Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It was a quiet count down for me. Although I must have entertained about 1000 people zipping from one place to another on that night, but came 12 midnight, it was dinner at sis's place, playing deal or no deal with the little (not so little now) ones! No fireworks, no auld lang sign, no hugs & kisses, foam sprays or poppers.

Some of the nice things that happened was this:
Jane, it's really a surprise and I totally didn't expect it, it's really a very sweet gesture. Thank you.

On new year's day, Ah boy has a new gift from me, a nice red harness so that I don't have to leash him by the neck. Look at how confident and cool he looks. See the earlier picture

This was the picture when he was first found in captivity, so poor thing hor.

Now i can identify with mothers whose topic is always about their kids! Lol!

Happy New Year everyone. It's back to work, meetings, events, work, meeting, events today (not that there was any pause before). May you all have a bountiful new year filled with love, peace, good health and prosperity


sinlady said...

Ah Boy looks more hemsum and fatter! U have been a good mommy to him :)
Happy new year to u and loved ones.

Suzie Wong said...

Hahaha, hemsum boy! Love that

Joe Teh said...

Hi, Suzie,

Thanks for entertaining us on the 28th December at M Hotel. It was a very enjoyable moment.

Here's the link of some of the pictures that I had taken..

Sorry if it is not well taken

wildgoose said...

doggie with mommy's love really looks a lot better. Happy new year to you and spidey.

Suzie Wong said...

Hi Joe, thanks. The pictures are lovely. I have saved some of them. And you have an interesting lobang website which i have saved under favourites

WG-it's so cute to see an ex-stray learning to be a pet. Besides being more confident, he is also getting cheekier at times, which is funny. Hope he doesn't learn the bad things from the home for some can be quite nasty at times.

Still teaching boy to get into car without hassle. Once in the car, he gets excited when car is parked. That day he was so excited he crossed from back seat to the front and then to driver's seat and frumped in front on driver...Driver's hands still on steering wheel....hahaha.. I was trying to scold him but at the same time laughing so hard. But of cos I got reprimanded for not holding back the leash! Hahahaha