Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post NDP for a Pole Acrobat

It has been almost 2 weeks since NDP (National Day parade) but everything is still very ndp-ish; the acrylic plaque on my table, the certificates of particpation, the VCDs/DVDs of the show friends/relatives helped me burn, the newspaper clippings of us sprawled across my working desk.... if not for all these I'd probably be suffering post-parade withdrawals. Can you blame me when towards the final month, I was rehearsing up to 3-4 times a week with the team? It was like I had my payroll on NDP.

And who cares about the sagas, I have been attending post parade appreciation dinners, catching up with people whom I may never see again after the parade, and even received the loudest cheers when collecting the certificates from Colonel.

Tonight I just attended yet another one and caught up with an old friend I remember having a crush on like 25 years ago! He was in the show committee! The force must have been hush for he had lost some of that spark. He has mellowed so much having worked hard up the ranks, and here I am, a participant in a show he sort-of co-produced, as a POLE ACROBAT! haha....he confessed he failed to realise it was me all these while. Compliment, I hope.

Well, I guess by the time I attend the next and probably the final appreciation event for NDP 2009 next week, that will mark the end of my participation in this years NDP, and I can archive the experience as one of the most memorable events* in my performing career, just like when I performed in Hong Kong for the '97 Handover.

I have to credit these girls--Eunice, Kelly, Sheree, CThong, CTeo, Dawn, V-lynn, Sophie, Judy,Jo, for making the experience even more incredible, I really really love you all a lot!....

Oh, btw, later tonight is Bei Bei, my student's debut performance at Blk 154 Lor Ah Soo. She has been hard at work and she's deserving of my support, so I'm gonna go and take pictures of her...yeah! .


sinlady said...

you performed at the 97 HK handover? Wow! many sor chye's you had crush on who later don't remember you or cannot recognise you now when you are famous?

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

wow an old time crush! it must feel quite 'wow' to meet him again, esp as a pole acrobat who looks really really good :P

wildgoose said...

So you would glady perform at NDP again, I suppose? :)

Anonymous said...

Airforce Chief n wife were me old JC schoolmates...will tell him the person who caused all the big big hooha is me sis when I meet them for dinner next week :D :D :D.

Suzie Wong said...

SL-yes i did, i still treasure the memories, was a spectacular event, sadly it's been more than a decade

EDPJ-feeling was quite shiok la..haha


Sis-who ah?

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