Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Circus Move

Miss Sinlady has hinted that I should join the Circus..

Truly, this move is very Cirque De Soleil, but I only managed TWO climbs when they escalate like, 12 feet! BAA (but honestly I'm thrilled's blardy painful lor)! So seems like I won't be joining anytime soon.


sinlady said...

ha ha

wildgoose said...

bravo already, i say. :)

wildgoose said...

bravo already, i say. :)

vb said...

Circus de Soliel awaits!!

Suzie Wong said...

SL-you motivate me! :)

WG-thanks x 2 --hee

VB-now i only climb 5 inches, wait til i climb 5 feet than say la

PoleBunny said...

Holy hell! You never stop surprising but THIS is just too much. I am officially stunned and speechless.
Sooo amazing! :D