front passenger seat and carefully placed the groceries by her feet. With a soft and gentle voice, she gave me slow but explicit navigation of how to get to her home. Although it was only a 3min drive away from where I picked her up, I cannot fathom how long she was going to make it home by walking, under the blazing sun.

We didn't chat much as the 3 whole minute was mostly "turn right at the next junction", "keep right when you pass the XX school".

Before she alighted, she asked for my name and told me hers. Then her parting line was "I always see your car around and she uttered to my surprise my car plate number! " Wah!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comic Relief

As if it is not stressful enough now that i have to manage my shows, events, studio bookings AND classes AND payroll AND ....(list goes on), every other day I have to deal with a colleague who never fails to send temperatures soar a few more celcius with some of the darnest remarks... ..but at the end of the day, I just laugh it off as joke of the day.

But today's one was classic. I was working from home during the day as I had a couple of shows at night. So colleague called to inform of a pole-tential student. The following ensued :

Colleague :"Someone called and say want to come trial class today"
Me : "Er...but you know I'm not coming in"
Colleague :"But your website says you have trial class today"
Me : "Huh!?!?!?"
Colleague : "Your website says "
Enquire for a trial class TODAY !"


Anyway this is the other video of the
same show as the previous

You must have heard me sing this song a gazillion times (time to learn new song, i know i know), so just turn off the volume and enjoy the beautiful setting!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Mercy" by the beach

This time round I load the full song, as I had the beautiful sea as the backdrop and backed by my lovely dancers Sheree & Kelly. Hope u enjoy!


I have many nice pictures of the Opening/Open House of ACRO POLATES studio.

Think I need lots of time before i can load them all up.

But this is favourite of them all, which we name it "THE ALUMNI". Got to censor one of them (as if it helps!Lol)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pole-fessional Blog

Well, it seems that now my blog is viewed more as a professional blog, as I seem to get quite a bit of referrals from here, it is harder to rant freely.

So I've resorted to using facebook or even the forum for more personal stuff because they are private and for member/friends.

Anyhoo, I'm upset today and I guess this will be one of the rarer occasion which i will rant here..It's long so I can't use facebook!

I'm upset that a rich client with a big pocket to splurge on her wedding has only a teeny budget to offer a professional coordinator. She has everything lavishly planned from arches to flowers to catering to chairs, cushions, skirtings to sedan to staging (mind you sedan and stage are 'CUSTOM BUILT'). Whoever takes up the job to coordinate between HER FAMILY and 1 million contractors she had hired, from now to the big day (and the big day's party officially starts from 4pm, end 12midnight, i.e. the coordinator has to be at the event location from 10am to oversee ALL the set-up that she had planned and wanted, down to detailed lightings (she is getting table from one source and skirtings from another) certainly has got loads of work to do. But guess what, she is offering less than what i can charge for a 20-min showtime! That's an outright insult to anyone's professionalism, intelligence...blah..blah..whatever! Humph furious.

Well, since I'm on the topic if rant, might as well let you in on another one.

You see this guy in
THIS VIDEO ? Wah, he followed me & waited for me from the time I bought chicken chop for my Ah boy at Katong Mall, til I came out, went in again to buy fishball soup \, then walked another 30m to da bao (take away) latte, then walked another 20m to another shop, and finally to my car ar Ean Kiam Street.

All these while he would play hide & seek, when i walked, he stalked about 8m behind me, when I stopped for something, he would take cover in the mall and peeking occasionally to see if I was still there.

Finally when i quickened my pace towards my car, i noticed he was closing in....wah stress man. I jumped into my car, locked my door and stared back at him.

At this point he smiled sheepinshly, turned and go-stan! I hurriedly put down my food, whipped out my camera, started my car and drove, this was the little I managed to capture before he disappeared into the building.

How come some people so weird ah?

Friday, July 11, 2008

A week at Acro Polates

It's been a hectic week at the Acro Polates Studio.

  • Monday an ad agency booked the studio for a photo shoot and packed in about 20 people
  • Tuesday we had Basic Pole-gram class.
  • Wednesday an event agency booked the studio for team building and some 20 teams came in for a spin.
  • Thursday we had pole practice which we had so much fun because we (I) missed that so much.

Today I'm exhausted already. All these summarized in a video for you.

Ladies some of you feautured, sorry i didn't seek your approval. So if you have any violent objection that husband, bf, mother, mother-in-law might see, please sms or email me to remove

Monday, July 07, 2008

Another F1-themed Pole show

In order not to bore you, I'm restricting my videos posting to shows, and pole moves only if it's absolutely death-defying, like the last one. Otherwise, they will appear in the FORUM. So, if you love pole or belly dance, please register as member FREE OF CHARGE!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Suzie with "Mercy"

It's time I uploaded something from has been nothing but pole for the last few months

Friday, July 04, 2008

XX versus DY

Wa lau what's happening man? These TWO GIRLS are undeniably the most popular bloggers in Singapore, are known for attracting mega hits to their blogs, and are understanbly blogging for living (or at least partially)....just check out the number of ads on their blogs.

Can it be they have planned this to further increase traffic to their because the blogsphere has been rather lull lately. Gosh, think i need to learn a thing or two, I've been furiously begging people to join my forum and I've only garnered 21 members. Tough job! But i wanna thank those who signed up to show support...come'on girls!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


ALL LADIES should watch this.....

it's my attempt to do a little marketing for my studio....hahaha

It's quite hilarious isn't it? Shall try to do a better one..heehee
Anyway Acro Polates had it's first Basic Pole-gram (Beginner) class last night, ladies you were excellent!