Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Isn't Quidam just so good? Not so much of their acrobatic acts since you've seen them all in Moscow circus, chinese acrobatic acts, Las Vegas Mega Hotel shows and 30-second to fame thingie, it's all in the choreo, lightings, costumes and mostly, the music. Even the blue-yellow grand chapiteau makes a whole lot of difference! Only 1 or maybe 2 complaints though. I felt that there were too many of the trapeze-type, hanging from air act. If I could remember, there were the red cloth one, white ropes, the swing and the 3 girls with hoola hoop one. But my friend reminded me that this is a no-animal circus act, so what do I expect other than having people swing-here-swing there? True also, but I thot the 5 or 6 mostly chinese girls re-inventing the thread wheel thing spinning with 2 rods and thread was very very creative. Secondly, think the tickets are exorbitant. But what the **** (whatever word that fits you, they are all 4-letters), I bought and watched anyway, albeit not the most expensive one. Actually I got 1 more complaint but I retracted it later. I was angry at how they never picked the cheapo (or the less affluent) audience in any of their audience interactive acts (makes economic sense though) When that 1st clown picked the front row "chio-bu with T-strings" to do the car-ride act, I was like "why don't pick me, I'm an entertainer, hence I can do so-o-o much better". But when I saw how he messed up her nicely piled hair, her boy-friend cringed and how she still had to pout a "I'm ok, I'm cool" smile, I was all "heng-ah". Haha, but that was funny. So next time if go out with new date to watch cirque de soleil, either don't wear too chio or don't sit right in front!

Anyway, a nice picture of the chapiteau and my chubby niece

Haha, she's so cool with those Paris Hiltonic shades. My family quite drama lor. In fact my family just introduced my niece to her first singing performance stint during one of the recent Chinese Clan dinners (yup, the chee-na type). My entire family being members of this clan has made us regular perfomers at their dinners. Unfortunately for me, having the same surname as everyone in the clan means you are family, and being family means you not suppose to charge your performance fee..urghh!! So, Now me trying to make protege out of my niece so that I can be relieved of this kindred role. So here goes, her debut performance on stage with a very cute fan in front

Aiya, why was I at the background? She was too only this time la. Anyway there's more. As if one entertainer and 1 protege in the family is not enough, let me introduce you to my mum........




Ta-dah.....I think my mum is so stylo. At over 60, she's still so cool. I'm a huge fan of mum.

Mum's the one on the right, the hansome one. Talk about drama........ think can turn my home to school of arts already!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

So I am supposed to get back my car today but haven't heard from the workshop yet. Secretly, I'm wishing they will not cos' I'm falling in love with the cool dude, Lancer. Have been driving it almost a week now and getting quite used to it. Actually I told myself somehow I hope the workshop people will call me to say "Ms Ming, we can't fix your car.....we don't know how to fix it....cannot find the please, just keep the Lancer" Hahahaha, good eh? Tan diok.....but wait, yes, wait long long. So after my car overhaul already if somebody interested in buying my car please email me. It's a Sept 98 Pajero Mini, XRII model, 660c.c (yes, only 660c.c, less than a motorcycle), blue colour and the car very chio (wait, let me see if I have the picture of it). After the overhaul, the engine is supposed to be good like new and will last you 3 years no problem. Actually it's a great car for new drivers because it's zippy and you drive within very safe limits. Just that when you learn how to accelerate faster (TP, I didn't say "speed"), that's when you may consider a change.

There you go. How? Cute not, my car? Lucky cannot see number plate, if not scar-ly some people email me say I kayu woman driver on the road.

Well, so much about car-story, I promised photos of my second pole dance class. Sorry to say, I'm not ready yet. Pai-seh second lesson only ask instructor to take picture of me, so decided to learn more stunts first. So, second lesson amongst other things we were taught to climb up the pole (yes, climb) like a monkey up the tree. The pole, as you know is stanless steel, slim, gleaming and look so bloody smooth, I was like "how to do that??" Never did I imagine that I was the only "monkey" who could do it-amazing. Think I can join the fire department liao...or....pluck coconuts if the monkies in kalimantan (correct place or not) are ill. Oh, btw, did I tell you all besides "Suzie Wong" I also perform belly dance? Here's the belly-meas you can see, my show always got audience, but i choose his back so he will not get embarrassed.

Gotto go now. Later got an event. Tomorow, I shall be a spectator of one, the "Quidam".'s gonna be Spectacular! Gonna have a darn good weekend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, so the last was my car had to be warded right? Now worse, they diagnosed more problem (corrosion, leak, blah blah blah) and has to be total overhaul!!!Huh? They don't know how to repair my car is it? Suppose to be qualified agent some more, as if they didn't know got all these problems in the first place. And the worse is yet to come.........I have to pay another TWO THOUSAND BUCKS!!! I want to wring some necks...but I can't because my baby is in their hands. But my boss did. Because my boss drives some big time Mercedes, his call to them carried some (lots) weight. First he bargained the additional price down by several hundreds, then he got them to lend me a car to drive. Wah, don't pray pray, a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6A arrived in less than 2 hours sia, and before I knew it I was whizzing in a car at least 1000c.c more powerful than my pathetic Pajero Mini. Damn Shiok! Some more can drive until my car ready and all petrol free!! Wee.......

But before you think the problem is (almost) over, another tragedy striked. Someone far far away hacked into my credit card details and incurred some massive charges with my card! Can't say more because the Bank's fraud department is investigating. I just want to tell those who order things freely through the internet like I used to, please be very careful. It IS very scary when it happens to you!

Ok, so much for less-than-happy moments. The thought of going for my second pole dance class is very exciting, and this evening I arriving in my Lancer (chay!) Also, if you see some of our last weekend's event, a family day for a group of hospital, you can see that the people had a great time despite the on-off (more on than off, and rather stormy) rain. Enjoy!

A morning workout before everyone gets started

Telematch brought under shelter when started to pour

Later....the rain stopped and continued tugging-a-war on the field

More happy moments

Watching the stage show in the comfort of the tent or mum's umbrella

Fun fair stalls and freshly-made cotton candy...yum

And finally, the champions

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boo-hoo....I'm so upset. My little 7-year old pajero mini kenna dengue (temerature soared) last Saturday and car workshop diagnosed a dent in one of the valve (whatever bull shit it was I had to believe). Took them 3 days to overhaul it and cost me $1,700, and last evening when collected my baby, it kept stalling when I drove and seemed like they overlooked another problem which they said was the problem of an icy servo (something like that) and would cost another $300. Damn! $2000 for repairs, wah lao, heart pain and I'm sinking into depression. Could have used that money to do lasik on one eye or teeth whitening or something!!

The only saving grace was last evening I started POLE DANCING class, and man, it was so freaking fun! As a performer, I must say I'm pretty good at it. So today I took the MRT to work because I'm car-less and I was tempted to practise pole-ing in the train cabin. I was saved by the fact it was rush hour so much so I could smell everyone's breath, let alone to spin on the pole! Now I want to fix a pole at my home. Try to take some pictures at class next week if my teacher doesn't mind. Anyway, she is very sexy.

Well, at least the dance retained my sanity because I was almost driven mad with the stupid car stalling no less than 30 times from the time I picked it up to my dance class and fro. I wasted no time in returning it to the work shop and hopefully today I can get it back in time for my weekend performances again.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Yoo-hoo, probably invited to Shanghai soon. Will take lotsa pictures and give more details later. This would the 3rd or 4th time if I get to go, but the previous trips had no chance to visit any places cos time was too tight. So the last trip I made an effort to shop "Xiang Yang Shi Chang" where so many people raved about their "copy" goods and not forgetting the night spot "Xin Tian Di", and boy...was I impressed. Sad to say, our clark quay or mohamud sultan pale in comparison to their Xin Tian Di. I'm sure to go again and will take lots of pictures this time. All the foreign singers I know, especially R&B and Jazz are going's like, it's the in-thing now, you must have a gig in Shanghai to be considered "coolly international", and am I glad I have been there too!

Anyhow, just some pix of my latest 2 events, SSRA (Singapore Squash Racket Association) and Molex. As you can see, the Suzie Wong thingie works well for adults, children, caucasions and locals. So, don't hesitate to call me or recommend me for any events. Just click on to my website on the links on the right.

Was given a task to perform for an austin-related retro event. Couldn't make myself look like Felicity, so tried to imrpovise and named myself Electricity for the event.

How? Can pass? Chee-na version la.

Oh no, just read Xiaxue's blog and read she will stop blogging for a while....although I never participate in any comments or emailed her, I have been following up on her blog closely because I think she is very cute and bold. Don't think I was ever so vocal and gutsy when I was at her age. Even now, never, and you can see from they way I blog. I think she is very clever with photoshop too. Well, too bad, just have to concentrate on sarongpartygirl and probably sisterfurongjiejie, hahaha. Anyone knows of anymore interesting blogs please email me so that I can entertain myself in between work. Thanks