Friday, August 28, 2009

Suzie The NDP Awardee

I'm usually at events where i announce others as the award recipients..Tonight someone's gonna announce me! Wahahahaha...

Instead of donning my usual BIG hair wigs for shows, for once i let someone else (my new stylist) meddle with

Hey I take great pride in receiving this award ok!?!

Seeing the carpark sign makes me a little bit nervous...strange feeling

Here's my award, lousy picture taken with my handphone, cos silly me wasn't sure if can bring camera...tight security event la, scared kenna confiscated.

And this is what I'm awarded for ...haha! I love it, and love it more they didn't insist on putting my full name!


sinlady said...

wah - certificate is big time man ! hair is ok lor, but it is nice to enjoy being pampered for a change.

wildgoose said...

I like the hair. nice change.

congrats on the award. but how come no mention of pole? :p

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

u look good! congrats :)