Sunday, April 27, 2008


This boy just completely put any of my youtube videos to shame!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I heart the heartlanders

I love performing outdoors, for the's different. The crowd stream in, usually alone, or with a spouse, or with an immediate family. Usually they don't know the people standing or sitting beside or behind them. They are here just to watch, listen and to pass time or out of curiousity. They are not here to be engaged in interaction or participation in the same way as in a company dinner.

It's not easy to measure how much they are enjoying your performance. The only yardstick is by the applause, or how long they stay.

I particularly love last night's performance. The set-up was rather extravagant, I had a great audience.They were glued, you could tell, their eyes were transfixed on me. They responded to my every attempt to greet or joke with them (some hearty parts available only on the unedited video, sorry, else will be too long for me to load). I even had one uncle shouting "ho ah ho ah" (great great) each time I completed a song.

I opened my set with my "broken bottle" 酒干倘卖无 song with some pole spins (I can hear vb chuckling)

And then of course, my ki-lat pole stunts:

After my performance, I had several "heartland" show organisers asking for my contact, I think I've created a new trend for heartland shows!

P.s. I thank Jasmine for her help in this show. I'm sure she'll blog her segments very soon, and I'll link it here, babe

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Malacca is such a pretty and somewhat lazy town. Was there for an event over a weekend.
On the way there
I was put up at a hotel by the straits of Malacca (behind)

At the far end of the jetty is a KTV. I gave up walking there halfway.

Views from my room

Have been busy lately, so the lack of updates. Something nice gonna happen soon, keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Suzie thanks Dance! for being one of the main feature of its inaugural issue.

From the name, I'll be a fool to elaborate what the 34-page magazine is about, but the 2-page article constitutes one of the best article so far written about pole dancing in Singapore, thanks to Clarice Koh and Tyris Yar. I shall show you only half of it, if you want to read more, please grab a free copy from your favourite dance studio or outlets like Arena, Bikini Bar, Double O and even fashion outlets like 77th street and Chaos.

If you are a belly dance enthusiast, there are lots to read about belly dancing because from what i understand, this magazine is the baby of an avid belly dancer, so get a copy today (haha, sounds so commercial!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Fishing Day

The weather was fine and I could not resist the offer to go wishing again. Gosh what is this thing about fishing and prawning.

This is only my 2nd trip and already I have this catch, a 16-inch golden snapper, which makes it the champion catch of the day amidst seasoned fishing-enthusiats...hahaha!

Don't accuse us of being cruel for we released many other fishes back into the sea, for example this huge queen-fish that gave my friend such a powerful and consistant fight!
Ah! Not sure if I have the time to do this with my impending new venture, but I do hope to have more time to do things for myself.


I'm need 2 sets of these lights.....anyone knows where I can get them?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Event By the Beach

I had to compete with the loud sounds from Jazz By The Beach which was a stone's throw away from this event.

But I had a group of the fun-loving Malaysian audience to thank for making the show good...thank you...and here's how nice your event looked from afar....

Friday, April 11, 2008


  • 11.30am Got out of bed
  • 12.00pm Worked out on the pole
  • 1.00pm Had lunch with friend
  • 2.30pm Ran some errands, shopped for toiletries
  • 4.30pm Went home for a short nap
  • 7.30pm Headed Singapore Flyer for a show.....I even got to take a ride....woo-hoo! And because of the rest I had, I did a really good show!
  • 9.30pm, received an invitation to Paulaner Brauhaus for the first leg of the World Gourmet Summit. It's here again, it's been a year....
Don't envy me..................I really deserve this!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm still enjoying every bit of that ORD mood before the next phase of my life takes full steam.

Although there ARE things to handle (it's not like I'm doing nothing or need only to work 9 afternoons in a , I relish the fact that I do not have to wake up to "office" hours and that when i have an evening gig, I can have a nap first. I used to be allowed to leave office only at 3 to 4pm when I have an evening gig and even after that I will receive endless calls from office to handle, solve things or give advice.. I don't know, I never used to detest it, maybe now I just need to slow down..I hope not!

Anyway last night while I was at a bar waiting for a friend, a 40-ish ang mo (caucasion) pilot, let's call him Andy (so he claimed was his profession) tried to pick me up. What surprised me was I was completely unembellished--no powder, no eye-liner nor lip gloss. I had on comfy t-shirt, sweat pants and slippers and I was quietly sitting by the bar reading The Newpaper alone. Andy said he hails from Cape Town and has been spending his last 5 years in Mauritius, and has now chosen to settle in Singapore and wishes to find someone here where he can start a family with, and all these while looking deep and longingly into my eyes. Ah Li, the friendly and ever protective trishaw-rider friend of mine who frequents picking up tourist in this area spotted me being "harrassed" & attempted to rescue the "damsel-in-not-so-much-distress". Li intruded and told the Andy off. Li said "Oi! This one (pointing at me) cannot touch. You want girls I take you other place....very nice one"...hahaha, Ah Li! I gesticulated to Ah Li that I can handle it. Not convined, Li offered to take me away on his trishaw so that I can free myself, but I thanked Li for the sweet offer and assured him that I'd be ok.

In the end, I managed to wriggle myself out of it nicely and amicably. When I got back into reading my Newpaper & continued to wait for friend, I thought to myself "maybe it's not a bad idea at this phase of my life to be a Pilot's wife, afterall have no job, no responsibilties, no nothing, and I haven't seen the world!" Ah well, haha!

Ok, I shall take a nap now before tonight's gig

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It just keeps getting better. THIS was what she had last year, this year my niece's birthday cake is what we could only dream of last time. It can be such a reality these days.

I'm very weary everytime when it comes to this time of the year cos Aunty here always exhaust all ideas of what to give, because they have what seems to be a mini Toysr'us at home. Luckily I saw this cotton candy making machine. Hope it works!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have been shopping & spending lately and that's not good. My previous work/gigging schedules left me little time to shop and that's why I usually go on a shopping frenzy only when I was on holidays. Otherwise I shopped only when I needed specific stuff.

But the truth that I've officially left the company of approximately 10 years (yes, I have resigned! surprise? ) and before moving on to my next phase, I finally found myself having some time to shop! (Dear event companies......I have NOT STOPPED performing, so please continue to call me ok?)

And today after a show at the Raffles City Convention, I found these.

I bought them from Grace Wong of Nitty Gritty who personally sews them. You should see the details, they are really fine & delicately made.

I have lots to update, but feeling so lazy. Yes I'm effectively on an ORD mood if you know what i mean :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I used to hate doing the touchy feely thingy previously when i started learning pole dancing. I used to be envious of how some of my course-mates did so nicely (like WG...hahaha, yes, you). But now that I'm more confident on the pole, I'm less conscious about it, in fact I think I quite enjoy it! :)
Anyway, to digress (totally unrelated)
Have you heard of how dogs howl eeriely when they supposedly see "something"? That evening when I sent Ah Boy ( my dear sweet adopted dog) back to his home, out of a sudden, about 20 others dogs from the home started howling in unison, like some kind of a cultic thing. Ah Boy was petrified and I had to calm him. I tell you it was the most freakish thing lor! Eeww