Monday, August 10, 2009

Acro Polates Girls Flew High

So now the people who tuned in just to have a glimpse of the "skimpily dressed" pole dancers on NDP 2009 are probably disappointed for 2 reasons.
1. there are NO scantily clad pole-dancers, we are sportily clothed pole acrobats of Acro Polates who demonstrated beautiful pole stunts like these
2. the less than 5secs TV footage was not enough to taint your young child's (yours actually) mind.

Thankfully the photographers & prints love us more. Pictures of the team are all over flicker, and Sunday Times and Wanbao on 9 Aug have picked out nice pictures of these awesome ladies. Well done, V, Sheree and Celestine.
10 Aug Straits Time and Today nice pic of Jud and EUNICE!
Finally a picture of ALL TEN of us

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Anonymous said...

never mind the few seconds of tv coverage. print media's 'life' is longer. actually having watched the recorded version again, there were other more skimpily dressed performer. someone was just jealous or totally free to write to some forum about it. U