Sunday, January 13, 2008


3 events, 3 varied locations, 3 adventures......1 in central, 1 in the west side of Singapore and the last one at North of Singapore, namely, Yishun.

After the Central one, I drove to physiotherapist to have my tennis elbow taped before heading for the next, a pole show in the West. While waiting for a lot, this black Hyundai Getz driven by a mama can reverse and hit my front bumper!?!? Somemore never apologise leh! Luckily my car quite hardy and did not suffer. In fact his bumper had some scratches, but could be the result of his other bad driving incidences.

The one at the West side had an unusual set-up, it was held at a huge loading bay of a logistics hub. Upon arrival, I had to walk up this ram with hundreds of arriving guests .

Ok, now you see the people queueing up for some pre-dinner activities, take picture with some bikini clad "mei nus" (beauties)

Eh! Got nice sea view from the ram

But clouds were threatening to pour.

The event set-up in the loading bay.

The makan----got lontong

Parked at a more airy corner was a couple "pengkang-ing" satay, Ah boy should have been here! Haha

Then I was off to the washroom to change and when I came out, alamak, rain already!

Thankfully that stopped by the time I was done


Then it was off to location three, Yishun.

Me, trying to be smart alec, peered at the map and told myself I could reach there via PIE-KJE-BKE-SLE. Somehow, somewhere screwed up. From BKE I must have missed the connector to SLE and guess what, I ended up in a massive jam at Woodlands checkpoint! Wa kao, I remembered asking myself what were all those red lights before me, to realize rudely they were the brake lights from all the cars piled up! Uurgh! I had to make a very quick decision which lane to go so that I could quickly get out of it. Was still stuck for some 15 to 20mins and all these time making some panick phone calls for some people to help.

Ok, still managed to perform and in fact still managed to have a glimpse of beautiful bride after all the adventures!


sinlady said...

you have to go on record as the latest late-arriving guest haha

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

wow the west location looks really dodgy from the outside. like u can get kidnapped and chopped up in no man's land or something