Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pole-fessional Blog

Well, it seems that now my blog is viewed more as a professional blog, as I seem to get quite a bit of referrals from here, it is harder to rant freely.

So I've resorted to using facebook or even the forum for more personal stuff because they are private and for member/friends.

Anyhoo, I'm upset today and I guess this will be one of the rarer occasion which i will rant here..It's long so I can't use facebook!

I'm upset that a rich client with a big pocket to splurge on her wedding has only a teeny budget to offer a professional coordinator. She has everything lavishly planned from arches to flowers to catering to chairs, cushions, skirtings to sedan to staging (mind you sedan and stage are 'CUSTOM BUILT'). Whoever takes up the job to coordinate between HER FAMILY and 1 million contractors she had hired, from now to the big day (and the big day's party officially starts from 4pm, end 12midnight, i.e. the coordinator has to be at the event location from 10am to oversee ALL the set-up that she had planned and wanted, down to detailed lightings (she is getting table from one source and skirtings from another) certainly has got loads of work to do. But guess what, she is offering less than what i can charge for a 20-min showtime! That's an outright insult to anyone's professionalism, intelligence...blah..blah..whatever! Humph furious.

Well, since I'm on the topic if rant, might as well let you in on another one.

You see this guy in
THIS VIDEO ? Wah, he followed me & waited for me from the time I bought chicken chop for my Ah boy at Katong Mall, til I came out, went in again to buy fishball soup \, then walked another 30m to da bao (take away) latte, then walked another 20m to another shop, and finally to my car ar Ean Kiam Street.

All these while he would play hide & seek, when i walked, he stalked about 8m behind me, when I stopped for something, he would take cover in the mall and peeking occasionally to see if I was still there.

Finally when i quickened my pace towards my car, i noticed he was closing in....wah stress man. I jumped into my car, locked my door and stared back at him.

At this point he smiled sheepinshly, turned and go-stan! I hurriedly put down my food, whipped out my camera, started my car and drove, this was the little I managed to capture before he disappeared into the building.

How come some people so weird ah?


sinlady said...

the guy besotted by your looks mah

Suzie Wong said...

thanks, SL. But he can come up talk to me, not stalk me like for more than 100m!

sinlady said...

some pple shy mah

wildgoose said...

That's freaky leh. maybe your fan. :D

Suzie Wong said...

SL-shy? aiyo you should see the smurk on his face when he closing in and i jumped into the car like some horror movie...

WG-he has this "pervert" smurk! ewwwww

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

eeks! whip out a pepper spray and teach him a lesson.