Friday, January 11, 2008

When "Cheapo" is too mild

They are the customer, you, the supplier.

After a meeting at their premise (F&B), instead of offering, you muscled your way to a free meal. They politely obliged you. But you didn't sense the silent resentment when the minute they sat you down a table, they excused themselves from your company, citing work (at the end of a work day!?!). You still went ahead to order a main, a side & desert!

Can you imagine what's going to reflect on their ENT? TREAT TO A SUPPLIER!

And mind you, it's not that you can't afford it. You have a very healthy account, nice home & expensive car! Why?


sinlady said...

it just feels good if someone gives you a treat?

Suzie Wong said...

Ms SL- feels good if anything is "FREE"! Recently we helped this person clear house when moving to a nicer aprt. you should have seen the amount of 'corporate gifts' amassed over the years. many still in gift wrappers that have yellowed with age. Instead of 'disposing' them, this person played santa clause and tried giving them away to the 'volunteered' helpers. One of the corporate gift 'mug' dated back to 1995! Win!