Tuesday, January 29, 2008


For the longest time I could never understand the appeal of "fishing"....so boring, I thought.

So yesterday, I took a day's leave (finally! after months of almost non-stop working) to follow friend on a fishing trip.

I must say I was looking forward to it because it gotto be something good to compel friend, who is basically a nocturnal creature to wake up at dawn to embark on this weekly expedition.

Loads of pictures to tell you how the day, which started at 8am and ended at almost 8pm, went. You know what? That 12 hours was not hard to pass at all.

Onward to Changi, was dizzling...oh!

First stop was to get breakfast at Changi Village....oh suzie can't go without food. See the "da-bao" packet behind? That's the famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak for lunch later.
Arrival at the yard, going on friend's friend's boat.
This guy in front was trolleying (sorry, don't know what's the correct term) us to the yard, or bank.
The 'trolley' guy is very skillful, he can manouvre the huge boat on very narrow paths......off we go
Friend's friend took over the steer.
Nice weather! Woo....
When friends earlier mentioned buying prawns (as baits) from kelong, I thought it was the name of the shop! Little did I know, it was really 'kelong"
They sell the baits like this.....come over and collect!
With the baits, we are ready.....Off we go to our first destination!
Ok, here we are, let's find a nice spot
Once anchored, we wasted no time to cast our rods
wa! Not sure if i can handle the rod if i have a bite!
Within minutes, friend's friend got the first catch......a catfish.....not so happening apparently
Then, followed by a small grouper, that's better
Then guess what! I caught 2 groupers too! So by the time I caught this snapper, I said "wait! must take picture"
Then it was off to another spot. I decided to laze at the back of the boat and just chill.......shiok. Wa, lucky my toe nails ares manicured.
Then we arrived at this tranquil place. We had no catch here because....in "fisherman's term", tide (or was it current) was changing. Anyway the surrounding is simply breathtaking, so nothing is wasted. We saw eagles swooping down on the fishes, we saw herons, the birds were singing....ooh! surreal!

Sunset....means we have to call it a day soon.....can't imagine time passed by so quickly

Back at the yard and the guys have to wash the boat, ladies spared...heehee.

All I can say now, I'm hooked! I wanna go again. I serously contemplating changing to a job which allows me to do this once a week lor.....hahahaha

I couldn't have done anything else better on a 1-day leave, only regret was....there were sh*t loads of phone calls and sms-es....not new businesses which means I wouldn't have minded. But they were requests for cds, change of showtime, and boss reminding me to print name cards! (champion)


vb said...

The best part is the breakfast and tar-pau leh!!!!!

Suzie Wong said...

Can't blame you....you cooking so much lately you only see MAKAN

wildgoose said...

It's lovely to be out at sea. Were you in international waters?

imp said...

nice!!! fresh air, sun and sea. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog titles very cute...sound like children books' titles, :D :D :D

sinlady said...

this is really getting away from it all. nice :)i can't do the fishing thing though. my thing is sail hobie-cats or else water ski then makan at the sea food joints out there hehe

Suzie Wong said...

WG, imp, sis, SL- :) it was really really very nice.

WG-I'm not sure about international waters but i don't think so