Thursday, January 31, 2008



Dear animals lovers,

Thanks for your strong support towards our last Jumbo sales in support of Animals Lovers League ( last October, of which we raised $1,170 (,1193.90.html) . We are pleased to announce that a 2nd Jumbo sale in aid of Animal Lovers League is currently being planned.

Animal Lovers' League (ALL) is a not-for-profit animal shelter registered under the Registrar of Societies. Its 600-something wards include abandoned, injured or rescued dogs and cats.

This shelter, like most animal shelters, is in dire need of funds to provide the animals under their care with fundamentals needs like food and lodging. In addition, funds are also required for sterilisation and medical care

To facilitate logistic planning of our forthcoming Jumbo sales, we will be collecting donations (new/2nd hand items in good conditions) islandwide on the following dates:-

Sun, 20/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 18/1/08)
Sat, 26/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 24/1/08)
Sun, 27/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 25/1/08)
For our planning purposes, please contact the following persons by return mail on:

the items to be donated.
preferred date of collection.
contact number.
Area Name Email
West Eileen
North Jenn
East & Raffles Place Jenny
Tanjong Pagar Edwin
Serangoon Central/Hougang Angela

and we will confirm with you again the pick up timing.

PS : You may like to run through your Christmas gifts or see if you have any items to spare during your Chinese New Year spring cleaning :)

A big THANK YOU on behalf of all the animals from Animals Lovers League.

They have 250 dogs & 600 cats, if you thinking of having a pet but can't keep one like me, I appeal you to sponsor one, it's not They are adorable, trust me. Just look at Ah Boy, he has improved so much since.

Besides, the jumbo sales, in June there will be a charity dinner. It will be at mundai or something. My dear blog readers, if you an animal lover, will be really nice if you show some support. I can help you get the tickets and we can all go there and have dinner together. The last one I went was several weeks ago and they raised $8000 for vet fund and they were so happy (some poeple spent that amount on kids party...tsk tsk!). These dogs and cats can get sick easily as there are so many of them and what we sponsors pay are only for the food and stay there.

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researcher said...

the donated items do they have cut off date as to when they must reached the farm? sorry. but i'm not so organised ah!
dinner details. let us know.dogs allowed or not?