Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tiramisu made by my 10-year old niece!



sinlady said...

i am SOOO impressed. i still only just stare at the recipe and still too scared to try haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinlady, no need to be so impressed...secret is that this recipe is super easy, hardest part was making the "strong coffee" because we don't drink coffee and didn't know how strong was "strong", :D

sinlady said...

anon sis - but i am truly impressed. your daughter actually made the dessert. i also have super easy recipe which i just take out and read once in a while, but never tried it!

Shadow Cutting said...

Mmmmm.. I also like to eat it! Have a best lucky and earn $$$$$ 2008 New Year!!!

Suzie Wong said...

SL, sis, the tiramisu is really really yummy!

WELLES! Haha, what a surprise, long time no see.