Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Some 10 years back, I stopped working with a certain event company due to disagreement in rates, performance times and unfulfilled promises. The company manager, J, had the habit of compromising my rates without prior notice citing poor budget, and promising better rates at the next event which, of course, seldom happened.

He also had the 'reputation' of not honouring the agreed performance time. He would book me for an 8.40pm slot which in fact my performance time reflected in the program is 9.30pm. This is taboo for us artiste especially if we have subsequent bookings.

Being a hungry new artist, i continued working with the company until the last draw when J failed to arrange transport back from a Malacca show, which I repeatedly reminded him to. Worse, he had urged me to accept a lower rate claiming he had many more such shows across the causeway, and would promote me if I did this one well.

It has been some 10 years already since I stopped working with him. Recently I received an sms from him and this ensued (compressed version):

J: "Hi! How are you? Can you do a show for me on.......(date)?"

Me : "Can......but time depends where"

J : "Suntec...how much will that be?"

Me : "I can only do 8.20pm (based on venue). $x dollars."

J : "Can you do at 8.45pm and can you consider $y(lower) since it's our ice-breaking collaboration after years of non working together?"

Me : "Time wise can't adjust as next show fixed time already. Rates rather fixed, I'm under an agent."

J : "Do consider $y as I have a lot of overseas project."

Me : "Apologise. Not even given this price to seasoned supporters. Maybe subsequent bookings can work out slightly better rate for you."

J : (tone of sms getting less friendly) "As mentioned, we do have lots of projects & could commit more regular partnership. I can even put you up for overseas program including greater China"

I didn't reply to that last sms, but few days later, from me (& it's true):

"Sorry, 8.20 slot taken already"

remember the ex-colleague who fooled me? so she had decided on her own to miss the last salary submission/payment day of the month because she had been working elsewhere (by her own admission in her resignation letter). Seems like now she couldn't wait and has been telling the whole world she's NOT getting paid! Allo! I figured u had missed telling them u had faked family problems as an excuse too yah? I should have heed some people's advice plus my gut feel about u. Sigh! Some things never change. And to think i can be nice enough to give u a thumb drive for x'mas seeing that u keep borrowing from others!


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

he sounds like a real sponger. good for u :)

sinlady said...

this almost like my work where I have people tell me do free for them so they be my walking advertisement. i always have to say i got plenty walking advertisements who pay me leh.

GinSEnG said...

Seen youR show early this moNth at my D&D and I would say you are fantastic!

When you came on stage, I was thinking "Not another chessy performance~~" but u really cracked me up good :)

U definitely haVe loads of potential. Bigger opportunities wiLl come w/o 'J'.

KeeP it Up! :)

Suzie Wong said...

EDPJ-he is, sadly he's not the only one. I happen to work for one too!

SL-Yes, remember to told me someone like that whom i know....haha, that one cannot be 'helped' case...hahaha

GinSeng-thank you. Beginning of this month huh? I think I can figure out which event u talking about. I guess you had a great crowd and I was thankful the show worked for u. Sometimes when things are not as well planned in other events, I COULD be THAT cheesy performance too you know. Anyway, really thank you for dropping by here and cheering me on, it's a BIG encouragement.

vb said...

What a CREEP!

Tk care of that elbow hor!

Suzie Wong said...

thanks vb, rheumastic now! sigh....long time more for auntie to heal that elbow