Friday, August 28, 2009


A successful 1st Anniversary Party in July

Acro Polates' participation in NDP Aug

In SEPTEMBER, for the first time Acro Polates co-organising a pole dance competition.

click to enlarge

Held at SINGAPORE EXPO and organisers promising cash prizes, this is a competiton not be missed, very very rare in Singapore. Opened to ladies above 18 years old, who practice pole dance for fitness. Non Singaporean can participate too as long as not professional pole dance coach...

The Acro Polates Pole-formers will also be performing daily at this event. Check back here for time of performances.

Email for a copy of the entry form and details, closing date 11 Sept 2009. Or call 6334 2382

AND I spent the whole night editing this....hope u enjoy

Suzie The NDP Awardee

I'm usually at events where i announce others as the award recipients..Tonight someone's gonna announce me! Wahahahaha...

Instead of donning my usual BIG hair wigs for shows, for once i let someone else (my new stylist) meddle with

Hey I take great pride in receiving this award ok!?!

Seeing the carpark sign makes me a little bit nervous...strange feeling

Here's my award, lousy picture taken with my handphone, cos silly me wasn't sure if can bring camera...tight security event la, scared kenna confiscated.

And this is what I'm awarded for ...haha! I love it, and love it more they didn't insist on putting my full name!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post NDP for a Pole Acrobat

It has been almost 2 weeks since NDP (National Day parade) but everything is still very ndp-ish; the acrylic plaque on my table, the certificates of particpation, the VCDs/DVDs of the show friends/relatives helped me burn, the newspaper clippings of us sprawled across my working desk.... if not for all these I'd probably be suffering post-parade withdrawals. Can you blame me when towards the final month, I was rehearsing up to 3-4 times a week with the team? It was like I had my payroll on NDP.

And who cares about the sagas, I have been attending post parade appreciation dinners, catching up with people whom I may never see again after the parade, and even received the loudest cheers when collecting the certificates from Colonel.

Tonight I just attended yet another one and caught up with an old friend I remember having a crush on like 25 years ago! He was in the show committee! The force must have been hush for he had lost some of that spark. He has mellowed so much having worked hard up the ranks, and here I am, a participant in a show he sort-of co-produced, as a POLE ACROBAT! haha....he confessed he failed to realise it was me all these while. Compliment, I hope.

Well, I guess by the time I attend the next and probably the final appreciation event for NDP 2009 next week, that will mark the end of my participation in this years NDP, and I can archive the experience as one of the most memorable events* in my performing career, just like when I performed in Hong Kong for the '97 Handover.

I have to credit these girls--Eunice, Kelly, Sheree, CThong, CTeo, Dawn, V-lynn, Sophie, Judy,Jo, for making the experience even more incredible, I really really love you all a lot!....

Oh, btw, later tonight is Bei Bei, my student's debut performance at Blk 154 Lor Ah Soo. She has been hard at work and she's deserving of my support, so I'm gonna go and take pictures of her...yeah! .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Acro Polates is organizing its first pole dance championship, Heats from 18-20 Sept & Finals 21 Sept at Singapore Expo. Winners stands to win cash prize and Nikon camera. Foreign participants welcome. Start practising now and watch this space for more info

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When I arrived at my studio today, I was greeted with this mess/mass sprawled across the dance floor.

Can you guess what are these?

They are about 200 of my prized Karaoke Laser Discs, possessions I accumulated over the years when i was an avid karaoker cum singing coach, before i turned pole dance instructor and entreprenuer.
When i left my previous job at an event company, I left these LDs there for 3 reasons, the latter 2 being selfish ones. #1. I thought my ex company would have use for them since they provide karaoke set up services. #2. I don't have space in my small office to store this mass. #3. I don't know how to deal with them since they have cost me several thousand dollars to acquire and now they are mere obsoletism because I don't own any laser disc player anymore, and who still uses LDs but VCDs, DVDs, computerized digital format whatsoever

For #3, although I had no intentions to keep them, neither had I wanted to sell or discard them because they would be so worthless with these modern day technology. I recalled spending as much as $99 to buy each one of those produced by Pioneer, Toemi or Hit Pops (only hardcore karaokers will know the difference of these discs with UBest and Tailon brands..haha). The music offered by those brands were so original and mostly so pleasant to sing along with. Some of my 拿手好歌, songs which won me championships included Whitney Houston's "Where do broken hearts go", "Saving all my love for you", "All the man that I need", all sung to the versions produced by Pioneer ot Hit Pops Brand of Laser Discs.

When i stared at these LDs, fondly placing them back into their original sleeve covers & checking for scratches, I wondered about their fate. Sell them at flea market? To kananguni (rag) man? Bring home to collect dust?

Then I thought of a lovely friend, who still counts karaoke as her favourite past time. I know she would want them and take good care of them. True enough when I called her, she was more then pleased to inherit them from me.

Oh thank goodness that they do have to end up in thrashes!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot Bod

V-Lynn, the girl in the picture and this video is Hotbod today on 16 Aug Sunday Times Sports Section Pg 34.

She tells you of the benefits of pole dance fitness. Come try it for FREE here

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuff you didn't see on.....

telly for the recent NDP's a pity, we were so pretty

Woah! FLY

And check out our doubles! woot

Thanks Jean for painstakingly searching online for our pictures!

No wonder it's called "mindSET"

Performing in NDP had indeed been an enriching and humbling experience and marked a milestone for pole fitness, that I thought would alter some skewed mindsets.

Just look at these pictures, wouldn't you agree they exude grace and athletisim, which part of it ooze sleaze you tell me? Just like a yoga pose, an aerial stunt, or an acrobatic trick, these pole stunts take months for these ladies to master and perfect.

Yesterday an event company trying to "sell" me the idea to perform at a health related event organised by the "gahmen" (ok, this is our singaporean way of pronouncing the country's rulers) for the sake of promoting "pole fitness".

His opening line was: "no budget, but you will get lots of publicity".

Me : "ya right, gahmen got no budget, who you trying to kid? And besides you sure it will offer more publicity (saga actually) then NDP? I told him no point discussing terms with me until he succesfully sells the idea to the gahmen, I believe it would be harder to convince them then us. We welcome any oportunities to champion pole fitness

True enough he had no guts to revert to me after the meeting with gahment until I called and he answered sheepishly "er ya, they said no because too sleazy!"

Those stupid minds are SET! super irritating !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superstardom is hard

When fellow blogger and facebooker Walter Lim congratulated me on having reached superstardom after the pole dancing in NDP saga, i thought he was kidding,

But when u realise these people took the trouble to score through materials to look for
ugly picture of me, I knew i have arrived...haha, isn't the picture darn funny (scroll down)? I look like i haven't slept for a week. Hahaha...Anyway this was the week's rehearsal when we had to stand in a downpour for almost and hour which soaked through our inner garments, was mighty mighty uncomfortable.

Ah well, 2 lessons here, always smile at ANY camera that points at your direction, and wear waterproof makeup next time....

------------------------added later----------------------

Credit : thanks to Meow for alterting me about the thread

talk about never sleep for a week, how u like my new look! this the event i met gene simmons

This is what Pole Dance Community (UK) has to say

about US

anyway, it's a pity we had only few secs coverage cos it seemed like many viewers were looking out for us

Monday, August 10, 2009

Acro Polates Girls Flew High

So now the people who tuned in just to have a glimpse of the "skimpily dressed" pole dancers on NDP 2009 are probably disappointed for 2 reasons.
1. there are NO scantily clad pole-dancers, we are sportily clothed pole acrobats of Acro Polates who demonstrated beautiful pole stunts like these
2. the less than 5secs TV footage was not enough to taint your young child's (yours actually) mind.

Thankfully the photographers & prints love us more. Pictures of the team are all over flicker, and Sunday Times and Wanbao on 9 Aug have picked out nice pictures of these awesome ladies. Well done, V, Sheree and Celestine.
10 Aug Straits Time and Today nice pic of Jud and EUNICE!
Finally a picture of ALL TEN of us

Sunday, August 09, 2009


And ACRO POLATES will organise a FREE trial for pole fitness right next day on 10 August 4pm...Details and registration available here

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thanks for the concern

Dear concern parent, initially we were very low profiled until you wrote in...

And now there are more dicussions (pity the photo used was one of the early stage visits when we were there just testing the stability of the poles) here, there, pictures are everywhere!

You have contributed to more people paying attention to us!

----------added later-----------
There are REALLY alot of people discussing about it now...if you google it...there's more....hmmm....concern parent, you have created so much interest you better be worried your kid wants to grow up to become one of us!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Acro Polates NDP Team

Watch out for us on 9 August (even though it may only be 2 sec on TV)

Added later......
Anyway I'm sure many will be looking out for us after this (and psst Cheah, you should come and talk to me and letme educate you on benefits of pole fitness)

Barbie Dolls

After a shower, I switched on the TV and i caught a glimpse of of the final 5 contestants of the Miss USA. Looked to me they were fresh out of the the assembly line of Mattel, each and everyone of the five were scarily perfect...the smile, the lips, the eys, the pearly white teeth!

Just look at these pictures.....